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  1. do not put your faith in the FOS they are useless in my opinion. I complained to them in Feb 2012 about a £3500 loan taken out with Swift in 2007 that was due to end after 5 years, however after what I thought was the 60th and final payment Swift said we still owed them £4 k due to charges. The FOS investigated on our behalf and I purposely asked them that while they were investigating Swift would not be adding more interest or charges, they stated ''It is highly unlikely Swift will add more charges to this account while we are investigating this complaint''. Well guess what they were totally wrong and to add salt to the wound they took 18 months !!!! investigating my case, during this time Swift were adding £80 a month to my account. They didn't think Swift's charges were unfair and they had added another £1500 to my account balance in the 18 month period. If that wasn't enough they then ''lost'' all the paperwork I had sent them that I had received off Swift's over 5 years, so please excuse me if I don't sing the praises of the FOS. Swift have had something like £7k off me for a £3500 loan taken out in 2007, I still owe about £4k which will take about another 7 years to pay off.
  2. everyone has told their story to the FCA and they were as interested as the FOS.
  3. "you certainly have grounds for complaint against swift, going back to the OFT findings from june2011" yes but he took out the loan in 2008 before they got taken to court, they have been very careful how they operate since that judgement was passed. "to charge £250 as a default fee and £64plus as monthly management charges are totally untenable." The FOS don't think so "you really need urgently a solicitor before your next hearing" if you find one to represent you post up their details as there are 100's in the same boat and no body has found one yet
  4. FOS are as much use as a chocolate tea pot. They told me that Swift would not be charging me interest while the FOS were investigating my case, guess what they were wrong and I had another 18 months of charges added because that is how long those idiots took to investigate!!!!
  5. sorry to say I told you so, the OFT closed earlier this year.
  6. don't want to put anyone on a downer but Swift know all the ins and outs and that's why they'll never be beaten. If anyone could afford to employ a barrister to fight them you would be lucky to find one to take the case. The FOS must take much of the blame, god knows how many complaints they must have had about this company but 99% of the time they find in their favour.
  7. how will this benefit those shafted by Swift?
  8. thanks but I am not warning them again you have given me the info I need, I will be writing to the FCA.
  9. thanks but that is the letter they have already been sent by recorded delivery.
  10. hope this is in the right place, if not could a mod please move as needed. A finance company that I have had to have dealings with was constantly ringing me a while ago. I suffer with nerves and panic attacks at the time it was leaving me quite distressed, despite verbally asking them several times not to call they carried on doing so. After getting some advice, I sent them the template letter which is available on the internet regarding telephone harassment and the fact it is an offence. My letter was acknowledged in polite terms and the calls did in fact stop last year, they seemed to take notice of this and only communicated by mail for quite a while. Things now seemed to have changed and they have started ringing me again out of the blue, the panic attacks have started again. I would like some advice as to which body I can complain to about their behaviour as I think if they get a warning off an official body they may finally back off for good.
  11. Meelis has all talk of Swift stopped on the other site after [removed] Andy poked his nose in?
  12. the FCA have been contacted by many people and they are as toothless as the FOS, regards taking Swift to court even if I could afford to no decent barrister is prepared to take them on.
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