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  1. Thanks dx100uk for taking the time to post a reply. Much appreciated. This is all still new to me. But I think that I would have the same problem with submitting a Subject Access Request as I would with the PPI complaint ...and possibly any other correspondence too? Do I send it to the original company with whom I took out my store card account (GE Capital Bank), the company that subsequently took over the account some years later (Santander), or someone else? Thanks again. Fond regards Hartley
  2. Hi Folks Re: Debenhams I browsed the forums and can't see an answer. Apologies for the Newbie post, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have all my old store card (Debenhams) statements, along with the original consumer credit agreement (signed 30.10.03). I understand that Santander took over the running of my store card from GE Capital Bank 7 years or so after I took the card. I paid-off the card and closed down the credit agreement in 2011. So my question is this: Do I send the completed form that I downloaded from the Ombudsman onto to GE Money UK Ltd
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