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  1. thank you for your reply The total debt was nearly £600 and they only went after £297 of it, however the letter from the court says the remainder after payment of this warrant
  2. Good morning everyone, I have been asked by my ex-wife to help her after she got a letter threatening her with bailiffs, She got herself into debt with EE and of course because she was dealing with depression she started to "bury her head in the sand" The consequence is that The lovely Leeds Losers (aka Lowell) have got involved, I only became aware of this situation after she got a letter from the county court, saying that they were about to get the bailiffs after her. My question is, why have they only chosen to partially enforce the judgement, this is something I have never heard of before? because of her depression etc she is not sure she received a letter of assignment etc, would it be worth having a go at getting the judgement set aside(however I have paid the amount they enforced, just to stop her having to deal with bailiffs) Many thanks in advance
  3. Just received a pcn for failiure to comply with a street sign from a London council. The date of the alledged offence was 17/10/17. and the date of the pcn is 12/12/17 is this outside of the timelimits for such service obviously they've got the details from the hire company many thanks in advance
  4. Thank you for your replies, with regard to the name issue they have modified/changed their surname....with regard to the DPA, the bailiff and the office dicussed full details with third parties... Marstons have now admitted they have not got a paragraph 15 (Force entry) warrant
  5. Good evening everyone, Been a while since I posted on here, anyway; My ex-wife has managed to get herself a speeding fine that was sent to a previous address. The Bailiff, from Marstons Holdings has been handwriting the usual drivel about coming with a locksmith on the phone until I got involved, She has been to the police about the threats, the bailiff has admitted that they do not hold an order to force entry and now seems to have backed off a bit. My question's are; a) The only bailiff I can find whose name remotely resembles the name on the paperwork is different (i.e abbreviated)......is this an item of interest b) The name that appears on the register is listed as working for M^&%tons group and she claims to work for M*&stons holdings, again is this of interest c) She has been discussing the case with my ex-sister in-law and my son, is this a potential breach of the DPA? Many thanks in advance for your valued opinions Madmatt
  6. Many thanks for your reply, the ex-husband is not on voters at the address, she also has single persons discount on her council tax bill as proof
  7. Evening all, A lady has explained to me that her estranged husband had broadband from AOL in his name, but hasn't bothered to pay the bill... AOL have now cut off the broadband, she lives in a rural area and has asked BT for broadband but they have refused, is it possible that there is some kind of adverse marker on the line?? many thanks in advance
  8. Morning everyone, I have just re-surfaced back on my credit record after a good few years staying off the radar, I've had 4 letters from the leeds losers Lowells after different accounts that are statute barred....any suggestions
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52265[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]52266[/ATTACH] Spotted today! some companies just don't get it do they (Penalty mentioned on both signs) guess I'll be overstaying and parking in the wrong place there soon
  10. I intend to have at least 10 witnesses to each event, I want this to become open knowledge that they're dodgy and get as many people across the country aware of it!
  11. Good morning everyone, In the small town where I live with have a branch of a quite famous german supermarket (with Parking eye cameras) and two other supermarkets both with their own PPC's. I have recently helped a couple of people defend Parking Eye, speculative Invoices with 100% success, However, I would like to setup all three companies and detail the process of getting the charges dropped in the local media, My idea is this: 1. Overstay the Parking Eye park and get an Invoice, also double dip this park with witnesses present to record me times of arrival and departure, so that their First in, Last out ANPR flaw is exposed. 2 Overstay the other two car parks and show how to get these invoices dropped in the media also...... While I appreciate that parking cannot be a "free for all", I resent the fact that these quasi-legal rackets are scaring people with little money out of their cash! Opinions please? Cheers Matt
  12. and what the hell were the police doing, demanding that the OP's daughter open the door, surely they should have told the Bailiff that she was causing a breach of the peace??
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