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    Hi there, I am very new to this site so apologies if I do things slightly incorrect .... please advise if I do and I will do my best to correct myself ... I have been going around in circles with Welcome Finance and the FCSC for the past 18 months trying to reclaim PPI. My husband and I took out a loan for £10,000 in October 2008 for 96 months (if that helps) with an added PPI amount £2311.65. The PPI was calculated into my loan and I have been paying it on top of my loan since it was taken out. There was also a Broker Fee and an Acceptance Fee on top; all of which is outlined in my full statement. I made my first contact with the FSCS to claim, however the response I keep receiving is that we were providing insufficient evidence to take the claim any further because we are unable to provide full documentation of the loan (the reason is explained further down) I contacted Welcome Finance who explained the PPI was issued by a Broker - 21st Century Finance; who I have been unable to contact to discuss the situation. Welcome deny any involvement with the PPI. This poses my first question; does anyone know how I can contact 21st Century Finance? My understanding is that 21st Century Finance are no longer trading, and if they are they are not responding to correspondance..... I have since been advised that GE Money were also involved in my original loan - so now I am really confused. Looking at other Forum Threads; my understanding is, 21st Century were the Broker whilst GE were the Finance provider. Am I correct in assuming this? If so where do Welcome Finance come into play? Unfortunately we had a fire at home and lost a lot of paperwork because of this so we are unable to find the full Loan / PPI terms and conditions agreement - we have some outlining the amounts etc. So, this brings me to my second question; Who do we contact to get the original documentation we require to make a fully informed application for PPI refund? This is so confusing, I would appreciate any help you can give me to move forward with this. Many thanks
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