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  1. Andy woohooo, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu DX100uk Thank you for all your help This site and your team are absolutely amazing... Stay safe
  2. Hi, I got this today! Shall I contact PO even though they have said it's sold on and all contact should be with Cabot? This hasn't been on my credit file for a long time, I use Credit Karma because it's free, and the only negative mark on my file now is the one CCJ ( will drop off next year) Thanks for your help edited cab po.pdf
  3. I must confess to not even thinking about telling them, especially since I haven't heard anything from them for years, they weren't on my to contact list. I always come here for advice before I reply and I am certainly not paying anyone unless I have too ( 1 ccj is being paid at £1 a month) Since getting my head out of the sand I have been very careful on keeping all letters and taking advice before I respond and keeping copies of all correspondence.
  4. Hi I have not told the Post Office I have moved. For a start, I had nothing with my account details on and secondly, I hoped if I never heard from them it would just become unenforceable.. .Wrong, yes, but I can't pay the debt. Thankfully now, I own nothing as I am living with my parents. I have other accounts with that Cabot manage, am on the electoral roll so guessing they have found me this way? The letter came in the post.
  5. DX - 100 UK - Attached is the letter from BOI I have moved in May 2018 and this is the first from them. Had post redirected for a year. BOI 29-converted.pdf Andy, Thanks, I have downloaded the letter template from here to send them..
  6. Hi, Looking for some help and advice please. Back in 2011 and I had a breakdown and ignored all post, until 2013... Pre 2011 I had a credit card with the Post office. I haven't made any payments on this since March or April or May 2011. I have no post from 2013 regarding this debt. Today I got a letter from them saying that from 29th July 2020, The Bank Of Ireland have sold the outstanding balance to Cabot... My questions are 1) since not heard in over 7 years is this not Statue Barred? 2) should I engage with Cabot? do I ignore this, file it away and wait to see what happens next? Thanks
  7. hi everyone... so, I tried to contact Lewis a couple of years ago and got letters returned... I haven't made any payments on this CCJ.. I have now moved house, living at my mums house where everything is hers..I am still on ESA in the support group. I got a letter 2 weeks ago from Arrow saying they had passed the debt to Resolve. I ignored this. Today I got a letter from Resolve saying unless I contact them and make arrangements to pay they would send a door step collector... Can anyone advise on what I should do? TIA
  8. Hi So this has been quiet Since Feb 17...till 7th March when I got a letter from Resolvecall Creditor DLC - MBNA Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd We are acting on behalf of Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd who have purchased you account from DLC - MBNA. We have been instructed to contact you to out you back in touch with Cabot who will aim to find an amicable resolution which is affordable, based on your circumstances. We would ask you contact Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd on 0345 xxxx within 7 days to discuss this matter or if you prefer, we can send one of our representatives to make a personal visit to your home. The purpose of this visit is to offer to assist you in contacting our client to discuss your account and offer personal support to review your options and to resolve the matter. Please do not ignore this letter. Act now to have a positive discussion about your account. Then their contact details.. Of course I just filed it with all the other paperwork. BUT I have just had a visit from Resolvecall. I had a neighbour in with me so denied anyone by this name lived here. He left an envelope with contact details and asked me to call. HELP what do I do??? TIA
  9. hi London1971 many thanks for your help I'll call my gp tomorrow and get an app to see him and ask for a letter.. will update as soon as I can thanks
  10. Hi, Yes, my original letter I asked for the £390 to be written off due to financial hardship - I got the info from direct gov website rather than COP26 leaflet - this is what I quoted in my letter “Claimant is on sickness/incapacity benefit Where a claimant is in receipt of a sickness benefit such as incapacity benefit or employment and support allowance, cannot afford to offer any repayment to HMRC and there is little prospect of them ever gaining employment, HMRC should write off the outstanding overpaymenticon. If there is some prospect that the claimant may be able to enter employment in the future, recovery should be suspended for 12 months and the situation reviewed at the end of that period.” I think my problem is that I didn't include PIP but put petrol on income / Expenditure form. I also have a joint mortgage with my daughter, who is currently paying it all. This started in April when the Mortgage interest payment changed from a benefit to a loan. I have a CO on the property and we didn't want DWP putting another on. The house is currently up for sale for less than paid. We also have a homebuyers 25% loan to repay, so assuming it sells at current price there will be nothing after Mortgage, Homebuyers loan, CO, solicitors and estate agents fees...I didn't go into all this though as I didn't know how to word it all without looking like I was trying to avoid them or worse, they go after the house....I did say my daughter was paying my half of the mortgage though, but not that house is up for sale. AM sure they check rightmove etc! They know I haven't worked since May 2011 and they know I am on ESA in the support group. I did explain this and say I had a chronic condition with very little chance of any change to my circumstances. I am in a luckyish position that my daughter makes sure all the bills are covered which is why I am not in arrears with these. but once I move, money will be tighter for me I just feel totally overwhelmed by them and not really sure what is essential ...they accuse me of omitting non essential items - I don't even know how to respond to that! I didn't lie or try to deceive them, I tried to write a letter stating the facts and include as much information as I could, yet I feel they have picked over my letter and replied in a very negative accusing way along with a threat of further action. it seems unfair they can chase something after 9 years and not a word for 3 years Sorry to rant on!
  11. it's all relevant to where you are financially I think they shouldn't be able to do anything this far down the line...and when they know I am on benefits...we all know there isn't anything left over from paying for essentials ( People have had thousands written off as well...I never gt things to go in my favour!
  12. this over payment is from 2009 when I was working, I stopped working in 2011 due to bad health. not heard anything since 2015 so yes, it's all a mess....
  13. hi I will just accept it and make on offer, I can't deal with the stress ( already been sick after a panic attack when I read the letter) it's £390 I owe, so if I offer £10 a month, it will be gone in 39 months or less if I can pay more. Does anyone know of an amount they will accept? I am on ESA Thanks
  14. so I wrote to them...sent income and expendiure but messed it up..I said my daughter is paying my half of the mortgage till house is sold, but never went on to tell them it's in negative equity and after the charging order is paid ( put that as debt ) there is no money. I didn't add PIP as I thought it didn't count towards income? I did put petrol on but no other costs as PIP covers everything else this is the reply from them You indicate you heard nothing between 2009-2015 although we did send letters regarding this. We also attempted to recover this amount through your PAYE in this time. On returning from DCA your overpayment is still due and payable. If the amount was remitted we would have notified you about this. You provided income and expenditure as written indicates negative income. There is no explanation as yo how you are affording to spend more than you receive financially. Omitting non necessary items from your income and expenditure shows you are in a position to repay this overpayment. You also list assets that ca be used for recovery of what is due. Please call us immediately to discuss repayment options. Further legal action will be taken if you do not pay. I don't know how to respond - can I offer £1 a fortnight? I would rather try to get it repaid rather than they take my benefits for a few months....it is only £390 outstanding so don't want any court hassles... any ideas? thanks
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