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Found 4 results

  1. I wonder if I can ask for some help with a round floor flat....some months later I am finding that the surveyor has neglected to pick up that the basement is a fire trap because there is no means of window escape should there be a fire. Should a surveyor have flagged this up because it does not meet building regulations safety standards. The walls have been plastered and painted with wrong materials which is now causing damage to the walls and skirting as the paint is not breathable. Also I was advised that a DPC is required, however now told not to put one in as will make situation worse. Also the sound proofing is diabolical and my ceiling is showing signs of cracks and nails popping because flat owner upstairs has wooden floor stairs not covered with carpet. I cant afford to go to a solicitor at the moment so all help and guidance appreciated. Thank you
  2. Good afternoon, Please advise with this PCN, i've stayed in that car park and paid for 4 hours ( Sunday) was late at the end of shopping day to leave car park in 15 minutes ( also take 5-10 minutes after we enter in the park and paid at the cash machine, as we waiting others customer who told us he will clear a space - only one at that time ), maybe that's why it give me now total 27 minutes overstayed paid 4 hours . ( I've assumed that's the reason for this PCN ) ""For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions: There were three tickets issued for the sake of clarity this is the answer for one of them: 1 Date of the infringement: 10/09/2017 2 Date on the NTK: 26/09/2017 3 Date received: 28/09/2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? No. ( just small note that CEL have photographic evidence ) 6 Have you appealed? No. Have you had a response? N/A 7 Who is the parking company? Civil Enforcment Ltd ( creditor) , 8 Exactly where [car park name and town]: in the basement, Dagehams Guildford, 164 Millbrook, GU1 3UU, 1 pond/per hour . For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. they have siad with small notes is the BPA. Also see attached my edited file (pdf extension- I've only deleted my name, address and car details). Please advise if I should start appealing based on that they send this letter after 14 days from incident date ? I must also ask them photographic evidence to better understand why is this PCN ? Thank you. Please rescan and redact the PCN number (showing in three places). Mr.P siteteam PCN ( saved ) - hiden name,car plate no..pdf PCN ( saved ) - hiden name,car plate no..pdf
  3. Hi all, Thanks for giving this a read. Please let me know if this is not in the correct sub-forum and I'll flag for it to be moved. I'll try and keep this short and succinct: We have just returned home from our time away in another city for work and we kept our car in the private residential basement car park for our building - key fob / building access is required for entry. We noted that a number of external components had been stripped off our car and taken. The interior was not broken into as far as we could tell. Additionally, the wires to the CCTV unit which overlooks the whole car park had been cut and the unit taken away. The car park itself is quite small - fits about 8 cars and is rectangular in layout. We did what we could on a weekend: informed the police, put up posters and notices around the car park, and spoke to our neighbours. One person reported that the CCTV unit had been missing for more than a month. We also e-mailed management with regards to this footage and to also inform them that the security of this car park is compromised. The question: would 'management' be liable in this incidence? We pay a fairly significant monthly premium to them - £50 (an official letting agent) - in addition to rent, for a parking spot in this car park yet we were not warned to park at our own risk, nor are there any signs to highlight this. Plus no signs to highlight active CCTV monitoring. One would think that for such an additional amount, there would perhaps be more attention to maintaining the security of this car park (occasional checks of CCTV camera for faults, for example). I agree that parking the car down there for 4 weeks without checking it is questionable, but in consideration of the fact that we were away for work and such a car park requires key-fob access, there was a CCTV, it is private and in the basement, this may perhaps be forgivable. We are waiting for management's reply - hopefully by today, but just posting this in preparation for the direction we hope to take. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. My mums house has had a leakage of sewage in her cellar. united utilities have admitted liability and have offered £200 in compensation. They have cleared the cellar and disinfected the area. they have admitted it has been caused by a blocked sewage pipe. Unfortunately the cellar has been flooded many times in the past few years and my late father thought it had been caused by rainwater (heavy rainfall) and rectified the problem by buying a pump and clearing it. the house smelt for years as they assumed it was stagnant water. as the problem was underground most of the smell was contained. my father passed away in October 2013 and since then the sewage has got worse as my mum is unable to use the pump. As we thought the problem was caused by water we suggested she contact united utilities for their help . They came today and admitted liability. We would like to know our situation on how best to deal with this problem, it seems very unfair that old age pensioners in poor health should be living with raw sewage in their home . Just too add that over the years many possessions were destroyed and exposed of due to this problem. Thanks in advance
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