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  1. Thanks Ken100464 & dx I found the thread and as you rightly put Ken100464 it applies exactly to me, so thank you for this (needs to be read after a couple of pints though). My main concern is that as previously mentioned I paid a large amount in 2008 to clear the balance in full. Will I get any interest from 2008 to now? Cheers
  2. Good afternoon Had excellent news that MBNA have agreed the PPI policy has been mis-sold. The FOS has confirmed MBNA are going to fully compensate as per the FOS guidelines. This account was cleared in full in 2008. Simple question, how do I work out the likely offer from MBNA (I have kept all the statements)? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry Brigadier, what that meant was that unless AG can come with anything I no longer need to do anything at present. Would I be correct in assuming this?
  4. Happy New Year All I have written to Santander today to see where they get the total premiums paid of £260.22 when my analysis (from all the statements) shows £773.86. Interesting to see what Santander's reply will be!
  5. Thanks Brigadier Would I be quite in assuming nothing further has to be done (eg acknowledgement of letter or anything)?
  6. Good afternoon all Happy New Year! Received a letter from AG that has completely confused me. In summary, they cannot obtained the original documentation & believes it does not exist. What position does that leave me in? Thanks
  7. Good evening all On 29 October 2012, I wrote to Capital One in relation in a PPI which was mis-sold to me. I enclosed the completed FOS questionnaire. In this time, I have received one piece of correspondence from Capital One dated the 3 Nov 2012 saying that it was being investigated. In my letter of 29 Oct 2012, I explained that if this matter had not been settled within 8 weeks of this letter then I would be contacting the FOS. This stage has now been reached. Could I please have advice on what I should put in the covering letter to the FOS? Thanks in advance.
  8. The following links. Sorry, no idea how I import the link into a post, but the titles are CCJ default in Northampton - can this be set a side? and Capital One CCA - is it enforceable? Thanks
  9. Why not? And if so, who can?
  10. Evening all Very simple question - how do I close a thread? I cannot see anyway how I can do this. Thanks
  11. Evening All Sorry for the late reply dx, but been recovering from this horrible virus that has been going round. I have completed FosRunningPPIv102 with all the details from the statements. Based on this spreadsheet, do you believe the offer made by Santander is fair? If not, what should be my next course of action. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks ims21 Your are completely right. The PPI claim is certain to be accepted as on the documents provided by Cap One following the CCA request, it clearly shows that I never wanted the PPI. Any PPI compensation will clear the debt off and leave me a bit left over. I shall write to Cap One to this effect. Thanks for everyones help.
  13. Any opinions on what should be my next course of action?
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