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  1. Thank you for all your help. The company has now paid their debt to me, after 4 years of struggle, as well as substantial fees to the enforcement company and further interest. The Enforcement company managed to trace the residence of the Director, it helped.
  2. Heres an update: I did not contact the debtor, Abshire-Smith Global, but contacted instead a private enforcement services company/HCEO (I discovered from the media and Company House, that the debtor company is being dissolved in March 2019). After I paid the £66 court fee the enforcement company acted very quickly and obtained the High Court Writ of Control. The Writ was sent to the debtor on 8 February, and after the 10 days compliance period, with no response from the debtor, the Enforcement Agent yesterday visited their Head Office and Trading Office addresses in London, but the debtor comp
  3. Thank you for your usual quick replies and advice: 1. There's no payment deadline given on the Order, but from the mentioned Debt Camel article: "You will get a judgment order back from the court, headed Order for recovery of award. Send the firm a copy of it and ask them to pay you the amount it says, which now includes the court fee you have paid. If they don’t do that within 14 days, you can then bailiffs". 2. I was considering writing to the CEO of the business by email to ensure they received the Order from the County Court, so they cannot claim they haven't received it and also
  4. I just wanted to update you of progress of my above query: I contacted a solicitor, but he concluded, after I have been chasing and reminding him and his office many times over one month, "that it would not be cost effective for me to use his services"! I therefore went back to the Central London County Court to enquire how I could make the £44 court fee payment, considering I don't know anybody in the UK and I therefore need to make the payment from Denmark. Fortunately I did get contact to a very helpful and persistent officer at the Correspondence Team of the Central London County Cou
  5. Thanks for all the info and useful lawgazette link. I believe the Central London County Court is the court closest to Abshire-Smith Global Head Office at 26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ. According to FOS factsheet: "You will usually need to start enforcement proceedings in the branch of the court that is local to the business". Perhaps there's a better County Court I can use? I have read the information written by Tobias Haynes (and previously the link from Debt Camel) several times and I am still in doubt whether to use form N322A or N322B, actually the forms seems completely identi
  6. Unfortunately I don't know anybody in the UK, but according to the Court's guideline it should be possible to send and receive all documents by email? "The use of email in the Civil and Family Courts From the 7 December 2015 all enquiries to civil courts and family courts can be received by email. What documents can be sent by email? You can send all letters and documents relevant to the case including adoption cases. However, due to the sensitive nature of adoption work the court will only send emails to secure email accounts. We will send you confirmation that we got your email."
  7. Should I make the bank cheque payable to just: HM Courts and Tribunals Service Or do I need to include an address? "if you use the paper claim form, pay with a postal order or cheque (payable to ‘HM Courts and Tribunals Service’)."
  8. Thank you very much for all the very useful advice and information. Perhaps I should send my application to the Central London County Court by registered mail and include a bank cheque of £44 made out to the court. I don't think I can use the "Money Claim" online for this purpose - also because I am not residing in the UK?
  9. gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/court-fees Home Business and self-employed Business debt and bankruptcy Make a court claim for money Contents How to make a claim Court fees Claim the interest After you make your claim What happens at the hearing Enforce a judgment Court fees You must pay a court fee when you make your claim. The fee for making a money claim online is cheaper than the fee for sending a paper claim form. If you know the claim amount The court fee is based on the amount you’re claiming, plus interest. Claim amount Paper form fee
  10. Thanks a lot for the call to the Central London County Court and the very good news about the court fee, which I calculated myself to GBP 4.242, as per their guideline! I have submitted my application with the required documents, incl. Form N322A, all duly completed, by mail to the Enquiries at Central London County Court on 25 Oct. 2018. I guess I have the patience, as I started my complaint with the business back in January 2015! My mail to Enquiries Central London County Court: Dear Sir/Madam, I hereby submit my attached application (Form N322A) to your Court to enforce
  11. Thank you for your quick reply and advice. 1. The amount I claim is GBP 84.833, which includes 8% interest since 16 January 2015 and a GBP 750 compensation awarded by the FOS. 2. I have calculated the court fee to GBP 4.242, from the guidelines given by the Court 3. The business has a Registered Head Office address, which I used, and a Trading Office address. 4. The business has 21 days to comply with the final decision, after I accepted it. After that the FOS has been chasing the business, etc. and we have to wait for the payment for a couple of weeks. Every time I have to chase the F
  12. Thanks. It's mentioned in my above post: Abshire-Smith Global Ltd., 26 York Street, London W1Y 6PZ
  13. I hope for your help on how I should apply the Central London County Court to Enforce an Financial Ombudsman Final Decision using form N322A? I am a Danish pensioner, living in Denmark, on 28 March 2018 the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) made a Final Decision in my favor regarding my complaint against Abshire-Smith Global Ltd., 26 York Street, London W1Y 6PZ, which I accepted. However, the business has unfortunately not complied, i.e. paid me the required amount (GBP 84.833, incl. 8% interest and a GBP 750 compensation awarded by the FOS) within 28 days of me accepting the FOS Fi
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