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Found 17 results

  1. could anyone give me some idea who to send my goldfish credit card PPI claim to. I've sent one to Barclaycard but they say they have no record of a goldfish account in my name. I gave them my card number and got the same result. I had my Goldfish card from around 1995 to 2000. it has been closed now for a number of years. but I am still paying the debt off at a very small monthly rate to a debt recovery firm. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. pigeonman16
  2. Cabot are chasing me for a 12 year old Goldfish debt. I've just sent them a CCA. Who owns Goldfish now?
  3. Hi, I took out a Goldfish credit card in 2003. The account had a balance of around £1000 which I was making minimum monthly payments towards. Goldfish then sold the account to Barclaycard when they merged. At this point I stopped receiving paper statements. I therefore called them on numerous occasions to try and rectify this and continued to make monthly payments of random amounts as I had no statement to refer too. I then received threatening letters from Barclaycard stating my balance was over £4000. I had not used the card and I had not received statements so I disputed this and told them I would not pay any further balances until this was resolved and they could tell me where these additional charges came from. No statements were ever received and then I received communication from a debt chasing company stating they had been appointed to retrieve the debt in full. I explained the circumstances to them and again tried to call Barclaycard. Barclaycard could now not even discuss the account as it had been closed on their systems as the debt was sold. Around 6-8 debt companies have since tried to retrieve the debt but each time I call them to ask for evidence they go silent. MKDR is the latest company to 'own' the debt and they issued a small claims court case against me in 2015. I submitted by defence and nothing happened. I called the court and they informed me MKDR had not proceeded any further with the case. The issue I have is that this seriously affects my credit rating and will do for another year. My credit report states that the account has been overdue since 27/04/2011 and if I am to wait 6yrs this will not expire until 2017. Is there anything I can do to challenge this in the meantime? I am certain no one has the statements I have been asking for for the past 5yrs. How can I get MKDR to either proceed or close the debt off? Thanks in advance Katie
  4. Hello all, I'm completely new to this so please excuse any ignorant mistakes I may make I'd be so grateful for any advice/suggestions you kind people may have. Out of the blue I received a Claim from MKDP LLP (wow I've read some bad things about them and Sarah Lambert on some forums!) on 29th August. I received a letter from Raven Recoveries in November 2013 about the debt, but had no idea who they were. I'd never received a letter of transfer of ownership. I contacted them via post but never heard back from them and then never received any warning of legal action. I get lots of nuisance calls which I'm assuming is this company, but they never leave voicemails (even though they claimed they have when I spoke with them two days ago) and I don't believe I ever provided them with my mobile number. They were incredibly rude on the phone and unwilling to co-operate. Firstly, I'd like to contest the claim as I never received any notice of legal action and they have previously failed to respond to my correspondence. Secondly, this was a credit card I had initially with Morgan Stanley some time before 2006 (I don't have paperwork from that long ago where I'm currently living). This was then taken over by Goldfish (which I was never notified of) and then on to Barclaycard. The account number assigned to Barclaycard is different from the original one with Morgan Stanley - I'm not sure if this matters or not. I know my next step is to acknowledge the claim and then I believe I should send a CCA request and a CPR 31.14 request to Sarah Lambert who is the claimant so I can have all the appropriate documents to support my defence. I'm not disputing the debt, but I'm disputing their conduct - which option do I tick of the following? 1. I intend to defend all of this claim. 2. I intend to defend part of this claim. 3. I intend to contest jurisdiction. Should my communication be only with MKDP LLP? I don't have any paperwork proving they legally own the debt, should I also be writing to Barclaycard? I've never experienced anything like this before, so once again please excuse my ignorance to the situation. If anyone has any advice for me, it really would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.
  5. Hello out there to anyone who can help. I currently have a thread running in legal issues http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/192275-ccj-interest-debt.html and as the advice I've been given has made me lift my head out of the sand a little more I thought I'd try and tackle my issues with Barclaycard. I had accounts with Goldfish and Morgan Stanley(probably around 7-10 years old) which unfortunately ran into difficulty. I arranged payments with both these accounts on an interest free basis and all was running smoothly. Since last year Barclaycard have take over both the accounts and I believe they are going to try and railroad me. They've already started to charge interest on the accounts (which I have had to get refunded)despite my arrangements and are starting to prove troublesome. Is it worth trying the account(s) in dispute tactic and sending SARs etc to see what they hold on me and if they have the CA's on these accounts bearing in mind the age of them. I've never trusted Barclaycard and previous accounts I have had with them I have settled. I did not choose them as my creditors and I would love to get them off my back if I can. Any suggestions where I might start?
  6. CCA Letter sent to Aktiv Kapital. Let's see if they reply. Barclaycard assigned debt to Aktiv Kapital April 2011 £2,789
  7. Good morning, does anyone know who I should contact regarding a PPI claim on a Goldfish Credit Card. As far as I know Barclays took over Goldfish a few years ago. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, I have recently written to HFC regards a Goldfish credit card account I had going back to around 1997 and I am 95% sure the PPI was automatically ticked on a magazine mailshot. I have written to HFC regards a miss-selling claim and they have written back advising I need to contact the bank that holds the account now (Lloyds TSB) although the credit card was closed and paid off in 2006. I believe that as this claim is for the initial miss-selling rather than on going charges it is still HFC that are ultimately responsible, is this correct, are they just sending me on a wild goose chase ???.
  9. All creditors were written to by letter dated 21.08.06, to inform them of financial difficulties. I enclosed £1 token payment and cont’d to pay this for some months until payments increased. The original payments amounted to £500-£550 per month. I am still currently making reduced payments as below. I am unsure where I stand and what I can do, if anything, and do not want to open a can of worms as I have been off work with bereavement/stress/anxiety and as a result I am now unemployed. If you have read any of my other posts you might be getting the idea of what a pickle I've got myself in to, or got myself in to ten years ago. thanks for reading and for any advice you can offer. Lloyds TSB Goldfish Loan - now with 1st Credit Not showing on Equifax file Balance £4555.07 I pay £24.00 per month Letter from Lloyds dated 17.11.06 stating, “we cannot accept your payment proposal or suspend the charges and interest on your account” I have the original Goldfish CA from July 2004. Letter from 1st Credit dated 11.01.2008 stating, “We give you notice that Lloyds TSB Bank has assigned 1st Credit all of Lloyds TSB’s rights in to and under the above detailed account.” Always (monthly) sending discount letters, last one dated 23.12.13 offering 50% if paid in Jan, with decreasing % for payment in subsequent months. CCA requested 06.01.14. no reply r’cd to date. Should I withhold payment until I have evidence from them?
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help with advice regarding the above debt my husband has. Financial problems arose through genuine circumstances around 8 years ago. There were a number of creditors, most of which were very helpful in agreeing minimal repayment programmes, to which we have gradually increased payments as circumstances improved. Total debt has reduced considerably but, at current levels, still a few years to go before being 'free'. Recently, my husband unexpectedly came into a small sum, so he decided he would try to get one of the creditors to accept a reduced payment in full and final settlement, so that it was one less to deal with. This was a Morgan Stanley Card from around 2003 with agreed repayment programme that went to Cabot (received a few Goldfish letters in between). Cabot declined what was a fair offer (with this they would have had in total over 80% of the original cabot debt figure repaid) which means that, assuming we continue to pay at the current level there will still be over 4 years left. As we know Cabot would have purchased the debt for such a small amount and we've already repaid that many times over, he was naturally a bit put out. I did try some time ago (2009) to SAR Morgan Stanley but, after receiving responses from Barclaycard, I only got old statement copies, nothing else, then a letter saying the account was transferred by Morgan Stanley to another creditor prior to MS business being sold to Barclaycard so they hadn't owned it. Would it be too late to query the debt now, as we've been paying for so long? I've looked at old paperwork more thoroughly and, we received no written letter from OC to say Cabot were taking over the debt, only the Cabot 'hello' letter (p1-3) with a page supposedly from Goldfish but clearly annotated down the side as p4 showing no card number or balance on this 'Cabot' NOA. We just never queried it before. Could we at this late stage withhold payments pending proof of legal right to chase the debt and ask for the CCA agreement to show they have the right paperwork to claim on? Do you think it would be worth the hassle? Any thoughts on the SAR fiasco?....Can't get info from OC as they pass to Barclaycard, who don't want to know? Any thoughts/suggestions apreciated.
  11. HI could some one please look and see if this is correct please as Barclays are only offering me £500 as a good will gesture as they said the actual offer is less than this.
  12. Hi folks. I have just had my SAR letter returned saying that there was no cheque for £10 inside. I enclosed a P.O. for the amount and following a caggers sound advice I photographed both sides of the P.O. with the letter it was also marked for SAR only. The letter was sent Special Delivery and received just over a week ago. Should I wait until I find out from the Post Office if it has been cashed before I re-apply, cancel it now and ask for a refund or should I just write back to Barclays with a copy of the photographs enclosed? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi new to this forum so hope I am doing this right - in a DMP and have been advised by the DMP people to check any PPI misselling - I know I did have PPI but no longer have any paperwork - wrote to Atkiv who took over the Goldfish account some years ago requesting copy of credit agreement for Goldfish & they replied: in view of age of this account the original creditor is no longer able to supply the documents requested and we therefore request your proposals by return - can anyone advise me what they mean by this and what I should do next
  14. About 4 years ago when I lost my job, I had a couple of HFC group cards - Golfish etc. HFC persueded me to take out a loan with them to repay the card debt at a discount. Is that legal, bearing in mind the cards were probably taken out about 2001 and are probably incorrectly executed?
  15. I have a CCJ claim which will be passed in 6-days for an old credit card debt which has been taken up by Wescot. I understand that a bailiff can only gain entry to a property if either a door/window is left open or someone lets them in. I live in a 2nd floor flat with its own front door. This door is accessed via communal areas from a separate door in the street which means that I would have to 'buzz' them in before they gain access to on my own front door (which I would not do.) My question is: What if someone else in the block lets them through the street door? Does that count as entry to MY premises or would they still have to be let in through my own door to be seen to have affected an entry? Also, I understood that they are not entitled to take/levy my car which is parked in the private car park. Is this correct? Many thanks for reading this.
  16. Hi everyone, this is quite a simple question: Apex have bought my old debt from Goldfish and have contacted me demanding payment. I have sent them a request for the original CCA. I then received a letter acknowledging my request from Caboot Financial, who are owned by Apex. Caboot however have given me a new reference number and they have a different address. They have also returned my £1 postal order. Should I send my letter to put my account in dispute to Apex or Caboot? It probably does not matter however I was thinking they do this for a reason... Your answers are much appreciated, Anthony
  17. I went to the County Court today, Judge not impressed with 1st Credit - Connaught set aside the Stat Demand and virtually talked me into claiming costs, awarded me £50. I had requested 1st Credit - Connaught provide me with a copy of the original agreement which they were unable to do... in fact never even replied to me or the Court. If any one wants a copy of the letter i sent to them let me know.
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