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  1. Might be the copper was just a miserable fart? who hates his job.who knows?
  2. i was aware & would have had them on the bike that day,but i was not sure if i could ride the bike to go buy them to put on, just like you can drive to a M.O.T. station without a m.o.t. on the vehicle, i understand what your saying though, but it is a officers discretion to ( turn a blind eye)as long as the L plate is on within the hour or so.i guess i just had a by the book officer,??
  3. i past test in november 2011, they had no problem insuring me after then,thats my point, i was insured for around 18 months until i informed them of the 3 points, then that very moment i was removed from the cover note,& not insured which remains the problem.
  4. i know its strange, most are for speeding, even my nominated drivers are for speeding,? i thought points were just that regardless of how they were obtained, unless drink drive,etc. but thats a ban,mandatory, i think?
  5. i mentioned the scar straight away to the police,but they took no notice, thats why i added it to this thread, if i seem a bit topsy turvy.lol
  6. i meant three yrs, lol not tree yrs... ,im not from jamaica.lol
  7. i might add i have a hospital scar thats the length of my whole stomach,which could not be stitched together so was left to heal open which took 21 months to grow a very thin layer of skin over,which basically holds my intestines, pancreas,ect..very very easy to burst,tree yrs in hospital with alot of pain worry,and emotional fear, after that im still here, very rare to survive this illness but i did,and am only 40,but cant move around alot, so mobility was a god send,until they pulled the insurance now im slowly sinking down the dreaded spiral of depression,which is very hard to fight, sorry
  8. Thank you for a very detailed reply,i can give a brief summary of why the ab discharge,basicly the police stopped me for the L plate,they said,i had my prov licence in my wallet,the bike was a 125 cc,which is the max for a prov licence,but L plates must be on the bike also,i told them i would go straight to get them now,but he was not the most pleasant of officers,so he gave me the fixed penalty,after this he said could he search me just as a routine check,i could see he just did not like me,so i kept cool and polite and said go ahead,as he did so he found two co codamol tabs for pain relief,w
  9. The contract your hubby signed when he picked up the car,states if you end early then you still have to pay until the end of contract,no matter what,oh,,unless the person dies, its a huge rip off i understand your situation,its good when they offer the scheme cant do enough for you,but watch them show the true colors if your circumstances change,all i can advise after 10 years on the scheme is find a friend to drive ,or fake your hubbys death lol.sorry seems they just want the money,till your due to hand back,then they just sell it on and keep that money also, i have just been told after all t
  10. hi all, just a bit of help regarding 3 points put on my licence, after being stopped,on a 125cc i was holding a prov licence, i had been given a £60 on the spot ticket for the offence, which i couldn't afford to pay,so i went to dispute the ticket in court, stating i was not aware i needed L plates for a 125 cc WHICH I WENT TO BUY JUST AFTER GETTING THE TICKET AND PUT THEM ON THE BIKE,i might add that i had all my docs on me to prove i was fully legal minus the L plates,anyway after the court apperance i got a absolute discharge, and that was that, then a day later the court prosecutor sent me
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