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  1. Hi, So just to update.. I did chase this up with my manager as I hadn't heard anything for a couple of weeks and was concerned I could be seen after.. say a month as deemed to be working under the contract amendments. The response was them reiterating that the contract amendments were as presented and couldn't be changed, the same for everyone and saying we could have a meeting about the 'alternatives' if need be. Anyway I decided to stick to my guns and reiterate my own position which was that I wanted to come to a compromise that was acceptable for both parties. I'd be happy to sign if my manager could put in writing I wouldn't be held to compulsory unpaid overtime or have my hours changed. I was not expecting to be paid for overtime as per current contract and if some unpaid overtime was required as long as it wasn't due to say a colleague leaving something until the last minute then obviously as a manger I would do it. Otherwise could we have the meeting to discuss the 'alternatives'. Surprisingly my manager then had a meeting with me where they instantly agreed with everything I had said/previously said, put in writing I wouldn't be held to compulsory unpaid overtime or have my hours changed, signing and dating this, my increased salary would be paid that month and going over a few other points they knew I'd been a bit unhappy about as well as my general well being. What I then did was take a copy of said document and attach the original to the copy of the contract amendments I then signed and returned to them, making a note that there was an attached addendum. Regards, chaoticj
  2. Hi, After thinking about this I decided I wasn't happy with the contract changes. Verbal agreements can't be relied upon and if I change manager they could enforce the terms. So I emailed my manager saying further to our discussion where they said there would be no changes to my contract, working hours or requirement to do unpaid overtime could they please reply and confirm this. Upon which I'd be happy to sign the contract. It's been a couple of days and no reply.. how would you proceed? Many thanks.
  3. Hi unclebulgaria67, So would this be classed as a 'reasonable change' as per my original contract or a 'significant change'? Let's say I accept and further down the line they decide they want me to work longer hours, or unpaid overtime which to use your example results in a 60 hour week - seems quite significant to me? Spoke to my line manager today and asked some questions: - What is the reason for change in terms? The HR company has issued this - everyone has had it - a standard statement - it's mandatory. - What is being changed? No change - just your job title and pay. - When does this come into effect from? Today, when you sign it - you don't get the extra pay until you do. (Then I say I was advised the job title and pay would be with effect from July, which was long before I had any job description or contract change to look at) - I've read it and there are two points here which I'm not too keen on.. will my working hours change? is there an expectation of unpaid overtime? No (Then I ask if we can remove this part) No we can't take it out (Then I ask if I can have time in lieu instead) No we can't do that, it's the same for everyone Cue a discussion about some of my concerns and thoughts.. where it's mentioned 'if someone doesn't like it there are other options out there' which I take to mean they would look to dismiss me? Then I'm really complemented, flattered about the quality of my work etc. and that I won't be asked to do more than I currently do.. as an agreement between the two of us? Thoughts? I'm currently thinking I'm a bit forced into accepting it.. but get seriously looking elsewhere as I feel the pay even with the increase is well below what I could be earning and it's a bit of a toxic environment. Regards, chaoticj
  4. Hi Ethel Street, Thanks - so what they have given me is essentially written confirmation of the changes to the original contract? A lot of it is the same though or perhaps the same but worded a little differently? Presumably the handbook is going to say what certain company policies are so I would be best to make myself aware of it all. chaoticj
  5. Hi, I have been employed full time at the company 3 years. I was informed by email at the end of May I was to start a new role beginning July. The job title and salary were stated and everything else was to be confirmed in writing mid-June. A couple of emails later it transpired there would also be a new contract.. I am of the understanding a new contract does not have to be issued for a change in role or pay. I have been given the job description and terms this week. The new paperwork is headed 'Statement of main terms of employment' it isn't as detailed, at 2.5 pages length, as my original paperwork which has a 1 page summary of terms followed by a full contract of 9 pages. The new paperwork goes on to say 'This statement together with the Employee Handbook forms part of your contract of employment, except where the contrary is expressly stated and sets out particulars of the main terms on which [my employer & their address] employs [me]'. - Is this actually a new contract or a change to the original? - I've not been informed why this is being issued, just suggested it's part and parcel of the role & rise - Should I be informed of what has actually been changed instead of having to figure it out myself? - I've never seen a company handbook - would it be a good idea to look at one now? - I don't know when the terms are supposed to take effect? - My new salary isn't stated but it's in the email at the end of May it's from the beginning of July and I've been advised verbally I'll be paid it? My old contract says changes can be made to any of my terms and conditions of employment, being informed of any such changes in writing - the changes taking effect from the date of notice. Significant changes will be notified not less than one month in advance. The main change I can see, which I'm not happy about - is that to summarise - under my old contract I work 37.5 hours. Overtime including weekends and bank holidays may be required but under mutual agreement and paid at 1.5x. Under the new contract I work the same 37.5 hours BUT it says they may be adjusted to suit the needs of the company, I may be required to work additional hours as necessitated by the needs of the company and as a manager, overtime is not paid for hours outside of those contracted. Would this class as significant changes? Obviously my hours are not going to decrease for the same pay. I work my contractual hours, very hard and projects are completed on time. I only ever did a couple of hours paid overtime which was a task not part of my role and had to specifically be done outside of working hours. I think a few employees left lately due to having to do unpaid overtime evenings and weekends - albeit they were not managers. Would a good compromise be to ask for time in lieu? for example some time ago I was informed a colleague works many additional hours but they can leave the workplace without notice if there is something they need to go and do? is that the same as time in lieu? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I bought a second property before selling my original so had to pay higher rate SDLT. This second property became my main residence some months later. I was ready to sell the original property in March this year but couldn't because of the Covid-19 pandemic - no estate agents operating. I wrote to HMRC in April requesting an extension to the 3 year time period in which to claim a refund and they wrote back in June with details of new legislation allowing refunds past the 3 year time period if exceptional circumstances had prevented sale of a property. I sold the property 1 month outside of the 3 year time period and wrote to claim a refund under exceptional circumstances. The reason being the Covid-19 pandemic - could not get valuations or get the property listed until May. I had found a buyer that could complete in 2 months which would have been 1 month before the end of the 3 year time period but after the 2 months they could not get finance due to more stringent lending restrictions caused by Covid-19. I also mentioned the effects of buyers being reluctant to view, redundancies, job uncertainty, delays in reports, searches etc. If it wasn't for Covid-19 I would have had 6 months to sell the property which was more than enough to complete a sale under normal circumstances. They have written to me saying that based on the information I provided they are not satisfied I was prevented from disposing of my previous main residence in the 3 years after I purchased my new main residence by exceptional circumstances that could not reasonably have been foreseen. They will not provide a refund and as my request is outside of statutory time limits that the legislation allows there is no formal appeal or review process. I think they are saying exceptional circumstances don't apply because the property was not already for sale. Is this right? How could I have foreseen a pandemic? Spoke to them and apparently I could have put it up for sale in January for example. I did not mention in my letter to them but I also had personal extenuating circumstances in the months beforehand - my father was extremely ill and since passed away during lockdown. They say I can lodge a complaint, setting out the circumstances again and anything in addition - is this likely to make much difference? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi ericsbrother, Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to check how it all sounded so yes seems to be good. I have worked in sales before and do need a job right now so I will take it. I was told how good my work was etc. Cheers!
  8. Hi, I was asked to show a couple of parts of my role to a colleague at the end of March then furloughed (choice of furlough or redundancy), that person was later furloughed themselves. I've heard very little from my employer - just a couple of written updates and I have now been at the company 2 years. This week I got a message off the managing director (my boss) wanting to speak to me. An undated letter (postmarked previous day) then arrived in the post saying all areas of operational expenditure are under review which specifically mentions the area I work in as well as peoples roles and staff numbers in general. I had the call and was told due to the decrease in expenditure in the area I work in there would be not much work which meant my role would be technically redundant, but I am being offered an alternative position with the same pay. Details have since been sent to me saying it's a company restructure due to lost income because of the lockdown, they need to change their operating model and reduce cost base. There will be minimal expenditure in the area I work in until the end of next year which is why it's at risk. I've got the job description and that's it really, I don't know if it's on the same contract, whether there is a trial period etc. doesn't say how long I've got to decide just to take a look at it and get back in touch. The actual job sounds like part of what I've already been doing, but very sales focused and reporting instead to the sales director. I'm just wondering why they would make my role redundant but offer me what essentially looks like a demotion for the same pay? Any help and advice would be most appreciated, thanks.
  9. Hi, Sorry for late response, dad ended up in hospital, had to help care for him when he came out and he recently passed away. The damage to fridge freezer itself was resolved satisfactorily by the retailer Crampton and Moore but they said for the other damage I'd need to claim with the delivery company Arrow XL, despite me saying a few times I wanted to go through Crampton and Moore not Arrow XL. The damage to door frame is the outer edge of the UPVC back door, Arrow XL rested the fridge freezer on top of it then pushed it inside. I've got pictures of the damage but haven't got any quote for repair as Arrow XL said that would only need to be done if they accepted the property damage claim. I'm not sure how it would be repaired as the plastic is gouged. Many thanks.
  10. Hi BankFodder I bought the fridge freezer mid February this year off Crampton & Moore who arranged delivery via Arrow XL. I informed Crampton & Moore of the property damage the same day and it's taken until now for Arrow XL to 'investigate' and reject my claim. Almost all communication has been via email so it's in writing. I have pictures of the damage which has been left as it is since. Many thanks, chaoticj
  11. Hi, I bought a large fridge freezer online and the delivery company damaged the door frame by resting the appliance on it then pushing inside. The company I bought it off told me to claim from the delivery company. I said I wanted them to sort it out between themselves insisted the procedure was for me to claim via the delivery company. I sent all the information and pictures and they have rejected the claim. The crew deny any damage and say they lifted it inside my property (this is a lie). The damage isn't huge - small marks/gouges with the same spacing between them as the appliance packaging. I am invited to appeal - which I will do, but it seems they will only accept further photographic evidence, CCTV and/or witness statement(s) from someone else in the property who was present. My wife was asleep when they delivered first thing and suffering from anxiety doesn't want to sign anything, I don't have CCTV, I do have a picture which shows the door undamaged but it's not a close up and it's from some time ago. I feel the delivery company will reject the appeal. I did see the crew take picture(s) so I can request these via a SAR. Do I have any recourse with the company I bought it off? Is there any further steps I can take should the appeal be rejected? I have no idea if the damage can be repaired or whether it would be a whole new door frame as I haven't been asked to get any quotes. Also would it be worth mentioning in the appeal that the fridge freezer had some damage for which the company I bought it off issued a partial refund? Clearly the delivery company didn't take reasonable care with either it or my property.. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I am a bit confused, it says on the government website CJRS page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-you-could-be-covered-by-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme "If you currently have more than one employer. You can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another." So it seems to suggest you can't just go out and get another job but you can continue on a pre-existing job. Does this apply to self-employment? e.g. I've been furloughed by my employer but I was already self-employed so can I continue to generate some revenue..? It says on my agreement that "During your Furlough Leave, you may not work for any other organisation, or on your own account. If you do you must tell us and may be liable to repay any sums we have paid you under this scheme if we become liable to repay it to the Government." I've read online something about 'on your own account' and to me it sounds like if you were a freelancer at a company, they can't furlough you, it seems to refer to the self-employed who have the company as a client.. Anyone have some ideas about this please? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, Looks like I won't be allowed to carry out any self-employment - at least anything that generates revenue. Presumably if one produced goods, they could be prepared for sale but not actually sold? Unless I'm misinterpreting. The self-employed scheme says it can only be claimed upon if you are primarily self-employed. Regards, chaoticj
  14. Hi, I am both employed and self-employed and have done this for years all above board, tax returns submitted etc. Due to COVID-19 my employer intends to furlough me on the CJRS and advises during that time I am not allowed to do any work for them. Furthermore, the agreement I have signed says I am not allowed to do work for any other organisation or myself during furlough and if I do I have to tell them and may be liable to repay anything paid to me under CJRS if they become liable to repay it to the government. Does this mean I have to cease my self-employment during furlough? Or is this simply uncharted territory right now? The employer wants to cover all bases regarding any potential occurrences? Also, for avoidance of doubt, I carry my self-employment out from home so it isn't affected so much by lockdown (it would be safe to do it). Thanks in advance.
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