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  1. It's my daughter and she is the registered keeper. She started the post under my user name and I've updated as she's been at work. Sorry for the confusion armadillo71 And thanks we will get onto that now. I wrote to premier inn. Carpark owners so to speak and they have just replied giving me details of parking eye saying they are responsible. I have wrote to them again saying they are the ones instructing parking eye so it is the name address of their person I require. Thanks all
  2. I'm struggling to find a relevant copy / template of a Stat Questionaire. Anyone point me in the right direction please
  3. Ok followed the instructions now daughter has had.a letter It is a Notice of allocation to the small claims track Dated 20 Jan received 2 days ago. It says TAKE NOTICE THAT this is now a defended claim and scrubbed out is The defendant has filed a defence What does she have todo now. Where does she go from here Many thanks as always
  4. Very very limited legal aid if any. Borderline. No she hasn't advised the court and no special circumstances that we are aware she could use
  5. Other than being told appeal would go to crown court I don't know. Am not sure she knows
  6. I spoke to a solicitor today. He advised that if she says truthfully that she did everything possible to ascertain the drivers ID and give details of what she did Asked and looked at photographic evidence, phone records calendars diary work stuff etc and cannot truthfully that she knew who was driving then she should get listened to fairly and probably fine and points wiped or reduced When she rang the magistrates court they said the appeal would be crown court
  7. Appeal against conviction at crown court Not legally represented at the moment. Going to ring tomorrow
  8. Offence occurred 1st week in June 2014. Request for driver details received 1st week October. I am going to go with her and see a duty solicitor if we can. She would not get legal aid and although she is lucky enough to be able to afford a fine she doesn't want the points and most certainly doesn't want to be criminalised when she is being absolutely honest and has done everything else possible.
  9. They have checked diaries calendars work records bank statements, Photographic evidence from police The area in which the offence took place is where either could be at that time. It fits in well with both her journey home and also his They both work very close to each other and often even share the journey and either or the other may drive on any particular day. Almost dependant on who walks out the front door first. We can't think of anything else that they haven't done to try and work out who the driver was She's getting rather upset cos she is telling the truth and neither of th
  10. Thank you. I think she was under the impression that as she is telling the true it would be OK If only....
  11. On all responses she has stated that she is not willingly withholding information regarding the drivers ID but honestly and truthfully between them they cannot be certain of who was driving
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