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  1. Hi, here I am again... .6 years ago I had a breakdown, got into about 35K of debt, 3 CCJs which 1 is a charging order and this has just popped up. I am DESPERATE not to get another charging order so want to negotiate with them. I don't have the original CCJ nor any of the paperwork from Debenhams. .this debt has been passed round various DC over the years, all of which I've ignored.. but this I think Restons will take further.. I am on ESA in the support group with no chance of returning to work. My dad will help me, so I want to offer then 10% b
  2. Hi, Hopefully someone can help with this.. My wife took out a debenhams card back in 2005 due to difficult circumstances in 2008 she defaulted on the account. this lead to eventually having a CCJ registered against her and a charge put on the property in October 2009. i have all the paperwork for this including the original agreement she signed in store, default notice court claim form the works. we are in a better position now and would like to know what would be the best outcome for resolving this? The CCJ is for just over £2k The ideal outcome would be to ge
  3. Hello, I've read other threads and the advice is to ignore all things related to RLP as they cannot legally fine you or collect a speculative debt without justifying the costs However, I wanted to ask in relation to this about what the guards said Firstly, they took my address, name and had me sign 2 forms, one being the RLP and another as a banning order They said that had notified/contacted the police and that no one was available after maybe 15 minutes I'm asking whether or not this notification to the police to check my identity will be recorded on my record of any sort T
  4. Good afternoon, Please advise with this PCN, i've stayed in that car park and paid for 4 hours ( Sunday) was late at the end of shopping day to leave car park in 15 minutes ( also take 5-10 minutes after we enter in the park and paid at the cash machine, as we waiting others customer who told us he will clear a space - only one at that time ), maybe that's why it give me now total 27 minutes overstayed paid 4 hours . ( I've assumed that's the reason for this PCN ) ""For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions:
  5. Submitted claim for mis sold PPI on Debenhams store card in Feb 2016. The card was sold to me whilst being served in Debenhams clearance dept in 2000. Queue of people waiting : assistant "crossed" the parts of the form including payment protection. Santander dismissed my claim : not mis sold : Couldn't refer to FOS as pre- regulation. However Santander then wrote back after the Plevin ruling. Possible unfair relationship because of the commission. They rang me last week for further info ie employment, savings etc at the time I took the card out (18 years ago!!)
  6. Hi, Was contemplating a Mis-selling PPI claim against Debehams for a mid 90s account for my wife. I have the original letter which shows it was sold over the phone a few weeks after the account was opened. I think makes it clear that she can cancel at any point and encourages her to read the terms and conditions, so initial reaction was no mis-sell. However. having read the letter again it closes saying (paraphrase) "we encourage all our customers to take this good value insurance" Clearly the insurance wasn't suitable for everybody, and in my wife case she had alternative insuran
  7. Talk about cheeky!! I sent letter to address below G E Money Home Lending Limited Building 4 Hatters Lane Croxley Green Business Park Watford WD18 8yf and they have cashed the £10 cheque while advising they do not have 'any affiliation over store cards/credit cards or hire purchase agreements'. Okay I made a mistake but I don't see why I should pay twice and can anyone advise what address I should be sending off too
  8. Hi , I was caught shoplifting in Debenhams worth £280 .The police was called.I was not arrested as i had a child with me. Its my first time offence and was petrified. I pleaded and Cried and was willing to pay the Amount.They finally agreed for me to pay the amount and close it. I paid the full amount and left. Was told i am banned from Debenhams.I have not signed any document with Debenhams or Police. I did not have my ID with me.I gave my Name and Date of Birth .I Did not sign any document.The police told they needed details for record purpose. The police told me i was ve
  9. Hi Starting a new claim re Debenhams Card. Unfortunately card applied for in 1988 . Definitely has tick in the box . Remember this was in store . No explanation . Santander have sent SAR no statements and letter states there is no PPI on account and I am almost sure PPI was charged. Can I claim direct to Genworth and if so can you please advise the address please Glad of any help thank you
  10. Dear All, I am hoping someone could assist my wife here with her rejected Santander for a Debenhams Store card. Herself and her mother, where in the store at the same time and both took out a newly offered card at the same time, and spent near the same amount and never again used it since, All they needed was some wedding stuff at the time., Now a month ago or so Santander got intouch with her mother out of the blue and said "hey we owe you some money" and she got £2500. The wife wrote off to them, and i think they have just fobbed her off, I have uploaded the
  11. Wrote to advise of financial difficulties. Have been paying min payment for last 3 yr due to other debts. They actually didnt renew my card when due 2yrs ago so they obviously not happy to extend credit. Have now defaulted (3mths) and advised will only pay £1pm. Also asked them to look at fact that interest etc over 3yrs is majority of debt. In light of this would they look to reduce debt accordingly. they have replied saying may consider my offer but need i&e. Gesture of gw have refunded x3 late payment fee and x1 returned payment fee. charges and interest are
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what they think of a little dilemma I have at the moment with NewDay Ltd please. Yesterday I posted a CCA request along with the £1.00 PO to their current registered address and today I checked the Royal Mail website and apparently the letter is to be 'returned to sender as addressee has gone away'?? I then went on to the Interim Consumer Credit register and the postal address I used is the one still on there. I have noted the email address of the main contact from the register when the letter gets back to me
  13. Hi there, I hope someone can help me with these cases. When I was young and naive I got offered in the Debenhams and River Island store cards under the premise of extra discounts so I signed up in the stores. I was obviusly not advise of PPI, nor did I know what it was, and obviously charge for it. I do not remember in any case the mention of PPI, just the offered extra discounts and offers, and even the store-assistant filling the form for me, and putting crosses where to sign, her going to make a phone call and having an answer there and then. A few years later and when I st
  14. Hi, 3 days ago I were detained for "an offence of theft". I left the store (a Debenhams) with a small perfume bottle + watch in my pocket. I'know that i have done a big mistake in my life I can't deny. 2 men along with a security officer was outside and brought me inside a small room .They took the products back and they threatened me of calling police and finally they asked my ID (I'm not english, I'm from another country in EU), asked me for proof of identification ,I gave my DL and they took my EU address and asked me to sign the papers.I said them a correct addr
  15. Hi Guys, Had a credit card from Debenhams back in 2005. Due to financial problems I defaulted in 2008. I used the CAB to help me out, and we set up some minimum payment with various creditors. I was paying GE Capital (on behalf of Debenhams) about £5 per month. Over the next few years I increased my payments as my financial situation improved .The debt was then transfered to a company called CL Finance, and payments carried on. The company collecting payments was now called The Lewis Group. I assumed that they were the parent company of Debenhams.
  16. Hi Apologies if this is long winded but here goes: 17/11/13 - Purchased Gloves from Debenhams.com £22.50 using my Debenhams card (Santander) No communication statement or anything from them. 02/12/14 - Letter from Lowell Group enclosing letter from New Day? advising that they had passed my account for collection to Lowell Group. £120.43 December 14 - Called Lowell Group as I had no knowledge of what they were chasing and I was informed it was Debenhams. Advised the call handler that I had received no statements from Debenhams in this interim period. Accou
  17. Hi All,Firstly I am very sorry of this.I was caught shoplifting with my wife a few days ago from Debenhams. The security guard took me into a room in the top of the store where they checked stolen items and found few other items from others stores. They took our details and gave us a 1 year ban from the store. Then they called police because there were some other items stolen from other shops.The police officers got the details about our stolen items and wrote down in a notepad.They did not arrest us or take us to the police station.We have a 1 years 6 months baby. They told
  18. My wife ordered a dress online from Debenhams on 17th December with a stated delivery of 4-5 working days which included Saturdays although I was a slightly sceptical about this delivery in view of Christmas. Anyway the dress did not arrive and when I questioned Debenhams as to where it was and when we could expect it to arrive I was told that it was actually coming from the manufacturer of the dress, Phase Eight, and not themselves so they were unable to tell me anything until they had contacted Phase Eight and received their reply. To cut a long story short the dress has still not
  19. This is an odd one from the start. As part of a previous claim we were given details of what we had paid off with a loan and turned up no less than 3 old GE Capital accounts, plus one that had been First National but we had sent GE Capital the settlement. So, SAR sent to GE Capital, not realising it's now Santander. Despite it being the same PO Box address it took them some time to send a very poor batch of documents. They have the agreements for 3 accounts, have returned nothing on the First National one and failed the SAR by not giving any info on a 5th account that was opened later. Y
  20. Hi folks This is my first post on this forum, so sorry if this topic has already been raised here before and/or is in the wrong place. My ex wife and I separated back in August 2006 but having recently gone through a load of old paperwork, we found old store card statements relating to a Debenhams account from that time. These had payments on them for 'Account Cover.' As the account was in my ex's name she made a PPI claim on Santander (who now seem to be responsible for this). Her claim was that she was self employed at the time (she still is) at the card/protection
  21. I purchased an Asus notebook from Debenhams Direct (Debenhams gift card and balance on debit card) in November 2013. Earlier this month smoke was coming out of notebook and could smell burning so contacted manufacturer as Notebook under warranty. Sent to their local repairers last week and returned yesterday, only to find that several letters on keyboard now not working. Asus are only offering further repair. Is this the best I can expect? Two faults in less than six months (Christmas gift so not opened until December) is a very expensive mistake. Who should I contact if I want replacement/ c
  22. I purchased a bag for my Wife from Debenhams (through Amazon.co.uk) for an anniversary present. The bag arrived damaged, and I immediately informed Debenhams through the claims option of the Amazon portal. I was emailed back fairly quickly to say that because I had ordered through Amazon that they couldn't send a replacement and that all they could do was provide a refund. In light of this, I returned the bag, and ordered a replacement (directly from Debenhams.com this time). The bag was received by Debenhams on 9th May. Today, 14th May I got an email through Amazon to say that the r
  23. Partner bought a bedding set (duvet cover and pillowcases) in Debenhams yesterday afternoon, got it home, took it out of the packaging (which had been unsealed in store anyway to test the material), realised it was the wrong size, so we took it back to our local store (different to one it was bought in). This was within a space of around four hours, the bedding had been out of the package but not put on. We were refused a refund due to the packing being unsealed due to "health and hygiene reasons", the manager maintained that it was covered in the exceptions to the returns policy, despite
  24. So, I took out a pet policy in January and agreed a monthly premium with Debenhams. They get BDML to administer the policy. Premium paid in January February and March by direct debit. No problems. Now Premium Credit have taken a £10 fee - because I haven't returned the credit agreement. Cant remember seeing it but what a big rip off - if I haven't sent paperwork back then why take my money? Stupid is as stupid does? They say they wont repay the £10 until I send the paperwork back but the eight double sided pages I have from Debenhams/BDML don't even mention it.
  25. Hi Ladies and Gents, I have been offered a job with Debenhams, the contract arrived today and it states 'we anticipate you will be with us till 24th November 2013'. I knew it's a temporary contract but the Department Manager said it's more of a rolling temporary contract. Has anyone been offered a temp job with Debenhams before and whether they got to stay on longer than the end date? It seems illogical to leave on that date as the Christmas rush will be starting and they always take on Christmas staff! Any information would be gratefully received!
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