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  1. It has been 41 calendar days now and I have not received anything from Fowlers, No CCA, No SAR. What do I do now?
  2. I know the defaults drop off after 6 years I was under the impression that having credit even subprime credit and repaying on time would help to show lenders that I am now repaying on time etc. Is this not the case? Should I close some of the accounts? Is it worth sending a CCA request to lowell to see if they actually sent a default notice? I cant remember ever seeing one.
  3. Hi everyone I'm trying to sort out my credit file so i can apply for a mortgage. In the past I was careless with money but for the past couple of years I have been responsible. I have 4 defaults on my file, one is for a capital one card. The account was opened in 2009 and since 2010 the card was not used and I was paying off the minimum payment each month (by automatic payment) My bank card had to be changed when i got married and I didn't update the payment method and I had arrears letters which I stupidly ignored. I did not hear anything for a good while
  4. I have heard nothing from Fowlers yet. They received the SAR request on the 25th February (sent signed for) and received the CCA request and the formal complaint on the same day. How long should I give them to respond?
  5. As far as I know they haven't added any charges, I am not sure though as I still haven't received any contact from them re and debt even before they repossessed the car. What I meant is on my credit report (noodle) the fowlers finance is now showing as one month late for the January month.
  6. Fowlers have added a late payment to january on my credit report today too. I contacted them in December for the payment holiday which they agreed too. Argh..... needed to apply for a mortgage by the end of the year, doubt ill be able to now as they will put it as a default soon.
  7. It wan not my converstation with him. The police tried to call me whist I was at work and then texted this to my phone, They wrote bailiff....
  8. I posted a formal complaint, a cca request and a sar request last week. The police lady has come back to me with - they can't help with the matter of my property (purse, money) as there's no evidence of theft and she would be unable to prove it was in the car in the first place. The credit control guy at fowlers stated the items I said were missing and not returned to me were not in the vehicle and himself and the bailiff sorted the property themselves. He also said it was not company policy to log the items so there is no inventory listed. The police said its
  9. Update on the purse. I went to the police station and the lady rung fowlers who spoke to her lovely. He said he had personally emptied the car and my purse was not there. However she was told that many people had been in contact with the car since the repossession it could have been anyone who took the purse. The police lady gave me a crime reference number and advised me to call my house insurance but when calling them I find out I don't have personal belongings cover outside of the home so it was not covered by my insurance. A lesson for me
  10. I seem to have misplaced the agreement, unless I was never given it, the only paperwork I can find is two standing order mandates, one for car payment (weekly) and one for mechanical repairs (weekly). Can I request a copy of my agreement from them? As far as I can remember it was a HP agreement and it was financed by fowlers themselves who do their own in house car finance. I had paid 23 weekly payments on the agreement so it was not over 1/3 of the way through the term.
  11. Ok - update, I managed to report the purse not being returned to me as theft and I have an appointment with a police officer later this week. How do I proceed with regards to them taking the car off private land with no contact before hand from then. No default notice was served (they say one was) and I had no phone calls or emails regarding this.
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