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  1. Hi ss002d6252, Many thanks for your reply. Yeah I agree, i just can't see why they can use a date from before a court awards the sequestration. Scottish sequestration laws changed on 1st April 2015, so it's quite hard to find upto date information on this particular subject regarding Councils using the 'Date of First Order' for Council Tax. As far as I'm aware, in Scotland, you must receive a 'Final Notice' Letter from the council before the whole financial year is included within the sequestration. I have already asked Highland Council for further details on whether this
  2. Hi, I'm seeking some advice regarding some Council Tax arrears I have with Highland Council. I was sequestrated on 20th May 2015 and discharged a year later. I was on the understanding that all debts leading upto & including my sequestration date was included within the sequestration. However, Highland Council have informed me that it's their policy to use the 'Date of First Order' as the date for any arrears, instead of my actual sequestration date. Here's Highland councils response to my enquiry: "Dear Mr frunko, Thank you for email dated 07.04.2017.
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