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  1. He does not as the house is in my name only as are the deeds
  2. I think he is using my address either to avoid creditors and not have a bad credit rating at his current address I have rang and emailed Companies House and was told they take it in good faith that the address given is correct and ok to use they do not have investigative powers! surely some sort of proof should be requested if not then that's means any business could use your address run up loads of debts and affect your credit rating when the address is used plus you may end up with creditors/baliffs at your door plus as I think it is law that the registered address
  3. my husband who runs a business that was originally registered at the home address left September 2012 and has had 2 further registered office address on the 9th October 2013 he changed it to my address again and put it and my phone number on his website can I stop this as it was done without my knowledge or permission and we are just about to finalise our divorce and have had no contact the past year I keep getting phone calls for him some of them abusive and letters from banks etc
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