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  1. Good morning everyone, All the recent publicity with PPI deadlines etc, caused me to go back through the past when I realised I had a loan with Welcome, and had been told I had to have PPi otherwise I couldn't get the loan. Did an SAR with Welcome and got the paperwork back. It say's that the broker for the PPI was now out of business, but the Policy was ultimately underwritten by Aviva Do I go after Aviva regarding this? Many thanks in advance
  2. Good morning everyone, I have just checked online and they issued a discontinuance 12 hours after my filing my defence.... Hopefully I'll at least get LiP costs out of this, shame they never got a butt kicking from a judge
  3. Received in post this morning, letter from CEL that the pcn has been cancelled and the claim discontinued.... Well it wasn't when I entered my defence last night......wait and see what the county court have to say I guess
  4. Quick question....does asking for LiP costs qualify as a counterclaim??
  5. Thank you very much ericsbrother and everyone else. I have had an email from the BPA stating that they intend to contact CEL to explain themselves. I'll be entering my defence this evening as I don't want them to drop the case before I have had a chance to a) embarass them and b) claim LiP costs. I'll come back as and when I have further news on this.......Thank you all once again
  6. thank you for your reply ericsbrother, fair enough about the damages, I realised after I had sent to appeal to POPLA last year that this foolish. My issue here now is that POPLA have said that their signs are non compliant and at the bottom of my adjudication they say that my appeal should be allowed, they also made a mistake at the start of the adjudication saying it was unsuccessful (obviously CEL don't bother to read past the start of such adjudication and have now launched a county court summons against me.) I have acknowleged service of the summons In t
  7. Have already acknowledged service, whats my next step to cause maximum hell for this company.... Background, I work for a local authority, we deliver to schools,charities etc....I hate these private [EDIT] companies because they feel that by targetting my employer, they are onto an easy buck..... I know you will think I'm mad (crazy even) but I take these tickets on in my own name and fight them as far as I can.....
  8. Good evening everyone, I have received a county court claim from Civil Enforcement. As usual I apealled to popla initially and got turned down; I have just re-read the adjudication; Decision Unsuccessful Assessor Name Lauren Bailey Assessor summary of operator case The operator’s case is that the appellant failed to make a valid payment for parking. Assessor summary of your case The appellant’s case is that the operator’s photographs do not pro
  9. thank you for your reply The total debt was nearly £600 and they only went after £297 of it, however the letter from the court says the remainder after payment of this warrant
  10. Good morning everyone, I have been asked by my ex-wife to help her after she got a letter threatening her with bailiffs, She got herself into debt with EE and of course because she was dealing with depression she started to "bury her head in the sand" The consequence is that The lovely Leeds Losers (aka Lowell) have got involved, I only became aware of this situation after she got a letter from the county court, saying that they were about to get the bailiffs after her. My question is, why have they only chosen to partially enforce the judgement, this is something I have ne
  11. Just received a pcn for failiure to comply with a street sign from a London council. The date of the alledged offence was 17/10/17. and the date of the pcn is 12/12/17 is this outside of the timelimits for such service obviously they've got the details from the hire company many thanks in advance
  12. Thank you for your replies, with regard to the name issue they have modified/changed their surname....with regard to the DPA, the bailiff and the office dicussed full details with third parties... Marstons have now admitted they have not got a paragraph 15 (Force entry) warrant
  13. Good evening everyone, Been a while since I posted on here, anyway; My ex-wife has managed to get herself a speeding fine that was sent to a previous address. The Bailiff, from Marstons Holdings has been handwriting the usual drivel about coming with a locksmith on the phone until I got involved, She has been to the police about the threats, the bailiff has admitted that they do not hold an order to force entry and now seems to have backed off a bit. My question's are; a) The only bailiff I can find whose name remotely resembles the name on the paperwork is differ
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