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  1. Count me in my complaint will be on its way on Monday. These vultures should be locked up I for one will never stop fighting them I have had them to the FOS three times already and ready to go again. My mental and physical health has deteriorated because of there constant harassment and threats of repossession. Even though i have an arrangement and have never missed a payment they are constantly on my back for more money new arrangements budget sheets and they still charge me £70 a month. It is a disgrace that nothing is done about these bas---ds.
  2. As some of you will know I have put many posts on Cag since 2007 about SPPL/Capstone/ Eurosail/Acenden as I took out a loan with SPPL in 2006. However in 2012 SPPL went into liquidation and my lian was transferred to Eurosail. So you can imagine my suprise when a field agent for Acenden popped a letter through my door from a company called EXCEL asking me to contact them to discuss my proposals to repay the arrears on my loan to southern pacific personal loans as they were acting on their behalf. Now i am confused how can this company be acting on behalf of a company that has gone into liquid
  3. I think we can all agree then that call centres and automated call answering does not work well for the advisors or the customers. A good example today of how talktalk won't talk. I have an outstanding balance of £37 due on the 22nd of september, these are advance charges for october bill, however they have restricted my service until i pay up for something i haven't used yet, and i can't use because my service is restricted. Therefore i phoned them today to ask why? And get the automated service on all numbers i try which says you have an outstanding amount of £37 your service wi
  4. Hi i hope someone can help me with a question regadibg time limits on payment of bills for services like talktalk. I wanted to know how long do you have to pay your bill once the due date has passed before they restrict your services thankyou cher69
  5. Hi i hope you dont think i am ignoring you i just dont have a pc at the moment to enable me to cange the above docs but as soon as i have i will do it thankyou cher69
  6. Totally agree coniff got a bit carried away and did it on my phone which is a nightmare was going to sort iy but my phone died lol will go do it now thanku for reminding me cher69 x
  7. I May sound like an old grump but I think that technology is to blame and companies thinking they could save money by opening these call centres and to save even more money by opening them in other countries were people work for less wages like in india have really back fired on them. I know for a fact from experience workinv in a BT call centre that the advisors dont get trained properly. I got two weeks training and a manual to look things up and you were expected to find your own answers not ask the team leader every five minutes also you had targets to reach so you were supposed to answer
  8. hi sorry it took so long to post up i just hope i did it right this is the letter i received from ge money . thank you cher69
  9. Haha you guys just made me giggle n yes i have tried the tactic of being really really really nice and all that but 9 times out of 10 they say something patronising or really illogical that makes me turn into the devil woman lol . Also yes i agree with you on the english issue and i don't want anyone jumping to conclusions thinking i am racist because i am not. What i mean is that if you work in a call centre or any job that involves communicating over the telephone you should be able to speak clear good english and that means if you are welsh, scottish, scouse,geordie, irish, yorkshire, wh
  10. Just want to rant about the majority of advisers at call centres round the country and how these days you just cant talk to these people. They sound like they are reading their responses from a book which is probably what most are doing.if you are asking for help with an outstanding debt you have their options not yours. They are not human any more unable to empathise so they may as well get rid of the advisers and make it automated like everything else. You know keep it simple. Press 1 if you owe us money press 2 if u want to make payment in full press 3 if u cant make a payment. If u cant
  11. Hi there just wondere if you got this sorted out as i am in a similar position myself thank you
  12. Thank you oldrouge sorry for the delay i will post them up asap!.kind regards cher69
  13. Just to add ge money stated this was their final decision and to take it to the ombudsman they dont even want to discuss it no suprise there though .
  14. Hi there i got ge moneys response today and to be honest it was what i expected they sent me a letter about 5 pages long including a copy of the agreement I signed which wasnt an issue i know i signed it. However they state there is nothing they can do and have forwarded a copy of my letter to the broker. Ge money will not extend the loan term their reasoning is because it is a management decision not to do so. So there we go not much help. What next is there anything i can do ?? Cher69
  15. Oh yes i forgot to say no there is no equityin the property kind regards cher69
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