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  1. So, I bought 5KG of protein powder from myprotein, which usually sells for around £50. Due to a pricing glitch, it was going through for £1-something. I fully expected my order to be cancelled, however, it went through, and was dispatched. I received a despatch confirmation, was given a delivery time and the money was taken from my account. Now, the delivery time came and went, so I tracked it, and it said it was being sent back to consignor. I phoned them, to see why it had been returned, and was told that due to the pricing error, it was being returned to them. Now, my understanding was that as soon as the despatch confirmation had been sent out, and the cash had been taken, the contract was accepted, and could only be cancelled by myself. Am I wrong? Obviously, arguing my case that the error should have been noticed before dispatch fell on deaf ears. I have had a look around the net, but nothing definitive sticks out.
  2. I am now in the situation where I can start paying off my Brighthouse goods early. Now, in doing this, I thought I would save a substantial amount of money. It seems though, that to pay off my goods early, I would only be saving £137. I'll be honest, I don't think it is worth doing this, and would rather pay off other debts first. The amount of weeks and weekly price I'm paying are as follows; Cooker - 66 weeks @ £3.86 Tumble Dryer - 88 weeks @ 2.66 CD Player - 100 weeks @ £1.62 All of this totals £650.84, and to pay them off, I was told it would be £513. Are any of you able to tell if this is correct? Maths is far from my strong point, unfortunately. Do you guys think it is worth paying them off early? As it stands just now, I would be able to pay off 1 item just now. I will still be paying them around £12 per week, as I have 2 Acer tablets from them, and still have ages left on them, so won't be able to pay them off for a while.
  3. I was wondering, is it lawful for companies to give your details to a DCA without you agreeing to it? Surely this must breach some data protection act?
  4. Cool, so if they try and fob me off with a repair, I can tell them that i'm entitled to an exchange? Also, within how many days of signing the agreement can I ask for an exchange. I know you can get basic tablets for £150, but this is more like a netbook, which is alot better for me. It's a next Gen tablet, so to speak.
  5. I recently (16th may) signed for an Acer tablet from brighthouse, and i'm obviously paying it up. The past few days i've noticed the screen appears to be coming away from the casing at the bottom. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what my rights are in terms of exchanging it, as it obviously doesn't belong to me just now. I really don't want them to send it away and be without it for a month or whatever, I would just prefer to swap it for a new one. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, can someone show me the comsumer act it falls under? I live in Scotland if that makes a diference.
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