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  1. Does anyone know to whom I should address and send this letter to? In the summoning I received, there’s the court address to which I’m meant to send a reply whether I plead guilty or not, and at the beginning there’s also “charge authorised by: and a name and address for a solicitor”. Which one of them should I write to?
  2. Thank you for the advice. I’ll write to them again and see. - - - Updated - - - Thank you HB, I don’t think there was a specific phone number, but I will try to write to them first and see.
  3. Hearing is at the end of this month, they need the reply at least 3 days before the hearing. Do you have any advice on writing another term for out of court settlement? Who do I send this letter to? If I do get a conviction, what happens after 12 months? Does it affect my job applications? I plan to apply for British citizenship, Will this affect that too?
  4. I am 21, I did work part time but not anymore. I am worried that getting a criminal record will affect my future badly. The record will stay with me for the rest of my life. I want to avoid getting a criminal record and settle out of court by paying just the fine.
  5. Hello, I received a summons to the court and there is a fine of around £400. Can someone recommend me a good solicitor for this please?
  6. Thank you BazzaS and king12345 for your replies. I’ll send them a letter and see what happens. I really hope they will not prosecute me.
  7. Does anyone know what will happen in the worst case scenario in my situation? Will I have to go to jail? I mean I saw this one thread where the person ended up in jail for 6 months I think. I’m really worried now.
  8. Thank you dx100uk. I will amend that to “I am also willing to provide you with any information I have about the source of my ticket.” If anyone has anymore advice for me before I send them my reply, I’ll really appreciate the help.
  9. Thank for the advice. I’ve made the correction as you suggested. Also, for helping them identify the guy who made this application for me, shall I write it as this in the last paragraph: I am more than willing to make immediate payment to cover any unpaid fare and any other damage or administration costs I have caused. I am also willing to provide you with any further information required for my case.
  10. This is what I wrote: Dear Sir/Madam, I deeply apologise for my regretful actions. Until this point I have been a law-abiding citizen and in a moment of my own stupidity and very poor judgement I made this shameful mistake. I am a student in my 2nd year of business management and I have been going through some financial difficulties which lead me to make this remorseful mistake. This is the first caution or notice to prosecute that I have received in my life. I made a grave mistake and I will never do anything like this again. If I end up with a criminal record it is
  11. I wrote the letter. Can you guy please check it for me. Please give me any advice you have on improving this. Also, I knew it was wrong to get a fake card but I truly didn’t know it was something this serious. Do you think I should mention that in the letter?
  12. Thank you for your advice king12345. I know, it is completely my fault. I was very stupid and didn’t think things through.
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