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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I am not concerned about a reference - already have another job and references all sorted. I will send a more strongly worded email before the LBA to see if that gets a response.
  2. Hi I have a problem with my last employer in that they owe me unpaid commission. As background - my role was made redundant in December but i tried an alternative role for 3 months and left in February. The commission scheme that i was on stated that anyone leaving earns money based on cash received in the month after they have left the company - so in this instance it would be against cash earned in March to be paid to me in April. The concerns i have are these: 1. I don't have a copy of the exact scheme and don't know the amount i should be paid as I'm not privy to this information that occurred after i'd left. 2. I don't have a copy of the terms of the scheme but as a manager I had authorised paying out on these terms and I'm aware that people have been paid out since (what i do have is an email that states in February "your commission payments will be calculated at month-end this month (and I think again next month)". Should i use a SAR to try to get this information? 3. I have email numerous times over the last four months - my last two emails have been ignored. I assume my next option is a letter before action and then to take them to court - but for what amount? My biggest concern is the limited amount of documentation that i have around this. Many thanks in advance for all your advice H
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