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Found 10 results

  1. Morning All , hope someone can advise me as im totally bamboozeld. I recevied a letter today from 1ST credit who have been assigned by HFC bank to claim a full outstanding balance from me. How do i find out who are the original creditors?? , i think its was a sainsburys loan that i took out in 2002 that was passed on to HFC bank to chase. I checked my expeiran credit rating this morning and there was nothing on there from HFC ( or indeed no mention of the couple of creditors( aktiv and connaught) i have agreements with by paying back an agreed monthly plan.) My score
  2. In about 2006, First Credit obtained a CCJ against me , I knew no better and simply attempted to mitigate my losses, to that end the payment plan I entered into will take them 40 years to get anywhere near the full amount owed. I have paid Connaught Collections ever since, no payment has ever been missed. Letter from Connaught this morning stating that the debt has been sold to First Credit Legal department. Question 1. Are First Credit and Connaught still the same company? Question 2. Is there any likelihood that they will attempt to go for a charge on my property aft
  3. Hi everyone Since Jan 2013 I have been making payments to Connaught Collections for an old Halifax Visa account. I've paid this religiously by standing order every month and then it suddenly occurred to me in September of this year (2014) to ask them for a copy of the CCA. When they were first chasing me, I was worried about getting any CCJ's against my name so I set up a plan asap without quibbling. I made the September payment and then suspended the October one until I heard more from them. I have today had this response from them: "We write furthe
  4. hi all sent a letter to cc on 12 april 2013 asking for my credit agreement with them i have got a reply today 7 months later they have sent me the so called credit agreement which i have attached on here i dont think this is real somehow they want a reply from me in 14 days and to start paying them again i stopped paying them in april to advice as to what to do now thanks or what letter i can send them thanks
  5. will try again with new post didnt know i couldnt put my name up on attachments. sent a letter on 12 april to cc asking them for my credit agreement form i have just got a reply today and have included the so called credit agreement i have with the company i owe the money to but am paying cc which i stopped in april this year. where do i go from now as they say i have 14 days to reply to them and they want payment again to them
  6. hi all , on 12 april 2013 i sent a letter to cc to ask for a credit agreement thats them just sent me one back to me now , bit confused as i havent signed anything my name is wrong on it and so is my postcode just in case that helps me just wondering what to do now as not to sure about the agreement they sent me back i have put it up so people can c it any ideas what i do now thanks
  7. Hi All, I could do with some good advice on my current situation if possible? I have just received information relating to my SAR request to 1st Credit (old Barclaycard debt) and I have some questions hopefully you can help with: 1. Due to the usual pressure of the DCA (and not understanding much about my rights) the debt was paid on instalments from 2004/5 until early October 2007. Then I request the CCA and had nothing sent to me, so stopped the instalments. 2. Now in August 2013 - I received a Judge & Priestley Solicitors letter suggesting court action, so I re - CCA
  8. Hello Will try and summarise.. . if I miss anything please let me know but would be so very grateful of any advice on what to do now. Capital Bank Joint Personal Loan £5,481.20 outstanding taken out in 1997 It got transferred to Wescot Credit years ago and we had no communication with Capital Bank Direct at all. It went to Legal & Trade Collections before Wescot and also a solicitors but we adamantly paid the minimum and had been paying £40 a month to Wescot for a long time but not paid anything since beginning of 2009. April 2009: received a letter with 'Your Ann
  9. I also have just received a statutory demand for my husband from 1st credit / connaught collections and i am panicking so much so i can remember how to start a new thread. The notice was served by interlink putting through my door. the delivery driver then banged on the door to wake me up and got me to sign for it. unfortunatly my initials are the same as my husbands ( GROAN)....
  10. I went to the County Court today, Judge not impressed with 1st Credit - Connaught set aside the Stat Demand and virtually talked me into claiming costs, awarded me £50. I had requested 1st Credit - Connaught provide me with a copy of the original agreement which they were unable to do... in fact never even replied to me or the Court. If any one wants a copy of the letter i sent to them let me know.
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