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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I purchased a 14 plate fiesta from Evans Halshaw in March. Not being an expert I test drove the car (usual drive around the block), enjoyed it and paid for the car. A week later I was looking at some of the functionality but could not find the advertised stop start function. After discussing with the dealer and getting a copy of the advert emailed over it became apparent that this was an advert error. I have emailed probably 10 times in the past 4 weeks and just keep getting "well be in touch as a matter of urgency" from them but with no real discussuon about the problem or a suitable resolution. Legally, the item sold was not as advertised, and me never having used stop start and not being the expert I feel a short test drive isn't adequate time to get to grips with the minutiae of the vehicle. What do I do next? I still want the car but feel it's value has dropped to me as well as losing out on fuel economy due to this function being absent. Thanks in advance Lee
  2. I've just received a letter from Santander regarding PPI on an old Evans store card I took out in the late 1990's. I'm not sure how they found me as the account has been closed since about 2007 and I've moved address a couple of times since then, anyway this letter was a surprise to me, i've didn't think a company would tell you they might owe you money! Sin the late 90's I was young, and think I was in my first job when I took 3 store cards run by GE capital? They were all taken out in-store with the assistant filling in the form for me. In about 2001 I got into financial difficulties, and ended up with a debt management company, who (I'm pretty sure) stopped the PPI payments, so I may have only been paying the PPI for 2-3 years at £2-3 a month (this amount is a guess). I do have some statements for this Evans account, but only from 2004-2006, and randomly one of them shows 'account cover premium' at £2.15, the others only show 'interest', the balance at this time was in the £200's. The letter I've received from Santander, says that the FCA has requested all banks to review PPI complaints that were investigated and rejected prior to Dec 2010. It says I raised a PPI complaint in 2007, but it was rejected - I don't remember doing this at all! apparently Santander have started to re-asses it, and they need more info. They have enclosed a form to fill in and return, with lots of questions like: How was the policy sold. Did anyone recommend I took the policy. Did I ever claim on it. Was I working. Did I have any health problems. What happened when I took the policy. I've never Sar'd Evans (GE Capital) or Santander, so don't know any figures. Should I just fill in this form and return (any tips?), or will I need to SAR them?
  3. Hello, on Friday myself and my husband part exchanged our ford mondeo for a ford c max grand. We said we wanted a more economical vehicle and we were shown one that was a 2011 reg and was supposedly a 1.6 tdi. We spent hours working out the finance cost, fuel costs based on the economy and tax costs. We agreed to buy and signed on the dotted line. Half an hour after we left the dealer, they called us saying they'd made a mistake and the tax was actually £20 more and could we bring the cash the next day. We thought it strange but agreed. We collected the car the following day on Saturday morning. We got home, looked at the log book and it's actually a 2 litre engine. We called immediately and they admitted mistake and promised to sort it. They've been rubbish calling us back, and offered us an insulting £200 as a 'goodwill' gesture if we'd keep the car to save the hassle. We turned it down as we've signed up for the car for the next five years, the additional tax over this time is £100, additional insurance £10 per month so £600, and extra fuel is £4 per 100 miles, which their breakdown cover allows an annual mileage of 12,000, so even our lower estimate of our annual mileage estimate of 10,000 comes to £400 per year extra. So just our insurance and tax alone comes to £700. We've given them these figures and the maximum they will offer is £500. We've said this is too little. They're arguing the car they've given us is worth £1500 more than the 1.6 (this is a lie, brand new it's only £1000 extra). We asked to swap for another 1.6 they had in stock same spec. They refused saying this car had done less miles so was worth more so we could give our car back and essentially buy that one, at an additional cost of £31 more a month. We could also have our old car back and forget it all, this is also unacceptable to us, if we'd wanted to keep that car we wouldn't have traded it! They've also offered a car that's done 10,000 more miles on the clock, this is doubly unacceptable as they also lied about the mileage of our current car stating it had done 70,000 when in fact it's done 79,000, however, we accept we should have double checked this. Where on earth do we stand? We would never have bought the 2 litre model as the whole point of us changing car was for a more economical one. We've said we know they won't cover all the additional fuel costs, tax and insurance costs for five years (although really they should as we bought in good faith on those figures) but we can't accept less than £1000. I know I'd have a case for trading standards as I have all adverts and paperwork signed by us and them stating we were purchasing a 1.6. I feel they've made a huge mistake and want us to pay for their mess up which is hugely unfair. I've called Evans Halshaw customer care and they've said their complaints procedure is lengthy and I have to give each manager 3 working days to contact me and there are three managers I have to give a chance first. Our temporary insurance expires Friday and we don't want to pay to swap our insurance if we then have to swap it over again and pay for another vehicle. Help please? Is £500 the best offer I can get despite the fact it will cost us so much more than this?
  4. I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, could a mod please move it to where it's more relevant please? I bought a renault scenic from a even halshaw dealers in feb this year and I took out the service package of 2 mot's and 2 services a long with the extended warranty. I recently traded my car back to evans halshaw and have a new car, the terms and conditions say it's none transferable or refundable. Any help appreciated on how to proceed? It seems a little unfair as I never used the service package and the car was still under manufacturers warranty.
  5. This is an odd one from the start. As part of a previous claim we were given details of what we had paid off with a loan and turned up no less than 3 old GE Capital accounts, plus one that had been First National but we had sent GE Capital the settlement. So, SAR sent to GE Capital, not realising it's now Santander. Despite it being the same PO Box address it took them some time to send a very poor batch of documents. They have the agreements for 3 accounts, have returned nothing on the First National one and failed the SAR by not giving any info on a 5th account that was opened later. Yes, we did say 'all accounts' in the SAR. So, letter sent back to Santander to point out where they went wrong. They have, in the cover letter with the SAR, told us that at least two accounts had insurance. The oldest one clearly shows that this was requested and was even signed for on the application form. The next one had the 'account cover' option crossed out, no signature, but their own notes show that insurance was applied - nice of them. The third does not seem to have a transaction sheet to tell us if insurance was applied or not. The 5th account went into default and we know there were lots of charges applied before they passed it to a DCA (CL Finance/H Cohen) and they slapped on I don't know how much extra. We need the SAR to find out just what went on there and get it all reclaimed. Anyway, five FOS questionnaires have been completed and are on their way to them. We have account numbers for all, plus details of what was paid off and when. That should be enough for them to identify them all. Lets see what happens next
  6. Hi, I purchased a car from Evans Halshaw for cash payment of £6900 (made £1000 cash and £5900 by Visa debit card). Evans used car reader for taking the £5900. They have some security transfer method in place . As part of the payment process they received the Authorisation code from by bank for making the payment and while putting the Authorisation code on their system some technical error occurred and payment failed. On the same day later Evans said they'll check with their bank and update me on that and we left the place without the car. Next day morning my Bank confirmed that money was authorised and taken out from by bank. When i looked on the Bank statement online i could find the transaction from Evans made. But Evans denied that, even after 2 days evans keep saying that they haven't received the money on their account. For that reason they are not delivering the car for which i have paid full amount. The money was paid using their Visa card reader and it was done by Evans and my banker had provided the Authorisation code to them to put on their system. It went all wrong after that. Evans continue saying they are in touch with their technology provider on sorting this issue. Could someone advise me what should i do now. Is there any hold on my side to ask Evans to deliver the car or should i wait for the issue on their side to be sorted. Please help With Thanks Kumar
  7. In May, I bought a car from Evans Halshaw for £2400. I was told it had been serviced before sale by them (although the service stamp in the log book was missing - I assumed it was an oversight) 2 months after purchase, I broke down. I was towed by a local mechanic who ran some diagnostics on it and found that the thermostat housing was leaking coolant, resulting in the head gasket overheating. He tested the coolant mixture and found that it was less than 5% antifreeze. I hadn't checked the coolant because I assumed a fully serviced car would be fine - the mechanic said the coolant had been leaking for months judging by the stains on the housing casing, and someone had been topping up with water to compensate. I contacted Evans Halshaw and they told me I only had a one month warranty and they would do nothing. I asked the local mechanic to write a report on the problem and I sent it to them with a formal request for repair under the "Sale of Goods Act". They then came to collect the car from me and took it away to repair it. After 8 days, they called me to say it was ready. I collected it yesterday from their garage. They gave me the car key and walked away. No-one talked me through the repair job, nor did they give me paperwork detailing what they'd done. This morning, I checked the coolant level and the header tank was completely empty. It appears to still be leaking coolant. I telephoned the dealership at 8am and left an urgent message for someone to call me and clarify whether they've replaced / repaired the head gasket. No-one called me back. I rang again at 3pm and stressed how vital it is I know whether my car is fully repaired and safe to drive. No-one was available to speak to me nor did they call me back - the receptionist was sympathetic but useless. What do I now do? Am I legally covered to go ahead and arrange a local mechanic to look at it again and carry out repairs if necessary (and then take them to a small claims court to recover the money)? Or am I obliged to write formally to them again giving them another chance to repair it properly. It's killing me financially to hire a replacement car (I've already paid for 2 weeks whilst the car was off the road). If this drags on and on, it'll cost me a fortune to keep renting a car. I just want the car fixed properly and I don't trust them to do that. Plus, they won't even talk to me! I'm too scared to drive the car until I know it's roadworthy but they won't tell me what they did to it. Liz
  8. I bought a 07 plate vehicle last august, and ive had nothing but problems, think im being fobbed off with lots of things what can i do?? they now have my vehicl im stuck with out any transport and they want me to pay money to get it back they have told me an airfreshener has leaked thru the dash board into the electronics which is causing the issue??
  9. Hi all, Dean here.. a newbie to the forum looking for a bit of advice/help! Two weeks ago i bought a 2009 Focus from Evans Halshaw and dropped it off last night to have a few issues looked at. The main been the throttle, in that it's sensitivity seems to vary with no apparent reason and that over the weekend i completely lost throttle response on three separate occasions. When i spoke to the garage yesterday, it was strongly advised that the car is towed in as if anything was to happen they could be held liable. here's where my problem begins. Today i get a phone call to say that there is nothing wrong with the throttle and the technicians can't find a fault. I explained that the car now spends 95% of it's time on motorways getting to work and back and i didn't feel safe with a car that seems to slowly but surely be loosing it's throttle functionality. I mentioned that i've spoken to someone who works at Ford and i've read online that the likely culprit is the throttle position sensor, but they're response to this was 'that doesn't matter, we need to diagnose the fault and as far as we're concerned there isn't one'. When i mentioned the safety aspect of me driving the car in and having to have it towed because they would be liable, apparently that advice 'came from their call center and not the dealership'. The car is now sat in their compound with me unwilling to pick it up and them unwilling to admit there is an issue. I understand that ideally they need to see the problem in action, but there is no particular circumstances to 'make' it happen. What if it does it again on the A1(M) in traffic while i'm trying to overtake in bad weather.. bit extreme i know but not unlikely. I've spoken to the finance company who are now going to get involved, but is there anything else i can do? Many thanks!!
  10. Hi I am new to this and looking for some advice on my complaint regarding evans halshaw. I picked up my new car on Tuesday 14th may and the following day driving home my front passenger wheel completely falls off. My 2 year old daughter was in the car. Luckily i was only doing 25mph. Shaken and in disbelief as to what could have happened if was driving at 60 mph I called them straight away and told them what happened. The following day I called and spoke to the sales team leader who was unaware of the situation. He advised he would pick the car up and a courtesy car was provided. He called me on Friday and said the car had been worked on by a mechanic who had been sacked for not doing his job correctly but that my car was safe now and I could now have it back. I told him I did not feel safe taking my 2 year old daughter back in this car and wanted to speak to the manager he then told me the manager is not available until Monday and that I either have my car back or no car at all as he needed 'his' courtesy back! I said NO I want to speak to the manager he was extremely patronising to me an said he would call me back. This is now nearly 24 hours later and still no contact from them. Can anyone advise if I am entitled to a refund or replacement car or what else I can do to get a full explanation as to why this has happened? I really do not trust their workmanship or anything they say. my daughters safety is my main concern and i am not sure this incident has caused any longterm damage to the car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Starting a claim against Santander, was originally sold by to my wife by Evans at the tills, pressure selling, sign here gets loads off, and great deals ect, you know how it goes She didn't know it had PPI on it until i did SAR, there's a small box which has been ticked which say "I wish to purchase Account Cover insurance" her signature is above and below it, the box has of course been ticked, but other than that the only mention of the insurance is a box mention some benefits and nothing about conditions, the terms of the store card are actually tine I don't know if that's just because they have been shrunk when they copied to send me (A4) but I really doubt it. Now I have tooted up all the payments and done the Questionnaire, the thing I need to know now is which spreadsheet should I be using to work out the interest?
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