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  1. I have just contactes my local mp via email. Just had a thought - i will need to cancel my DD as they will try and take their payment. Is there anyway i can find out their bank details so i can set up a SO to pay my £100 per month without actually phoning them? I'd rather the payment was automated so that i don't forget or miss one etc
  2. Sadly the overpayment is correct. I have checked and double checked. Throughout the period i have kept recieving award notices due to "a change in circumstances" - i just presumed these were correct as they were when a change had happened! I spoke to the council about this when i was setting up a DD with for my rent and the lady i spoke to just agreed they were complex to understand. I should have called the cb/hb office and asked for an explanation and i would have then realised but i didn't. I recieved a letter around 4 weeks ago asking for me to submit all income evidence - i did and then i recieved the overpayment. The council tax bill followed.
  3. I don't get any council tax benefits nor housing benefit now. I cannot however, afford to pay £170 + per month for 6 months. £100 is all i can afford to pay which will leave a "debt" of £500 moving forward into next council tax period.
  4. Hi I have received an overpayment of council tax benefit which has meant that i have just been issued with a new council tax bill. This means that i now owe my full years council tax. I cannot afford to pay their instalment plan and have written to them advising i cannot pay as requested. I have cleared the odd amount leaving round figures and have advised i can pay £100 per month. This would leave me owing £500 going into the new financial year. They have written to me and said that whilst they sympathise, should i not pay as they have requested and clear the balance this year they will take recovery action and put a liability order in place which will add £120 on. What can i do????? It seems a little unfair when i am tackling this before any arrears arise. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  5. I'm battling with Marstons regarding the fact that i didn't recieve any correspondance from them prior to their visit (just bumped my thread with an update). They have not responded to my written complaints and i've had to escalate to Civea. This too was for a pcn. It appears they are skipping the stage 1 and going straight to stage 2 for fees. Hope you get it sorted.
  6. Just wanted to give a little update.... 1) Wrote to DVLA and they confirmed that due to my husband not providing an address on the logbook they delayed changing the address over. The finance company was called "The Car Finance Company" so guess it lookes a bit generic. Anyway, they have amended the records to show the correct date (pre pcn). 2) Wrote to the court and they just passed the letter onto the council - i'd wrote to council also and they replied saying case was closed and they would not be reopening it. Wrote again and got same response. 3) Emailed Marstons twice and sent a letter and recieved NO response. 4) Escalated my complaint with Marstons to Civea. Anyone have any other ideas?
  7. Well it worked. But i still feel they misrespresented themselves and i'm fuming with myself for taking them on face value!!!!!!
  8. It shows as balance outstanding still - not updated since the repo - never been chased for anything.
  9. Yes but not after 2014 it just shows as default (i'm not at home so can't tell you exact wording)
  10. It was in joint names. On my credit file it is shown as "settled" with a zero balance (and this has been shown like this on there before my DRO). On my husbands it shows as the full amount (before repo) nothing has been updated on his since July 2016.
  11. But it appears they have charged £75 and £235? If i had of recieved a letter from Marstons i would have paid. I know they are doing a job and they were polite and i would go as far as to say friendly but they misrepresented who they actually were. Not once did they say they were from Marstons - they said they were enforcment agents from the court & that the bailiffs were following 30/40 mins behind should debt not be settled in full. I now know (from here) that that is a lie!!! That just does not seem fair. When i answered the door i thought it was 2 coppers!!!! I mean what's with the walkie talkies???
  12. Hi, the debt it not in my name (it's my husbands) therefore couldn't have been included. I will contact the council and also DVLA (just to put my mind at rest on whether we actually did still own the car at the time on the pcn). Just mega peeved that they have added £235 on without even giving me the chance to contact them before visiting. Then when they did visit misleading me as to who they actually were!!
  13. Not what i wanted to hear but i understand what you are saying.....the thing is if i'd of had a letter i would have dealt with it - i am "debt free" and after having years of worrying about knocks on the door i would have tackled this head on to avoid anything. I would have paid and not even questionned the £75 (ok i would have had to ask for it in 2 halfs) - it's just the extra fees i'm wound up at and the fact they misrepresented their authority. £422 is a hell of a lot of money to me and i don't have that spare a month. It's left me really, really short.
  14. Just also reiterating about he showed me on ipad that someone had visited in January at 7.07am - this 100% did not happen! I have 2 children so would have been up and getting them dressed and would hear anyone at the door (i also have a dog who barks at door) and we have had nothing posted or posted through the door as if i had it would have been dealt with straight away.
  15. I can 100% guarantee i have not had anything from Marstons....i cannot remember when it went to court but i guess it was 2014 or maybe early 2015. Definately not had any correspondance since Aug/Sept 2015 as this is when i was in the process of going through all debts for Stepchange for DROs so instead of hiding away from letters etc everything is opened and dealt with - does that make sense?
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