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Found 19 results

  1. Name of the Claimant - 1st Credit Finance Ltd Date of issue – 23rd Dec 2014 What is the claim for – On 21/05/2008 the Defendant entered into an agreement for a loan with the original creditor under Ref No: xxxxxxxxxxxxx. On 16/11/2010 the Defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £16,4xx.xx. On 19/06/2014 the debt was assigned to 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd in the sum of £15,1xx.xx, by the creditor. A Statutory Notice of Assignment was sent to the Defendant AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS 1. The sum of £15,1xx.x
  2. I wonder if someone can help please. For the last two years 1st credit have been sending letter addressed to me to my parents house. I have the same initials as my father, so they just open the mail not reading "Miss" (I do not mind). Today they got a letter saying 1st Credit had noticed my circumstances have changed (not noticed I moved out 6 years ago!) I have not lived at my parents for over 6 years. My mum has written to them on numerous occasions saying that I do not live the and to stop writing to their property but it falls on deaf ears. I am having some iss
  3. My problem is - Lloyds have just sold an alleged debt on my closed current account to 1st Credit. They are already sending me discount offers and regular text messages to a number that Lloyds have removed from their system. And they claim to be "Data Controller for the Personal Data held in relation to your account" I have a letter from Lloyds apologising for passing a disputed current account to a Debt Collector. It confirms that the account is closed with a nil balance and there is nothing to pay. Oh yes, and they sent a cheque "for the distress and inconvenience c
  4. Hi All, I could do with some good advice on my current situation if possible? I have just received information relating to my SAR request to 1st Credit (old Barclaycard debt) and I have some questions hopefully you can help with: 1. Due to the usual pressure of the DCA (and not understanding much about my rights) the debt was paid on instalments from 2004/5 until early October 2007. Then I request the CCA and had nothing sent to me, so stopped the instalments. 2. Now in August 2013 - I received a Judge & Priestley Solicitors letter suggesting court action, so I re - CCA
  5. I'm writing about requesting PPI from MBNA re: my old credit card account. I am also wondering about claiming back charges to the account i.e late fees, overlimit fees, interest. etc. The monthly interest rate charge was 1.6674% . MBNA c/card a/c was opened on 7th May 2003 and on the statement it clearly shows Payment Protection Cover. The opening credit limit was £4,100.00 and the closing balance on 8th December 2005 was £5,926.16 . The a/c was sold to 1st Credit dca in January 2006, and then I started receiving discount letters from Connaught Collections. To date I have estimat
  6. Hello Will try and summarise.. . if I miss anything please let me know but would be so very grateful of any advice on what to do now. Capital Bank Joint Personal Loan £5,481.20 outstanding taken out in 1997 It got transferred to Wescot Credit years ago and we had no communication with Capital Bank Direct at all. It went to Legal & Trade Collections before Wescot and also a solicitors but we adamantly paid the minimum and had been paying £40 a month to Wescot for a long time but not paid anything since beginning of 2009. April 2009: received a letter with 'Your Ann
  7. Hi There yesterday morning i received a court claim form from 1st credit, i am literally bricking it. i CCA'd halifax a long time ago who took forever to supply a copy of the agreement then it moved to iqor, then connaught, then 1st credit the last three letters i've written to 1st credit i've asked them to negotiate a settlement or a monthly payment, they've completely ignored me on all three occasions writing back with "pay up in full or else" i earn 950 a month net, do not own a house, a car, or anything of value and have no savings but i do have a relative who would hel
  8. Hi All I took out a loan in Feb 2002 with the then Visa Associates who are now Citi-financial, in October 2003 I became homeless and unemployed on pretty much the same day due to closure of our family business (we ran a country pub). I took the responsible approach and I wrote to Citi Financial explaining my circumstances and my proposal to over come the fact I couldnt pay them for the interim time. I proposed to take a 3 month payment holiday whilst I found alternative employment to which they agreed. I landed a job within 2 weeks (luckily I might add). At the
  9. Hi, I am hoping for some collective wisdom from this very useful forum! I was contacted by 1st Credit in the spring this year seeking payment for an Opus cc debit of £1,500 that they claim I had defaulted on last year. 1st Credit appear to have my address details from 15 plus years ago but I have no recollection of the credit card they are referring to. I have never heard of Opus and in the conversations and correspondence I have had with 1st Credit I have not acknowledged any debt. I wrote to 1st Credit at the end of May this year requesting a CCA. I heard not
  10. Hey, After some advice.... In 2009 I sent letters to the above DCA's making an offer to pay my outstanding debts over a 48 month period for a set amount. They agreed to the payment in writing however they didn't actually agree to the term of the repayments (something I have literally only noticed). I am now in a situation that I cant carry on the payments over the remainder of the term however I can clear what would be left owing (in accordance with the terms I set out i.e. set figure over 48 months) They are now saying that is not the case and that I still owe the
  11. Hello - I'm hoping someone can direct me with the situation I find myself in. A few days ago I received a Statutory Demand from Connaught Collections on behalf of 1st Credit after opening the door to someone who said they had "a parcel" for me. When they asked my name I confirmed it, and then he proceeded to give me the demand, not a parcel, and not in an envelope either, just the sheets of paper. He claimed he did not know what it was and he was just delivering - but as he has it on a clipboard in front of him and there was no envelope around it, this was a blatent lie. He also glanced t
  12. I'll try to keep this brief. I had/have a vanquis bank credit card, I hold my hands up and say I defaulted on payments and now owe them just shy of £600. At the end of last year I got into finiancial difficulty and like an ostrich hid my head in the sand:sad: I have since paid off one of my debts, today a company called 1st credit called me to say Vanquis had passed the debt to them. Again I stress I don't dispute the money because I do owe it but like thousands of others I'm not in a position right now to pay it in full which they demanded. They then offered to discount the de
  13. Hi i have been following the usual procedure with 1st Credit who so far have come up with nothing. so now they send me a letter saying Barclaycard have sent me a copy of the cca and so please send them a completed income/expenditure form with offer of payment. well now i have had nothing from Barclaycard whatsoever! I know they have no right to income/expenditure information. but i am wondering if in the process of taking on an alleged debt they take on the paperwork, inlcuding copies or the original CCA? should they not have the paperwork themselves or are they just trying to f
  14. Hi, I'm a first time poster on CAG, but I've used the advice given on the forums on several occasions. I am being pursued by United Utils for about £500 in allegedly unpaid water charges, dating back to 2007-2009. Initially, I was contacted by post by a DCA called 1st Credit acting on U.Utils behalf. Obviously, I immediately replied in writing asking their client to prove the amount stated by providing me with all billing information related to the alleged amount. I then received a letter from 1st Credit acknowledging that I had raised a query with them and that the bill
  15. Hi all, I have a small problem with 1st Credit who have bought a credit card debt that I had with HFC (Household Bank). It is a small debt of £373.27p but I don't have anything to give them at the moment, and I believe that the debt may be statute barred because the last payment I can remember making on the account was in late 2004 to the best of my recollection. There was also a larger debt for a loan with HFC which 1st credit bought, but when I CCA'd them, it seemed to disappear along with any mention of it on my credit report. I did CCA 1st credit for this debt, but never heard a
  16. I went to the County Court today, Judge not impressed with 1st Credit - Connaught set aside the Stat Demand and virtually talked me into claiming costs, awarded me £50. I had requested 1st Credit - Connaught provide me with a copy of the original agreement which they were unable to do... in fact never even replied to me or the Court. If any one wants a copy of the letter i sent to them let me know.
  17. I was wondering if anyone could assist me with a Data Protection Act claim template which I am planning to issue against 1st Credit. The brief history of this matter is:- Back in 2007 these people sent me a demand for over £6,000 which they claimed related to a debt going back to 2000, I wasn’t resident in the country in 2000 so I suspected identity theft and asked them to provide proof of the debt, which they never did. 1st Credit said that they were acting for Robinson Way & Co Ltd and that they would provide the proof of debt, which they never did. I suggested that the deb
  18. I was contacted by the above vultures on 13/08/2010 by letter: Dear Sir/Madam 1st Credit (Finance) Limited is attempting to contact the above named regarding a personal matter. Your address has been supplied as a possible address for our subject who was previously resident at: (address from 5 years ago) Please conact our offices immediately on telephone number ### and qutoe the above reference number at which time further information can be provided. If you are not the individual we are attempting to contact or have any information that may assist please call us at your e
  19. 1st of all I would like to say I have been a lurker of this forum for ages now and have gained some great knowledge. Even my mum has used some templates letters from here and done well. So would like to thank you all and if there is a way I can donate then please let me know. I don't have many problems with my credit apart from one account I had with Welcome which is now being looked after by 1st Credit. I honestly dont remember receiving a default notice from them, so seeked the advice of this forum and got the info I needed. I 1st sent the CCA request, requesting my CCA, deed info
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