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  1. Hi to all - I can see from a quick search that 'Blemain' is a popular talking point I have had a secret commission claim against Blemain with [removed] since 2015 and it hasn't gone anywhere in the 30 months since then at all. I've struggled to get any meaningful update from them for some time excluding the committal generic updates we sporadically receive. I've noted on other forums that other [removed] clients are posting that [removed] have run out of money and no longer have the skilled staff to settle the claims. If it is true and they have run out of cash, surely Blemain will just stall our claim as long as possible until they go into admin? Does anyone know if the capital adequacy rules apply to CMCs like they do to firms authorised by the FCA? Does anyone know any other claims companies are running these sorts of claims? Ideally I would be interested in speaking to law firms rather than a CMC (as [removed] are) as surely it is better if the firm acting for me is allowed to issue a claim in the Courts? I'm also worried about limitation and when my claim becomes statute barred. If anyone can help with this, please let me know.
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