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  1. ok cheers, only 57 quid left, might s well pay it and be over and done with it thanks for all your advice, much appreciated
  2. so what exactly is the court sissue cost and court summons cost they have added, i was told the court stamps an tomlin for about £45. so they have cheekily added those bullcrap fees to make the total to 1257 then got it stamped, should i actually be paying the 65 and 80,
  3. so what does NO order for costs mean ? so i really do have to pay their made up fees ?
  4. I have asked them for the Order - here as below They are now refusing to reply to my emails and said they will be logged but not responded to - my last email i was asking for the bank details so i can setup standing order again - : ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED Date (lSi Claimant I 1 November 20 1 3 I MY NAME 11" Defendant Before Deputy District Judge Elmer sitting at Northampton (CCBC) County Court, 4th Floor St Katharine's House, 2 1-27 St Katharine's Street, Noithampton, NN 1 2LH UPON READING the Minute of Order filed herein, a copy of which is annexed hereto WITHOUT
  5. re-edited picture restons are saying : We write further to your email of January 13, 2017. Please refer back to our email of the above date and the attached Statement of Account. There you will see that the £65.00 added to the balance is the Court Fee associated with the issuing of proceedings, along with £85.00 Court Costs, also associated with the issuing of proceedings. These are not fees and costs added by this office, but by the Court. For the avoidance of any doubt, you are liable for the above fees and costs. Should you fail to maintain payments in line with the Tom
  6. hello all, i want to do this, but the missus is not sure, and wants to leave things as they are,...rather than makes things worse.. I am trying to convince her, this will not come back and bite her on the bum, she just doesnt want them to keep writing and ringing when ( if ) we stop the payments when they cant prove the CCA
  7. ....and if they prove it.... can we carry on with the offer of £1 a month or will they demand more, i am just seeing if its worth it, as we will be dead before she finished paying them at £1 a month, and we dont want it re-appearing on her credit file.
  8. ok thats fine, i expected that, what about the £1 payments for £1000 and £2000 there that the wife is paying, can we do a CCA and keep paying until a certain time limit is hit. ? If they DO prove it, can we carry on paying £1 or will they demand a lot more. Thanks in Advance
  9. anyone, restons are emailing me but they are avoiding then charges, i am refusing to pay the last 57 quid till they explain charges, if i send a CCA and they fail to prove it, can i claim the £1100+ back ?
  10. How did pestons force you to part with your hard earned? Shame you won't see any of that again. arrow orginally wrote to me regarding mbna credit card - tried to fob it off, went to restons, then saw a northampton court letter - went to tomlin agreement As for the CCA requests, send them to whoever is demanding payment from you, if it is a powerless DCAicon, then fire them off to them with a £1 standing order enclosed, leave it blank. with reagrds to my partners £1 payments to several, if they find proof, can they demand more than £1 from then on ? we dont want to rock the boat on t
  11. Hello, I am just wondering, I have nearly paid off Restons £1200, And my wife has various ( apex, moorcroft etc ) where she is paying £1 a month If we send a CCA to all of those, and they cannot confirm, how does we write off or stop paying, in my case, how would i get the money back ? Regards Q.
  12. I have had another email from the, and still they are NOT answering my questions on what the 2 charges where for and why it wasnt a £45 charge, here is the statement, they added the charges on in 2013 but this was not mentioned to me at all. on their tomlin order it states : Note: This order has been made without a hearing under the Courts case management powers contained in the Civil Procedure rules Part 3. You may within 7 days of the service of this order, apply to the Court to set aside or to vary the order under Part 23 Rule 10. You must file with the Court, and s
  13. I have emailed them today about the charges and that according to the Tomlinson agreement I still need to pay 87, and that my bank accounts have changed. Least I have told them and need their details to pay the rest so I can be in the clear
  14. it was a valid debt ( credit card ) which i tried to get written off, and didnt get lucky, i shall have to email them, what shall i write ? No they didnt explain anything to me at all about these extra charges
  15. Coming Back to this, someone told me if i wrote to the CEO of nationwide, they may decide to pay out, as i thought it VERY unfair they gave me a time limit, when i only found out i had ppi when i first wrote to them
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