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  1. Thank you for responding. Yes, I was on my drive speaking to my solicitor on the phone and she asked me for the key to check the mileage. Stupidly I gave it to her without thinking, passed the phone to my solicitor who spoke to her, she passed the phone back to me because she didn't want to acknowledge what my solicitor was saying about my having title to the goods under section 27 of the Hire Purchase Act 1964. I then went into my house to call the police on the advice of my solicitor, came out less than 2 minutes later to find my car gone. There was a cour
  2. On Aug 21 2015 I purchased a 2009 BMW 730i Ld privately (not from a trader or dealer). It had been advertised on Autotrader with a full 9 page HPI Check. I paid £12,500 by way of £12,000 bankers draft to the seller along with £500 cash. On 28th October a woman knocked on our front door saying she was from Bow County Court and wanted to speak to my wife in regards removing our vehicle in respect of a court order she held. The court order was from a finance company to the owner previous to the seller I purchased the car from. Transpires that the previous owner sold the
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