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  1. Excellent advice, thanks for this and I will keep you informed.
  2. Hi. I wrote to GE Money and advised them that my loan was with Safestyle UK and I have had a reply from them on a Compliments slip saying and I quote "Unfortunately if an account was closed more than 6 years ago we will not hold any account information. We are sorry we can't assist any further". No signature, no letter, just a compliments slip. Very unprofessional. Does this mean I have come to an end with my claim? Thanks CR
  3. Really? I bought windows at the time, it might have been Safestyle actually so maybe that is the answer. I remember paying for the loan for years and when I wanted to settle they told me I still owed the same amount as I first borrowed. It was a right rip off. Have you come across this before then? Thanks
  4. This was my first enquiry, a phone call to them and then a letter to them submitting a claim for PPI. I included absolutely everything regrding who I am and the account details but this was my first response from them saying they can not trace my account - It was originaly with The First National Bank PLC. That is the paper work that I included. I havent submitted any official forms or been to an advisor at all, I just expected after everything that has been going on re PPI that they would give me a honest response rather than ask me to submit all the details again. Thanks for getting b
  5. Exactly, the letter I received looks like a standard letter that they send to everyone, they have even sent me back a copy of the copy I made showing my account details. I find it all very strange. They are either trying to put me off getting back in touch with them or the person who dealt with my query isn't how can I put it? An educated person? Trying to be polite there.
  6. Hi. I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I contacted GE Money a couple of weeks ago by phone on 01626 492367 only to be told that they can not find my account details regarding a loan I took out a number of years ago. They told me to send them a letter. I sent them the name, address and account number and photo copies of the loan agreement and all the details. They have replied to me today asking for the reason why I took the loan out??? They have everything they need, they tell me and I quote "Unfortunately we have not been able to trace this customers account". They a
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