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  1. I’ve had a response from Lowell’s, they have sent back the same credit agreement and statement of account. I had an initial letter saying they had requested copies of the default notice and would put the account on hold. I have now received a computer print out of my account with dates of default and when it was assigned. The accompanying letter says it has now fulfilled my request and will persue me. As they haven’t sent a copy of the default I was going to reply and say I still dispute the debt and ask for the copy again. Is this the right thing
  2. Apologies I had read it wrong, noted and I do appreciate all your help
  3. Your right I was just having a wobble! I will send the reply tonight. What am I putting for my reason for disputing the debt? It says on the notes as advised in your thread. I’m so sorry if I am being a pain.
  4. Thanks for all responses I’ve been looking at other threads and now feel totally confused as I’m scared of actually having to go to court as I have no idea how to defend this! Torn between just setting up a payment plan and not wanting them to win!
  5. I thought that they didn’t need to have your signature on now and recon ones were ok? So shall I reply to lowells claim letter saying I dispute the debt due to none Signed credit agreement? And request the list of documents as per post 2 in the pre debt protocol document?
  6. Hi yes it’s blank It just has my name and address on it
  7. Hi Ive hopefully just uploaded the scan of the documents rec'd back from Lowells Scan_shop_direct_14_12.19.pdf
  8. Hi yes I’ve had some good responses which is great! I cca’d this 2 years ago it was passed on to Lowell’s and when I rec’d the before court form I sent a cca request to Lowell’s and they sent me the same one as above back with a statement of account and a letter to say they have fulfilled my request and intend to take it to court if I don’t pay. Is the agreement enforceable as I really don’t want to risk a ccj and could set up a plan with them?
  9. Thanks so much I will send this back and see what they respond with
  10. Can I just confirm post 5 is for uae debts is that right? thanks for help so far x
  11. Good Evening all I have received a letter before court proceedings from Lowells Financial regarding a shop direct Very account, I have sent over a CCA request to Lowells, they responded with a recon credit agreement and a statement of account. Included in the response they said they have been instructed and intend to issue court proceedings. I have not responded to the letter before court yet please could anyone give any advise and how to proceed should I reply to the form from Lowells? I have previously posted the credit agreement received on another thread but coul
  12. Yes it is! Thanks for your help
  13. its not much better in the flesh to be honest
  14. Hi Ive rescanned it at a higher resolution, I apologise in advance the scanner wouldnt let me add another page when changing the resolution so I have scanned it in two documents. It does have my signature on it Scan mbna 2.pdf Scan mbna 1.pdf
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