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  1. haha yes i said exactly the same to her! thanks for the advice anyway
  2. Yeah its probably not worth the hassle, I was just more worried about the fact a superior can come in at the last minute to sign the contract and take all the commission. Surely this could happen on any deal, get someone else to do the hard work, sign the contract and take all the money yourself?!
  3. I would have thought that the fact that they have been paying her commission for sales fairly regularly forms an implied contract?
  4. Hi, Im hoping somebody may be able to help. My wife works in a job where she is paid commission if she negotiates deals for room bookings or office renatls. She has recently negotiated over a period of months a large office contract, which would have earned her a commission in the region of £500. However, a new area manager has been brought in above her during the last week or so of the negotiation and he took over and signed the deal with the client, on the same terms and price as agreed by my wife. He is now claiming all the commission himslef, and refuses to acknowledge my wifes effeorts in securing the deal. Is there any grounds that the company are bound by law to pay her the commission? Her contract when she started does not mention earning commission, however her job role has since changed and she has been paid commission in the past so I wouldnt have thought the comapny could say she has no right to the money? thanks for any help!
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