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  1. We have a hearing date with the judge in a few weeks so I am hoping we can come to some arrangement. Very stressful all of this business. Thanks the reply. I have told her to make sure she knows all her outgoings etc for the hearing.
  2. thank you. I do think we now need a solicitor - completely lost here but learning every day...
  3. thanks but the house is worth a lot more than 200k and she has no way of funding the difference. I think you would have to prove you have the money when you bid. Not sure that would work but thanks for replying
  4. Hi, My sister has just had her home repossessed. It is a very sad tale but we are trying to get through it. I won't go into the detail of how she got herself into this situation, I need help with how we can get the house back please We have submitted an order with the court requesting the possession order be set aside so they can get back into the house for the next 6mths and try and sell the house on their terms. I have offered to pay the arrears. We do not have a hearing date yet but I am not hopeful that this will be successful since the bank has asked for the full mortgage amount of around £200k. I am prepared to lend this money to my sister (not rich just have some equity myself!) and will put a charge on the house to this value so when they sell it I am repaid. However, on talking to the bank they have said that even though you repay all the debt they will have to decide whether they will give the house back to my sister and not still just sell it at auction. In which case it is not worth paying them anything at all! I will be getting a lawyer involved at some point as I am completely out of my depth but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this and knows the process and what the chances are of them giving the house back once we have paid off the full amount? Many thanks Fiona
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