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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there I have an account with Marbles / Newday. the credit limit is £600. I'm self employed and had a period of ill health, in hospital over that time things ran away from me a bit. I got out last week and started to tackle the huge pile of letters, charges etc. over the period Oct to January I missed on average 3 payments with several providers. Over the last week I have made payments to all of them to cover all charges and get me a good chunk under the credit limit on those that it had pushed me over. With marbles the latest statement 14th Feb showed: Credit Limit £600 Overlimit due immediately: £141 Last statement balance: £729 Default Charges: £12 A notice of Sums in arrears, Missed payments jan and feb & a notice of default sums for feb £12 and a FCA debt advise letter. I logged into my account to make a payment where it showed the same information, as my account was still live, I paid £450 via bank transfer on the 20th of Feb which cleared the same day. Carefully budgeted as I had a lot of charges / debt that has built up over the last 3 months and emptied my bank paying those. That £150 would be lost to those charges, £100 I would leave on the card towards paying it off and that would leave me £200 to spend on this months bills. Account said £300 odd available to spend online. I tried to pay a bill the next day and my card was refused. I rang them up they transferred me to collections who said they could see i was in credit and they'd lift the bar, card could be used next day (today) Tried to pay the same bill again, card refused. Called them and they said they had defaulted my account on the 1st of this month. I asked why I had received no default notice (of account closure) and my account seemed to still be live and that I'd had a statement just a few days before (with default charges). They said notice of account going into default was in with my statements. Stupidly I binned all previous statements after reading them as I have such a huge pile of mail from last 3 months, felt it would be ok to work from latest statement. But there was absolutely no default notice in them. From the conversation on the phone I gather that some kind of mistake was made and that I shouldn't have been receiving statements with new default sums in and they would knock that charge off, but that as far as they were concerned my account was closed and had been passed to Fredrickson international and was nothing to do with them anymore. Despite that I can still log in, see an available to spend amount - get statements etc. I'm not very hopeful of positive outcome, I'm not that upset at losing the card. but do I have a leg to stand on in having the default removed? Also where I've had no income for 3 months being self employed, what I paid them was very carefully budgeted and not having access to the extra amount I was expecting leaves me the creek this month. I've already done enough work that I will be able to pay off the debt and forget about marbles / newday next month, but I don't receive payment for that in the interim and I paid that amount to marbles in the good faith that my credit limit was the same and my account still active as per the statement they sent me on the 14th of this month. Is there any legal basis for access to those funds? I'm assuming not on both, I'm guessing the fact i owe them money wipes it out even if there has been a mistake and it is there word against mine in the case of default letters having been sent. But it cant hurt to ask
  2. hi there, my partner has received two letters from capquest one on the 23/12/16 stating that they were managing her account from arrow global she knows nothing about this account I told her to ignore it , then today she received another letter from capquest stating that the original creditor was newday ltd and that if capquest do not hear from her within 14 days capquest will be recommending their client to start court proceedings . the only thing she knows about this is when newday got in touch with her 2years ago and they tried to take money from her bank account so she immediately stop it and phoned newday they told her it was from a Debenhams card used in Romford she explained to them that when this card was used she was living in Newcastle upon tyne at the time 5 1/2 years ago they said they would look into it and she has heard nothing from them till now , the only thing she can think of is that Debenhams sent out a new card and pin number to her old address in Hornchurch after hers ran out and the new owners of her house have used it once again she explained this to newday . the question is do we get in touch with these people or ignore it any advice would be great thanks
  3. Hi, Some time back, I had an aqua card from NewDay. At first I was keeping up the payments, but it all got out of hand when they started to call me several times a day and constantly added multiple £12 charges to the account for late payments and unauthorised over limit fees per month. Eventually I blocked their numbers due to the alarmingly high number of times a day they called me and let them be for a few months. Over the weekend, I sent the Chariman an email asking to offer monthly token payments whilst I investigate the state of the account but received back an email which read: The account is in dispute due to the charges, their staff were told this but they moved the account on anyways. I fully intend to contend the extra fees and interest thereof but I'm not quite sure how to approach this now it's with another company. Could someone advise me as to how I should: 1) Respond to the email to ensure that the account remains with Newday whilst I look into the charges etc... 2) Ensure that debt collection activity is ceased whilst this is being investigated? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Ade
  4. NO CCA = No Pay ? Paypal/Santander/Newday Wow ! best news I've had for ages. ...am in exactly the same position with an old Paypal card except I've had lots of £12 charges since I often forget the payment dates as I don't use the account. Newday cleared the old Santander account manager statements. All gone and they send a paper account now and don't hold the old Santander payment account records. So I'm off to send them a CCA request - can I do anything about the late payment charges ?
  5. Wrote to advise of financial difficulties. Have been paying min payment for last 3 yr due to other debts. They actually didnt renew my card when due 2yrs ago so they obviously not happy to extend credit. Have now defaulted (3mths) and advised will only pay £1pm. Also asked them to look at fact that interest etc over 3yrs is majority of debt. In light of this would they look to reduce debt accordingly. they have replied saying may consider my offer but need i&e. Gesture of gw have refunded x3 late payment fee and x1 returned payment fee. charges and interest are in line with my credit agreement they state. no PPI. they have asked me to provide i&e plus bank statements and payslips plus proof of other debts..... They know i have debts as they didnt renew my card due to credit history being shot! How much info are they entitled too? Any thoughts? Worth haggling over trying to get balance reduced due to their extortionate rates? Debt about £400. I didnt ask for cca as didnt think apply to store cards. Thx in advance.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what they think of a little dilemma I have at the moment with NewDay Ltd please. Yesterday I posted a CCA request along with the £1.00 PO to their current registered address and today I checked the Royal Mail website and apparently the letter is to be 'returned to sender as addressee has gone away'?? I then went on to the Interim Consumer Credit register and the postal address I used is the one still on there. I have noted the email address of the main contact from the register when the letter gets back to me I shall email this person to ask what on earth they think they are doing. Does anyone have any thoughts on this as I would be grateful for some input before I continue trying to contact them - I could phone but I do not want to be drawn into a long winded conversation with someone trying to fob me off. Many thanks.
  7. Hi Apologies if this is long winded but here goes: 17/11/13 - Purchased Gloves from Debenhams.com £22.50 using my Debenhams card (Santander) No communication statement or anything from them. 02/12/14 - Letter from Lowell Group enclosing letter from New Day? advising that they had passed my account for collection to Lowell Group. £120.43 December 14 - Called Lowell Group as I had no knowledge of what they were chasing and I was informed it was Debenhams. Advised the call handler that I had received no statements from Debenhams in this interim period. Account was placed on hold at this point whilst they obtained the statements. 24/01/15 - Statements arrived and they were addressed to my old address which I had left in February 2012. I advised them that I had sent a letter to all accounts including Santander/ Debenhams advising them of my address change. Also there was a 12 month re-direct on mail and the new owner of the property was known to me and had regularly passed on any post received (including junk mail) to me. 30/01/15 - Telephone call to Lowell advising that this was the 1st sight I had seen of these and why had my address change not been carried out, I could send them a copy of the letter that was sent but as it was in word the date would probably update etc, this was not sufficient evidence. They could reduce the debt to £60.00, call was ended at this point whilst I tried to garner more evidence. Feb/ Mar - Mother In Law in Hospice and father receiving heart surgery 80 miles away, mother in law passed funeral etc...... Today 18/05/15 - Another letter from Lowell saying that they are passing the debt to a collection agent (me freaked out) back on the phone, gone back through the fact I had informed them of my address change and that statements provided had my previous address on. Advised them that I had been offered a £60 reduced settlement (I was going to pay today) to be told the offer was only valid for 30 days ( I was not told this) also that this would leave a partial settlement mark on my credit file for 6 years (again I was not told this) Asked to speak to someone more senior but got cut off. Frustrated to say the least..... So I searched my inbox and I have found the order confirmation for the gloves £22.50 and order update both displaying my billing address as my current address. I have a copy of the agreement and cant see anything relating to third partys? So where do I stand now???? Thanks for reading my post. Nuttytart08
  8. Hi All I have an interest free loan with Santander Cards (Via DFS) I've just received a letter from then to say the loan is being assigned to NewDay Ltd. I'm just over half way through the term. As this is a major change to the loan is there a way to wriggle out of paying the remainder balance? H
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