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  1. Thank you And a big thanks to others on this site for the help and information provided
  2. They enclosed a copy notice of discontinuance that they have filed with my local court
  3. On Saturday I received a letter from HSBC stating they have decided not to continue with legal proceedings
  4. The strike out application is from me They are taking me to court for a credit card debt but have no paperwork
  5. Is it just a waiting game then? Court date is set for 20/08/2015 for hearing of my application to strike out Am I right in thinking that if I need to attend they will writer to me again? Thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated
  6. No, I didn't serve a copy on claimant (I still have lots to learn, I know) No, I have received nothing since the court order from anyone
  7. With my N244 I attached a draft order I did include that if they failed to comply the claim should be struck out without further order Would it not be possible to "remind" the court that was included in the N244 or do you think I should just wait? I know HSBC have been asking the court for all copies of paperwork I have put to the court so I don't think they are just going to go away
  8. No sanctions at all. I rang the court as I expected there should be but no, the Judgement was just to provide documents in 14 days
  9. I re filed my N244 as a CPR 18 failure to supply documentation and was told it would be sent with my case to local court Local judge sent General Form of Judgement or Order Ordering HSBC to provide within 14 days A copy of original agreement A copy of the default notice Evidence of service of default notice A statement of defendants account This was on 18/06/2015 and time is now over I phoned the court asking what happens now and it appears that there is no penalty for HSBC not providing any of this information!! Silly me I thought that if a judge ordered something and
  10. Will do I think next phase will be preparing Witness Statement as it has now been allocated to my local court
  11. I was going to rely on s127 if the judge appeared that way inclined And thanks again for all your help
  12. Hi Dx, Sorry, I did say in a previous post I had counted double pages also they had sent me 2 copies of current T&C's. Do they need a signed agreement to enforce in court on any agreement or is it just that this one is pre-2007?
  13. This is what was sent to me as a reconstituted Credit Agreement Does it look properly executed? They also sent me T&C's for 1996 (date of agreement) and current ones If anyone can find faults I can use I would appreciate it Application form, covering letter and terms and conditions from date of agreement 1996 Hope that is all readable Only other thing that came was current terms and conditions, didn't think they would be important to this but will upload them if necessary Thankfully not as many pages as I thought as I counted for both sides
  14. So how can I convince the Judge that it is not valid and acceptable? That seems to be the way forward
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