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  1. just a quick update the caller was trying to issue a SD we contacted the local cab (step-change forms never arrived ) and she said we were to accept the order from the caller and to bring it with credit files from all the credit agency's so we did that on Friday at our appointment and the woman rang BW legal and told them if they wanted to make my wife bankrupt that would be fine it would save us £90 for a dro the company then backed down and said it was not there intention to do so so it turns out it was a scare tactic it certainly worked we pooped ourselves and the cab have set up an appointment for January to get a dro sorted and we should get sorted from that and will give us a clean slate and take the worry and stress away and a real lesson learnt don't get debt because you never know when your circumstances will change I think I will take a leaf from my dads book if you want it save for it Big thanks to you all for the help and advice you all deserve a medal and a sainthood
  2. thanks for the help today really appreciate it you are life savers
  3. i hope so i sent of to stepchange for the forms so fingers crossed it goes ok
  4. was thinking of a dro as i read about one online that way i can clear everything and not have to keep adding to the stress of can i pay or not I dont sleep for the worry of it all which is not good as i am a carer for my wife and autistic daughter and my parents need looking after everyday too
  5. no i rent it from a housing assoc he wont get back in to the garden going to put the dog out there
  6. ive just got my wifes experian report up and have got the following J D WILLIAMS & CO ... Mail order Default £724 02/12/2012 OXENDALES Mail order Default £1,324 02/12/2012 LOWELL PORTFOLIO I... Mail order Default £1,343 25/08/2013 PROVIDENT FINANCIA... Home Credit Default £508 20/10/2013 LOWELL PORTFOLIO I... Mail order Default £1,941 02/06/2013
  7. i dont know who or how much i owe as i was just binning the letters without reading them im ashamed to say
  8. yes i have but was just binning them
  9. what are court docs sorry if that sounds dumb just not clued up on this kind of thing
  10. there is a man keeps knocking on the door at all times of the day/night saying he has to speak to my wife i keep saying she is not in and what does he want he will not tell me now im getting notes through the door saying " could you please contact 07837207242 as I have some important papers I must hand to you thankyou Mr ............ " he will not say what is about my wife does not speak on the phone or deal with people due illness and heavy medication i told him this and he just wont go away or give me any idea what its about i do think its debt as i did fall behind on a lot when i lost my job and did the bury my head in the sand ( burnt myself out trying to look after wife and daughter as well as parents } and hoped it would all go away and now dont know who and what i owe money to Ian
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