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  1. Bless you hightail xxxx I have 2 others one of which is looking a bit lost as he has been with him since we had him xxx
  2. Thanks Hightail - i do feel really guilty because he was such a sociable dog who even at the end was fussing the vet and nurses as they prepped him - I have had dogs for years which were great but he truly was one of a kind - cant stop crying xxx
  3. Thanks CitizenB - in my heart i know it was the right thing for him but I still feel guilty x
  4. Hi All, Sadly my poor boy was PTS yesterday morning. His tumour had just got too big and we took the decision to let him go now before his condition deteriorated further. He was so brave and loving - I went in with him to reassure him and it was one of the hardest things I've done. Right up to the last minute I was still thinking 'is this right'! I feel so guilty but at the same time I know in my heart it was kinder for him - we had to think of him and not ourselves.
  5. what earth prompted the OP to ask such an odd question in the first place - what is wrong with you??
  6. What a joke that statement is from her! Ethical standards and treating customers fairly.......really........
  7. Thank you Hightail and CitizenB - he is an absolutely brilliant dog and I adore him - all my dogs I have had and do have now are great but his character is one of a kind. The specialist vet has prescribed pain killers for the next six weeks which I am surprised at giving the rate his tumour is growing - fingers crossed bless him xx
  8. Hi, Just thought i'd post an update.. After being referred to a specialist he had a CT Scan which revealed the extent of his cancer: He has an adenocarcinoma on his left abdomen along with a mass on his bladder wall and an enlarged lymph node in his abdomen. He also has a large prostatic cyst. Taking all this info into consideration and also where the actual main mass is located we will not be putting him through an operation and chemo will not help according to the oncologist so we are monitoring him and spoiling him until the time comes when he lets me know he's had enough. He's eating well, still wants to go for walks, follows me everywhere so his quality of life at the moment is still good.
  9. Has he approached the mortgage company to explain his situation and ask what his options are? Also he could go and see a solicitor - the first half hour should be free?
  10. jackieandwayne, Thank you so much for sharing your story of your beloved boy - 17 and a half is a fantastic age especially with what he went through. I do agree that dogs are a lot more resilient and tend to get over things a lot quicker than humans - mine has had three bladder surgeries - the last one quite a 'make or breaker' but he came through as we looked after him really well at home and he seemed to want to 'get on with it'. I am going to have a chat with the specialist hospital who looked after him during those times as they specialise in cancer treatment as well to see what they think regarding the op itself, potential risks and the aftercare. Thank you again and i'll keep you posted.
  11. Thank you Sandy I do like bigger dogs as well - especially Pointers - so loyal and loving and can be very good guard dogs - loud barks but only when someone knocks the door - not constantly barking which is good - brilliant dogs! Funnily enough we've always had gun dogs although never worked them. Best wishes to you.
  12. Oh bless snowdragon - very similar breeds! I have 3 German Pointers all rescued, the latest ate a sock about a month back and had to have surgery to remove it from his intestine! Now I have a strict sock policy in our house - do not leave them lying around at all! The one who is poorly at the moment can be very stubborn and headstrong when he's outside - in the house he is the best behaved.
  13. Thank you all so much for your comments and I am sorry that some of you have experienced illnesses with your pets also. The vet said he could last for a few more months without surgery but he cannot say for sure - as with all things there is no definitive answer unfortunately. He is a German Wire-Haired Pointer so quite a large dog - he is quite bright at the moment - follows me around the house like he has always done. It is the potential suffering that he may go through which is concerning me as he has been (and still is) a wonderful dog with a brilliant character - he has the type of eyes that make you think he totally understands what you are saying if you know what I mean and knows when you are upset as I was trying not to be at the vets this morning!
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