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  1. I bought the car privately about a year ago from a private seller for £2000 and got 15 mins down the road and it overheated badly (seller disappeared) I replaced all the cooling system from start to finish and it turned out to be the cylinder head had 3 cracks I bought a bare one and built it then fitted it (Will never do it again) finally 4 weeks of hell paid off and it was running sweet as I've replaced too many parts since then to list for example 2 days before prang I spent £500 on wheels. i did get it mot'd which expires 25/6/18. regards steve
  2. thanks for your help regards steve i will do thank you for your help regards steve
  3. hi can anyone help I was reversed into in mc donalds drive through and the girls accepted fault and I allowed her insurance to deal WITH repair quote and courtesy car they have said they don't want to repair and my car was insured for 2800 and they have offered 2200 but the only car that comes close they found is 2595 and 50 miles away. I'm not sure where I stand as I don't have the extra money to buy the car or even travel the 50 miles. any help would be appreciated regards steve here's the email I've received from them if helps Good Morning, Following our telephone conversation I can confirm that your vehicle has been confirmed as a Category unselected total loss. The current valuation placed on your vehicle is £ 2000.00. As discussed if you wish to dispute the valuation placed on your vehicle, I ask that you provide market research examples of vehicles of the same age, mileage, specification and condition. I also ask that you provide any receipts or invoices as discussed. Kind Regards,
  4. this is the latest in my on going problem I sent that letter and they emailed me asking to call and I said that I would prefer to communicate via email.. this is the email I got back Thanks for your further email and comments. I hope you don’t mind me replying on Eilish’s behalf. While we appreciate your position, we’re unable to send our cheque to you directly, as cheques must be sent directly to the business who provided the estimate. I’m sorry for the disappointment this may cause but hope you’ll appreciate our position. Should you like to progress your case through your insurance or, as you’ve mentioned seeking legal advice, through a solicitor, I can confirm that we’re happy to work with any third parties you may involve in this incident. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch once more. Kind regards Danielle Travers | Executive Office Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  5. I have 3 parking tickets and the woman has taken car reg and put a letter through saying they have taken controll of my car but I drove away in it. can they take my car from the roadside? ANY help i would be most greatfull
  6. But what can i do if the car is unroad worthy and i want to part exchange it for another and the part ex price ive been given is considerably lower because of bodywork damage caused by the carwash? regards steve
  7. Thankyou uncle Bulgaria I will get the letter off to them you have been a real help and I will let you know the outcome. Kind regards steve
  8. my sister aint back till friday any idea how i should write the letter? thanks again
  9. your probably right there im not very confident on the phone i will get my sister to help me put a letter together this evening thanks again uncle bulgaria you have been more than helpfull regards steve
  10. I finally got to speak to the person dealing with my case at sainsburys exec office today and explained that the car was off the roar and i have been offered a part exchange but they say i can either go ahead with the repairs or go through my insurance and they will pay the excess but if i do that i loose my no claims and its going to put my premiums up, which seems very unfair as i loose out for damage they caused my car. what can i do? id be very greatfull for any help thanks in advance steve
  11. i called them today and got to wait for call from person dealing with the case tomorrow, i have recorded call and will do tomorrow
  12. Thanks for the info unclebulgaria il call there so called "executive office" on monday.
  13. the garage have confirmed all the damage in the quote they emailed me which i forwarded to sainsburys and they agreed to pay the price given but then they said that it would have to be sent as a business cheque direct to the garage. thank you unclebulgaria67 for your quick response
  14. hi im after a bit of advice i recently used my local sainsburys car wash and managed to get stuck in it twice which caused quite a bit of bodywork damage so i reported it to sainsburys head office and they asked me to get 2 vat registered quotes which i done and they confirmed that the car wash was faulty and have decided to go along with the cheaper of the 2 quotes. the problem i am now having is the car has developed a fault which is far too costly and in my view not worth repairing and sainsburys want to pay the body repair shop directly to have the work done and i have benn offered a part exchange on a newer car and obviously i would have got a much better price for my car if the extra damage caused by the car wash wasnt there so shouldnt sainsburys pay me for the damage caused?? id be greatful for any help thanks in advance steve
  15. are the bailiffs allowed to take other peoples goods? i thought they could only take goods owned buy the named person??? thanks
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