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  1. Thanks I was thinking along the same lines. Be difficult to save the house now. Although the CAB have said they don't think he will get a council house and most private landlords/letting agents won't rent to someone with bad credit/CCJ/Bankrupt. I'm Planning to go to the council to ask if they can help with housing. Until we get that sorted though it seems the only option would be to keep trying to pay the mortgage arrears. If he stops does anyone know how long it would take for them to get an eviction through the court? Need to make sure we have time to find him somewhere else to l
  2. Hi. Thanks for the advice. I'll try to answer all the questions raised the best I can but I've not got all the info in front of me right now and it seems more debt/problems are appearing as we go. Think he must owe everyone something. He has not been to court for anything. His wife (my stepmother) has left him recently and he is not in a very good state of mind to cope with any of it at the moment. Think he has been ignoring all letters for a while. The only court form I can see referring to the repossession is the one stating he has until 26th October as the date he should leave the p
  3. Hi. New to the forum. I am currently trying to help my father through some serious debt problems and having been to the Citizens advice a couple of times bankruptcy is looking likely (although need to save enough money first). I have also discovered though that the mortgage company have been to court and been issued a possession order for his house. The date given on the court form says he should have been out on the 26th October. He has been ringing them weekly and paying something but still owes £500. He has sold most of his furniture and other belongings to try pay the arrears off but
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