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  1. Hello, I've read other threads and the advice is to ignore all things related to RLP as they cannot legally fine you or collect a speculative debt without justifying the costs However, I wanted to ask in relation to this about what the guards said Firstly, they took my address, name and had me sign 2 forms, one being the RLP and another as a banning order They said that had notified/contacted the police and that no one was available after maybe 15 minutes I'm asking whether or not this notification to the police to check my identity will be recorded on my record of any sort They retained the alleged items and safely released me Should I be concerned with future police contact or is it unlikely it will go any further? Additionally, they said they had me on CCTV, if this changes anything Lastly, I am remorseful for what I've done and I'm going to seek help for it and I am aware that CAG does not support, nor encourage shoplifting Thank you very much for your time, Chaotic
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