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Found 3 results

  1. I would love to see the following An artpiece that somehow contains the stories of people that have passed away prematurly as a direct result of this failign governments "welfare reforms" Why? Until the mass population see the human side of the stats then they will blindly believe the department of lies and demons
  2. I post this information fron the Paragon Group annual report without comment other than to say the activities of IDEM,MOORCROFT, & ARDEN contributed 14.5 million to the 43.8 million profit made by the company, draw you own conclusions as to why the company has a stated policy of accquiring more of the same, seeing as the returns are better than the core business of mortgage lending. PORTFOLIO ACQUISITIONS AND SERVICING A major area of strategic focus has been the acquisition of loan portfolios through Idem Capital and the servicing of third party loan portfolios as opportunities are created through the ongoing process of bank de-leveraging. Over the past year the Group has firmly established itself as one of the top consumer debt buyers in the UK, with an aggregate spend in the twelve months ended 31 March 2012 of £121.8 million. In addition to assets acquired in its own right, Idem, through its sister companies, Moorgate Loan Servicing and Arden Credit Management, has established four new servicing contracts with co-investment partners since the year end. These add volume to the Group’s servicing operations and enhance earnings, with little or no capital investment. The contribution to operating profit from these areas was £11.8 million (2011 H1: £3.5 million). Idem Capital In October 2011, the Group’s investment division, Idem Capital, completed the purchase of a portfolio of unsecured consumer loans, previously serviced by the Group, from The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (‘RBS’) for £43.2 million. In addition, under the terms of a forward flow agreement entered into with RBS, a total of £0.4 million of acquisitions of unsecured consumer loans were completed in the period, and further opportunities are anticipated. A further significant portfolio purchase was completed in December 2011 when Idem Capital acquired a portfolio of closed credit card receivables from MBNA Europe Bank Limited, for £55.7 million. The management of these accounts was transferred to the Group during the second quarter of the year. By 31 March 2012, total investment in portfolios by Idem Capital since 2009 had reached £145.6 million. A number of potential portfolio investments are currently under review and the Group’s track record in loan servicing, risk management and portfolio investment positions it well to exploit similar opportunities as they arise in future. Moorgate Loan Servicing The Group’s third party loan servicing business operates through Moorgate Loan Servicing and its division, Arden Credit Management, utilising our core administration and collections skills. Our experience in loan management established over many years has enabled us to extend this service to our third party clients, providing significant added value to the performance of their loan portfolios. During the period Moorgate Loan Servicing has assumed the servicing of three further portfolios, comprising 111,000 accounts, on behalf of third parties. After the end of the period, the servicing of a further 10,000 third party accounts commenced and a number of other potential servicing arrangements are currently under review.
  3. The saga with my brother goes on...and on...and on. His lawyer told me in March that the house (of which I have half) had gone onto the market. I had a look and found that it was on at £30,000 less than a house round the corner sold for a few months prior. He missed the deadline for stamp duty, etc. Anyway, when I pointed this out to the lawyer I heard nothing back. Now I have a letter from another lawyer in the same firm saying that the house "simply is not selling" and my brother is prepared to offer me £45,000 for my half. It's on the market at £148,000. That is £30,000 lower than one round the corner went for a few months previously. He's had POA over the estate. What'smore, the lawyer has changed although it's the same firm and she even got the name of my late uncle wrong, whose will her firm are supposed to be handling. My question is, is this legal as it seems to me that he has deliberately held up the sale of the house in order to make money from me. He's already robbed me of contents, etc. and I've done nothing as I just want rid of him but I feel this is too much to swallow. Any advice would be appreciated. While POA stopped on the death of my uncle, my brother is "nominated executor in terms of the will" according to his previous lawyer. I have still not seen a copy of the will - any requests have been ignored - and it took him seven months to put the house on the market while telling the rest of the family it was on the market straight after my uncle's death.
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