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  1. Electronically I should be able to get a receipt from them, should I attach this to the n244 or just call GE money to confirm and they cancel it. Im not sure I trust them
  2. A third party is making the payment do I still n3ed to do rhe n244 ??
  3. Hi I have received an eviction notice for the 15/11 however the arrears of £2500 will be paid in full by Friday, what can I do to stop the eviction. Please help
  4. hi thanks can i get the possession order suspended tho?
  5. Hi I have a secured loan with GE money which is in arrears is £2225, they are demanding full payment or eviction, I have a letter stating that no monthly agreement will be accepted as the loan date has expired. If this goes to court I will be submitting a N244 as soon as they give me an eviction date. I have written several letters to GE I no longer talk on the phone as they are sooo rude. I have a mortgage and a 1 other secured loan both with GE both have agreements on and are being paid. We have equity in the house too. Advise please
  6. Hi thanks I will have ago as soon as the possession order is sorted, spoke to them again yesterday and made a payment. But they are still unwilling to enter into a plan, they keep saying they want the full amount.
  7. hi sorry youve lost me a bit. the original loan was under 25k
  8. yes it was in arrears before the end date, they did says something about interest rates but i didnt really understand it, I didnt contest the judgement, just entered in to a payment plan and thought that was it. they sent me a letter telling me the term had expired but I dont have anymore. The arrears seemed to have appear after i made a ppi claim, which they denied.
  9. Hi a letter template for this would be great thanks.
  10. hi yes some years ago my husband had cancer and couldnt work so we fell behind they got a possession order then but agreed a payment plan and suspended it
  11. no I havent asked them I didnt know I could how do I do that
  12. no however i recently tried to reclaim the ppi which they said the broker sold not them and then this I don't know about the charges
  13. Hi I have an expired loan with ge money totalling 2281, I thought it was paid off as it expired in 2010, I have since received a letter from them telling me they are going for an eviction date, I have offered a 500 lump sum and 225 a month but they have refused, they are very rude and unhelpful. Any help appreciated xx:!:
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