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  1. Will do mate. Thanks to you both . Its such a help to have this forum to turn to for good and practical advice . Will get the letter off in Fridays post.
  2. Hello citizen b , i remember you helped me out with some good advice before. I just assumed The DWP would send me a letter now they have my current Address. Despite my explicit , unambiguous comments to the Lady at the DWP that i will be throwing all debt collection agency letters in the bin, im sure they will still send me some. I will take both your and fkofillee's advice and get a letter off to the dwp before the weekend. thanks for your help once again. I feel a lot better now.
  3. Hello fkofilee, Thanks for listening to my endless droning !!.I detest dealing with this sort of thing on my own. Shall i wait until I receive a letter from The DWP, now that Particular Department has my correct address, and then write to them with my £5 offer by direct debit/Cheque?. Or shall i just write to them Today with my offer and pop it in the post tomorrow . I dont want our letters to cross in the post if i do that ?.
  4. Morning Everyone, This Forum has helped me on a previous a Previous occasion and i was hoping for further advice on a new problem. Ive been contacted via mobile text from a company called CCS. Upon searching , I Discovered that they are a debt collection agency for the DWP. I Called The DWP debt dept this morning and asked them if I owed them funds. I was informed that I had indeed taken out a social fund loan of £250 out in 2008. I had just left a spell in rehab and had forgotten all about it. I did'nt claim benefit until July 2013 Until Nov 2013, J.S.A, so no repayments
  5. I think i took the marbles card out early in the 2000's dx , when i was working in the city and was earning , before i ended up in rehab. all those debts i mentioned are Credit card debts from the same period , early 2000's .i destroyed them all in 2005 and have never had a card since then.
  6. i feel a right mug dx, but as i say i was off the rails big time after thE divorce and rehab spells , and have only recently got myself settled down again in the last couple of years,i just allowed my self to get bullied BY These constant letters so i arranged to pay them all at £5 per month when i got out of rehab to stop the mental stress of the letters. ive got 4 debts , 2 with AKtiv kapital, one with Lowell and this one with connaught/1st CREDIT, all of which i pay £5 per month each and have done for 3/4 years. I never ever get any contact from aktivkapital or lowell .
  7. hello mate, thanks for your reply, the first half dozen or so letters i got from 1st credit didnt mention connaught or the original debt with marbles/hfc ,so i didnt have a clue what it was about. I didnt know Connaught and 1st direct were the same people until yesterday, when i got a statement from 1st credit with a list of payments that i had made to Connaught. 1st credit are crediting the payments im making to the account, that they are threating to take me to court over. I went to find the letter i had received from connaught back in march 2012, they sent me an all
  8. Morning all, Yourve been very kind helping me with stress in recent months regarding an out of the blue demand from a company Called 1stCREDIT a few months ago , who are demanding full payment of a debt, offering discounts and monthly payment terms etc etc . I was confused, as ive never heard of 1st credit or had any dealings with them, so i just ignored them, and im now getting weekly letters from them stating that they" are considering taking me to court". Therve been 'considering" for about two months i didnt know what the debt was for, but i now have more information and
  9. thanks dx, I just go into a panic when i get these stupid letters and it helps meto deal with it all posting on here, to calm down and get sound advice. i shouldnt get so worked up:mad2: thanks mate.
  10. Morning all, Just another two letters in the post this morning from 1st credit... The first one entitled... "we accept affordable arrangement offers' Then' inviting' me to contact them and arrange payment terms all friendly and cordial. The second One Entitled "We are considering taking county court proceedings" saying that IF they issue proceedings they will charge fees etc and attatchment of earnings, bailiffs etc. looks a standard frightner letter to me . it sounds like a good cop bad cop routine !. if you think wise and in keeping with most advice i'll ask f
  11. Thanks all for your advice and help. All of it is gratefully received by myself . Lucky to have this board to turn to. At the end of the day, i havent got a clue what this debt is, and theres nothing on my credit file about it ( file showing last 6 years)on any of the 3 address's ive lived at in that time. Thanks for being there to help me, i dont need another spell in rehab !
  12. thanks mate, no definately no high street credit taken out for anything like that. I havent taken out a loan or any credit cards for over 12 years. hello citizen b, no county court claims have been taken out against me or ccj's on any of my previous address'es . my file going back the six years that it shows on experian are as clean as a whistle. i dont want to engage with 1st credit, but havent a clue as to what the debt is for . oh well, i suppose i will find out if they try to take me to court. no doubt i'll get some more letters and i'll be back on here
  13. thanks dx ,sorry mate im not very good with abbreviations on here just yet, i havent responded to any of the letters from 1st credit re This HFC debt. I just dont know what it is for . I just assumed it was this old sainsburys loan . The other two very small payments i make are standing orders to two DCA'S that i have been paying for 3/4 years . i assume mate that this hfc debt must be older than 6 years as its not showing on my file . i wont respond unless they send take me to court with my statute barred letter.
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