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Found 20 results

  1. Good afternoon, Please advise with this PCN, i've stayed in that car park and paid for 4 hours ( Sunday) was late at the end of shopping day to leave car park in 15 minutes ( also take 5-10 minutes after we enter in the park and paid at the cash machine, as we waiting others customer who told us he will clear a space - only one at that time ), maybe that's why it give me now total 27 minutes overstayed paid 4 hours . ( I've assumed that's the reason for this PCN ) ""For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions:
  2. ive had a ticket from the same carpark and im being taken to court at the end of september, are you able to update as to how you got on and what defence you used? am i able to use your pictures? i parked at night time and was visiting Khans, didnt realise i would have to pay at 9pm, plus it was dark so missed the signs. im really hoping that at the very least i just pay the parking charge of £60 as now the charge is at £300 and i just think that is disgusting!
  3. Seems to be a trend on here and other website help forums, to ignore and even laugh off threats from CEL. Fortunately I have kept all correspondence and have been fighting this for my daughter since May 2016. Now she has been referred to the County Court Business Centre Northampton issue date 07/04/2017. In May 2016 my daughter had an appointment at a doctors surgery with her baby for injections. She is adamant she entered her car number plate on the screen inside the surgery but for some reason did not register. When the first letter arrived from CEL she approached th
  4. As reported on Parking Prankster... CEL have been ordered to pay £905 in compensation & costs for breaching the Data Protection Act in regards to a private parking ticket. Ouch! http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/motorist-awarded-900-for-data.html
  5. Hi all, I am a complete mess and in need of your advise pretty please. Two days ago I was rejected for credit and therefore checked my file- A CCJ had been ordered on 24.02.2016! from CEL. I received first correspondence from them on 20.01.2016 relating to a date in May 2013- clearly I had to try and recall that date in question as it was three years previous. I was also cautious of the fact it could be a fraud type letter and didn't act. I then received another on 12.02.2016 stating the charge had gone up to £220 and after pinpointing this was a car parking fine I cont
  6. I am a licensed Hackney carriage driver and operate and drive a wheelchair accessible taxi. On Christmas Day, I was booked to collect a disabled person in her wheelchair. I parked outside the reception with my ramps out. I went to reception and explained who I was and the reason. The passenger who is disabled eventually pushed herself to the reception in her wheelchair and I wheeled her into my taxi and left. The receptionist never told me that I had 30 minutes before I would be fined. I have received my 3rd letter from CEL, threatening Court action. I understand
  7. Hi All I have just received an email from the SRA with regards to M Shartz solicitor for DEAL and CEL. I thought i would share it with Everyone. Cheers Lets
  8. A relative asked for help with a Civil Enforcement Ltd PCN. I knew time would be tight with when the CofA appeal (Parking Eye v Beavis) was due. When the judgement was released, I didn't have access to the judgement, and I wrote the appeal (pdf attached), bearing in mind what I saw online discussing the judgement. Now the judgement is up on e.g. BAILIL, I find that councils and their charges are mentioned: So, not in the way I had heard ; the CofA didn't actually say "charges in proportion to council charges are allowed", and in particular didn't say "charges dispro
  9. If you have had a county court claim form from either CEL or Creative Parking (ar any of the other Creative group of companies) can you please let me know via this posting. I cannot say why this is important at the moment but it could be very big. I will need to see the particulars of claim so if you have binned them after getting a discontinuance notice please just let me know the date details.
  10. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/civil-enforcement-ltd-in-criminal-case.html Civil Enforcement Ltd in Criminal case in Aberdeen Book your front row seat and popcorn for: Aberdeen Sheriff Court Wednesday 4th March 2015 Criminal #17 Civil Enforcement Ltd SCS/2015-025464 AB14012607 Court 1A Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) is being prosecuted for: One count of operating a fraudulent scheme and 11 counts under the consumer contract regulations. This is an initial hearing which CEL are unlikely
  11. Private parking company Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) is well known across parking forums for issuing court claims, but often not turning up at court. Until recently they had contracts at several Co-op supermarket car parks, but following 'contractual disagreements' their contract was terminated by the Co-op. CEL threw a hissy fit and started ticketing Co-op employees and then refused to cancel tickets, with the result that CEL (and their debt collectors DEAL) currently have 50 court claims on the go against Co-op employees. The 50 outstanding cases have now been stayed until at
  12. Hello once more! I took the advice from here and ignored all letters / made no contact after receiving an "invoice" from CEL after a short overstay in a car park back in 2009, over five years ago. I've now received from Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) a Notice of Assignment of Debt letter saying the "debt" has been moved to Debt Enforcement and Action Limited. I've had a look around on here and it appears that the advice given now is different to what was given back then so I'm wondering it it's still a case of keep ignoring or that I have to do something. Any advice
  13. Hi, Ive got a case similar to the thread relating to' Civil Enforcement LTD now have court docs'. I'm was wondering if anyone would be able to help me through the process. I'm trying to get through pranksters guide etc. I'm wondering how I go about getting the info about who is the landowner etc?? Thanks
  14. Received a final reminder before court action this morning after previously ignoring letters. I'm in Scotland and have read the advice to ignore but I'm just posting for some reassurance!
  15. Had an email today from the Coop (I am a member) telling me "Today is the day we launch our new collaborative website ‘Let’s Talk’. So please give us your ideas and together we can deliver the products and services you need, champion the things you care about and support you and your local community" Perhaps their 'relationship' with Civil Enforcement Limited (CEL) might be something you want to 'talk' to them about? type: "co-opletstalk.co.uk/championing-a-better-way/"
  16. I dropped my wife at local hospital , drove down the road in to a car park. Sign said 2hrs free then 80p per hour. The signs were yellow and quite tatty. I remember looking at one of the posts because it was leaning over at an angle. Left car park 40 mins after entering feeling chuffed because I had saved £2.50 by not parking at hospital.. .Now got CEL invoice for £100/£60. I went back to the car park and it has all new blue signs. They say 7pm-7am 2hrs free then X per hr 7am-7pm 20mins free then X per hour. Also no contract signage at all. The
  17. CEL rode into Whitby Town in midsummer 2012 and caused uproar with Co-op customers and visitors, especially since Spring 2013 with their "Ten Minute Rule". I've been waging war on them since, and started a Facebook protest page. October 2013 they were sacked! Rumour has it they've lost dozens of other Co-op sites too!! Having had both of my PCNs cancelled I left the Protest Page running, even though a second one started. Where we are now up to is fighting their "ten minute rule" - a moneymaker if ever I saw one, and we now have a set of images and an independent
  18. Hi I was on a short while ago about a PCN picked up in Whitby and 'enforced' by CEL. The last letter said it was being passed from DR+ back to CEL with advice to commence court proceedings. Just had letter today on CEL headed saying part of debt has been assigned to Debt Enforcement and Action Limited in Baker Street, London (£113.75). CEL "will no longer be involved in this part of the debt and payments must be made to DEAL" (?) "The balance of £16.25 has been retained by CEL as part of ongoing agreement relating to monies that may fall due to The Co-operative and we reserve our rights
  19. Hi there - my husband received a parking charge notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd a few days ago for £75 for I had pulled into the car park to pick him up and also find a safe spot to feed my baby. I did not notice any signs as I drove through the entrance warning me I would be charged for waiting there. I didn't leave the car at any point. As with most people who receive a charge like this through the post, I'm pretty annoyed as I do not feel the signs were obvious enough. A £75 charge for failing to pay for 15 minutes is ridiculous. I have read a number of threads in relation
  20. Hello, A few months ago I visited this forum as I (well my wife did as she was driving the car) received a parking notice through the post. I took the advice of the forum and basically ignored the letters. Then I basically stuck my head in the ground! It has now got to the stage that another company have got involved which are demanding £178.13, the company is Newlyn. To say I am worried not is an understatement as they are saying in their 2nd letter about going to County Court and (in bold) stating 'Considerable further cost to you'. Are they allowed to do this? The cheek of
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