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  1. Thank you again and thank you so much for the template. Best wishes, Clarey
  2. Hi Slick Thank for all your help - we will write to HMRC to ask them to write off as we feel that it must be their error as the pension code was ok when it first started and my husband has received the pension and been employed since it started so there's been no confusion as it's never been his sole income. Will let you know how we get on. Also, thank you for putting my mind at rest that the amounts shown on the coding notice should sort of resemble the underpayments - thought I was losing the plot! Thanks again, Clarey
  3. Hi Slick, Many thanks for your response. I've checked the P800's already and agree the underpayments so they're not really the issue. It's a bit odd really as the pension started in 2007 and was given the BR tax code then and somewhere along the line the tax office sent a revised coding notice out given a code equivalent to the personal allowance and at the same time issuing a personal allowance code to the employer. So very strange as to why they would change the codes for 09/10 given that for 2007 and 2008 the tax collected was correct - unfortunatley I don't have coding notices for when it was changed so can't check what was on them (my husband is a bit shredder obsessed!) I'd done lots of the donkey work with the all the paperwork when we saw the tax advisor so he didn't really tell me anything I hadn't already established myself - except when we were at the meeting I queried with him that I felt that the underpayment restriction shown on the tax coding notices and the amount of tax that would be repaid as a result of that restriction should match the amount shown on the P800 - he said that I shouldn't worry about the amount of repayment restriction as these are generally wrong! The more I thought about the more I came to the conclusion that if a tax code has been changed to include a repayment restriction to collect underpaid tax then surely the amount shown on the coding notice should calculate to be the amount of underpayment shown on the P800. When collating the coding notices I saw that in the space of 4 weeks there were 3 notices issued - the first showed a repayment restriction collecting an unpayment of approx £400, the 2nd (only 11 days later) showed a repayment restriction collecting an underpayment of approx £2004 and then the 3rd (13 days later) showed a repayment restriction collecting an underpayment of approx £1100. This last figure was shown again on coding notice issued 5 months later. None of these figures matched any of the amounts shown on the P800s. As my husband has been paying more tax back - I have just estimated how much he's overpaid 2012/13 based on taxble pay, tax due, tax paid etc by by assuming pay for March (which should be ok) I am trying to establish what is still outstanding but have absolutely no idea what's still left as none of the figures match at all. I know what I think it should be based on P800s and the figure he's overpaid by this year but have no idea whether or not that's the figure the tax office agree! Sorry - I may be confusing the issue and may be making things much more complicated that perhaps they should be but I am concerned that he may be paying back underpayments of tax for sometime to come in view of the fact that no figures shown on tax office coding notices equate to P800s! Many thanks, Clarey
  4. Hi, I would be grateful for some help! My husband has recently received his third P800 underpayment notice for 2011/12 (already received P800's for 2009/10 and 2010/11) and I have been trying to work through the mountian of tax coding notices he received which covered these 3 tax years. I can see that the problem has occured as he received 2 personal allowances - he is both employed and is receiving a pension. However, the amounts of underpayments on the P800 do not correspond to the values shown as tax owing from previous years on the tax coding notices - the amounts on the coding notices vary greatly and are generally different each time a coding notice is issued! We have seen a tax advisor who said that we shouldn't worry too much about the amounts shown on the tax coding notices but this worries me as I was under the impression that the repayment restrictions on these coding notices should be calculated correctly so that it takes back the addtional tax caused by the underpayments. My main query is am I right in thinking that the repayment restriction shown on last coding notice issued (one has been recieived for the 2013/14 tax year) and the amount of tax this will pay back should equal the total amount of tax underpaid for all previous years in total? I hope this makes sense.....! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Clare
  5. Hi citizenB She paid the deposit by cheque. Thanks, Clare
  6. Hi Hammonds Online Team Thank you for your reply - I have seen this, your standard repy, on various websites where people have posted their dissatisfaction about Hammonds and the service they received. My mother addressed her letters of complaint directly to Richard Hammond and is awaiting a reply along with the refund of her deposit. And as the reply has not been forthcoming as yet I posted on this site for advice on how best to proceed should the need arise.
  7. Hi, My mother entered into a contract with Hammonds Furniture to supply a built in wardrobe about 8 months ago for which she paid approx £500 deposit to the sales person when they called at her house, the surveyor came out and drew up plans which were not want she wanted but they insisted it would be the best plan for her bedoroom. A little time went by and she wrote to Hammonds to say that the design and materials selected by the sales person and the surveyor were not as she wanted and they resent the desiger/sales person out to visit her again. This was in September 2012, she was told that they would contact her shortly with her revised design but this did not happen. She wrote to them shortly after the new year to say that no-one had contacted her and she now considered the contract null and void and therefore asked for the deposit to be returned. I would now like to write to them again as she has heard nothing but would like to know the best way to word the letter - short of mentioning I would contact Watchdog I don't really know where to start. PLease could anyone give me some ideas or let me know what template I could use? Many thanks, Clare
  8. Thanks for this - I'll send GE another letter to that effect. Much appreciated.
  9. Yes have a copy of the agreeement and it is headed up Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. My husband was employed in the Army at the time the loan was taken but was about to retire on a full military pension after 22 years service. I'm not sure whether Heatseal are still going but EYG's website says Home of EYG, Jon Windows and Heatseal Many thanks, Clare
  10. Hi, any help would be gratefully received....! My husband took out a First Naitonal Home Improvement Account through EYG Windows back in 2004 - which is not paid up yet. We consider the PPI to be missold and wrote to GE Money with the letter, spreadsheet and FOS questionnaire. They wrote back to say that we need to contact EYG Window Centres to ask them to investigate the complaint as the PPI was not sold by GE Money. We therefore wrote to EYG who responded in writing saying that they have no information on EYG Domestic formed 1st June 2007 - the original paperwork we have is for EYG Heatseal. Do we need to go back to GE as the applicaiton form is under First National Bank or do we need to go back to EYG stating that it relates to EYG Heatseal. My feelings are that we need to press GE Money as surely the policies were sold on guidelines from First National Bank despite being handled by EYG? Thanks in anticipation for any advice.....
  11. Hi I have recently written to kandCo regarding my account as I have been made redundant - my letter stated that my financial circumstances have changed and requested that they accept no payment on the account and that they freeze the interest and no charges be added. I had received no response and this morning mistakingly answered my phone as didn't recognise the number. The girl on the end of the phone said they will continue to add charges etc to my account until I have a meeting with Citizens Advice and give them the reference. I said that I had written to them regarding my situation and was awaiting the reponse and they said they do not write and that her phone call is my repsonse. Can they insist I meet with CAB and not freeze account until I have done that? I hadn't intended on meeting with them as I have been writing to my creditors by myself - most of which have responded and in writing! Or what should my next course of action be? Thanks, Clareyluxo
  12. Thank you for your help on this. How do I tell if the CCA is enforceable?
  13. Thank you for your responses. The original creditor is Shop Direct - I had received an email from them after I queried not receiving any statements, the email stated the account is clear - this was the basis of my dispute with Lowell. They claim it is for a different account number (even though no account number was mentioned on the email) and when queried they then said that Shop Direct would say it was clear as it had been sold to them. I have received a CCA from them already but my query isn't that there was a debt just that Shop Direct have informed me it is clear. Lowell asked me to pay £20 for copies of original documents to prove the debt but I wrote to them stating surely the responsibilty to prove the debt exists is Lowell's especially as I have an email from the original creditor which says the account is clear. Hence the 'made up' notice of assignment and 'strange' statement. Is it right that the notice of assignment can have a current date?
  14. Could anyone offer some advice on where I go next..... My dispute with Lowell has been going on for some time - Lowell have been contacting me regarding a debt I claim is clear. In numerous letters I have asked them to provide copies of statements from the original creditor which proves I still owe money and also copies of the notice of Assignments as they claim the debt was sold to them on 30 Nov 2009. I have now received a notice of assignment from them dated 19th May 2011 - which they claim under the law of property Act 1925 is sufficient enough to make the sale of debt effective and also a very poor quality print out from the original creditor which they are passing off as a statement and is definately not the copies of statements sent to me that I requested. I find it hard to believe that they are able to provide a notice of assignment with a current date - just because I have requested one - and that this would be considered 'legal'. Also they have still failed to provide me with the proof that I owe the money that they say I do in the form that I requested (copies of original statements from the creditor and also copies of letters that state the debt is being/has been passed to Lowell). I do not know how to reply now so any help would be gratefully received...... Many thanks.
  15. Sometime ago I wrote to Egg explaining that I was unable to make the minimum monthly payments due to a change in my financial circumstances and offered to pay a reduced amount each month. I received no written replies only phone call after phone call (which I never answered - prefer to have everything in writing). I again sent a letter explaining the situation and asked them to confirm in writing their acceptance of my offer. Again - no written response recieved. I have been regularly making the payments I promised to make. I then received a default notice - in response to this I wrote a letter to dispute the default as I had been making the payments as per my offer of repayment and had never recieved any written responses to my letters (of which there are many) I also put in this letter that I wanted all correspondence in writing and no contact by telephone. I asked for the default notice to be removed and a response to my letters and offer of repayment. This letter was dated 20th April. I then recieved a letter from Egg dated 3rd May which was a computer generated 'we have been unable to contact you by telephone'...... Then recieved a letter dated 4th May which says my Egg Card agreement has been terminated due to my failure to comply with the terms of the default notice. It says that an external DCA will contact me within the next 10 days - this hasn't happened yet...... Please could anyone let me know what I need to do now? Thanking you all in anticipation, Clareyluxo
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