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  1. Hi, I bought a second property before selling my original so had to pay higher rate SDLT. This second property became my main residence some months later. I was ready to sell the original property in March this year but couldn't because of the Covid-19 pandemic - no estate agents operating. I wrote to HMRC in April requesting an extension to the 3 year time period in which to claim a refund and they wrote back in June with details of new legislation allowing refunds past the 3 year time period if exceptional circumstances had prevented sale of a property.
  2. Hi ericsbrother, Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to check how it all sounded so yes seems to be good. I have worked in sales before and do need a job right now so I will take it. I was told how good my work was etc. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I was asked to show a couple of parts of my role to a colleague at the end of March then furloughed (choice of furlough or redundancy), that person was later furloughed themselves. I've heard very little from my employer - just a couple of written updates and I have now been at the company 2 years. This week I got a message off the managing director (my boss) wanting to speak to me. An undated letter (postmarked previous day) then arrived in the post saying all areas of operational expenditure are under review which specifically mentions the area I work in as well a
  4. Hi, Sorry for late response, dad ended up in hospital, had to help care for him when he came out and he recently passed away. The damage to fridge freezer itself was resolved satisfactorily by the retailer Crampton and Moore but they said for the other damage I'd need to claim with the delivery company Arrow XL, despite me saying a few times I wanted to go through Crampton and Moore not Arrow XL. The damage to door frame is the outer edge of the UPVC back door, Arrow XL rested the fridge freezer on top of it then pushed it inside. I've got pictur
  5. Hi BankFodder I bought the fridge freezer mid February this year off Crampton & Moore who arranged delivery via Arrow XL. I informed Crampton & Moore of the property damage the same day and it's taken until now for Arrow XL to 'investigate' and reject my claim. Almost all communication has been via email so it's in writing. I have pictures of the damage which has been left as it is since. Many thanks, chaoticj
  6. Hi, I bought a large fridge freezer online and the delivery company damaged the door frame by resting the appliance on it then pushing inside. The company I bought it off told me to claim from the delivery company. I said I wanted them to sort it out between themselves insisted the procedure was for me to claim via the delivery company. I sent all the information and pictures and they have rejected the claim. The crew deny any damage and say they lifted it inside my property (this is a lie). The damage isn't huge - small marks/gouges wit
  7. Hi, I am a bit confused, it says on the government website CJRS page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-you-could-be-covered-by-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme "If you currently have more than one employer. You can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another." So it seems to suggest you can't just go out and get another job but you can continue on a pre-existing job. Does this apply to self-employment? e.g. I've been furloughed by my employer but I was already self-employed so can I continue to generate some revenue..? It says
  8. Hi, Looks like I won't be allowed to carry out any self-employment - at least anything that generates revenue. Presumably if one produced goods, they could be prepared for sale but not actually sold? Unless I'm misinterpreting. The self-employed scheme says it can only be claimed upon if you are primarily self-employed. Regards, chaoticj
  9. Hi, I am both employed and self-employed and have done this for years all above board, tax returns submitted etc. Due to COVID-19 my employer intends to furlough me on the CJRS and advises during that time I am not allowed to do any work for them. Furthermore, the agreement I have signed says I am not allowed to do work for any other organisation or myself during furlough and if I do I have to tell them and may be liable to repay anything paid to me under CJRS if they become liable to repay it to the government. Does this mean I have to cease my
  10. Hi, Thanks for the reply honeybee13. We have been told by a friend when a solicitor is advised a client has passed away they usually arrange a meeting with the executors to clarify the will points - is this correct? If we were to ask the solicitor for a copy of the notes from when the will was created, how likely is it they would provide? We have read about a Larke v Nugus request. Would that approach be too heavy handed? Many thanks.
  11. Hi, My wifes nan sadly passed away, my wife is a co-executor of her nans will along with her mother (nans daughter). We removed an item of sentimental value which would be considered an ornament from nans house due to wifes mother inferring items may be cleared. Since before/particularly after then, wifes mother seems to have plans to take most items of value. Hoping someone may be able to help on interpreting the will please. We were under the impression from point 5 that all of the house contents were being passed to my wife to do with as she sees fit, in
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the legal position of the following please? A US domain registrar customer (NameSilo) has registered a .com domain on the same day the GB IPO trademark has gone through.. They want $990 for the domain (which is very specific and clearly been registered in bad faith). Contacted NameSilo they say to email abuse@. Looking online it can cost $500-$1200-$1500 for a dispute and takes at least 60 days.. Thoughts..?
  13. Hi, Whilst filling out a tax return I checked the information HMRC held regards PAYE from what is now a former employer. The information shows the dates, taxable income, income tax paid and National Insurance paid, all totalled up. The amounts I noticed didn't add up to the totals at the bottom of the page. It seems one month a payslip was issued, then a revised version issued. The totals on the revised version were correct but the following months payslip uses the totals from the original payslip. I contacted HMRC and they said yes it doesn't add up but we can't say w
  14. Hi, Just to advise, I accepted the settlement offer as there was basically no liability toward me as an individual for any tax arising. I also obtained new employment fairly soon after, at a really nice company which is going well. Thanks for all the help! chaoticj
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