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  1. He going to have a word with HR on Monday see if there is anything they are prepared to do. He has also looked at an EX160 form as he may be eligible for fee remission on the set aside as he only works part time and is a carer to his partner and gets Universal Credit for the family and 2 children, so there is every chance the £255 for the set aside may not apply. If the worst comes to the worst and he does have to complete an N244, what is the correct procedure for filling in the form, and can it be taken to his local county court?
  2. My son has spoken to his manager just as he is still at work and he in turn has just rang the training garage and spoke to one of the guys there, they said they often have to refer these things to court as a lot of people leave before the two year period expires. He doubts there is little they can do from getting it back from court as it’s gone to far even though it was a error In Sending it there, what they are willing to do is provide a letter supporting Him to help him set aside. with regards to the post he assured me he didn’t bury his head i
  3. Posting on behalf of my son. My son started a job with National Express as a bus driver several years ago, at the time his PCV training and test fees were deferred by the company for 2 years, if he remained an employee of the company for a 2 year period the training and test fees would be wiped and nothing would be due. However, he left his employment after 15 months as he was being bullied by management at the garage he was based at. He took up another bus driving job for Ring and Ride, my son had been at Ring and Ride for 7 months and he was sent a bill fo
  4. Well an update, JDW have now sent the other 2 accounts out of the 4 which hubby had with JDW off to Lowell, even after a complaint going in prior and a promise the 2 in house accounts would not be sold. He has sent off a SAR to JDW for the 4 accounts and see what comes back, I'm guessing he puts in a claim for the charges to wipe out any amounts they have sold the amounts on cheaply to bring as much pain as possible to JDW. I'm guessing JDW owe hubby rather than passing this amount on to Lowell, as Lowell are claiming they own the debt outright, so in that sense hu
  5. Yes I get what you mean, there is nothing creditors could lay claim to. We don't own property, well we did at one point but the house was sold to the local authority under mortgage rescue about 3 years ago. As my husbands illness meant he had to give up work we decided keeping the mortgage going was impossible, so the local authority own the property now. But he has sent the complaint across to the Chief Executive now see await what happens, he has has also sent a SAR off to see what comes back. What is the process of claiming the fees back and can they can be
  6. He even said that himself, he knows time is short, unless there is some miracle I can only hope for. I think he want's some fun with these lowlife's, he is more bothered about me and the harassment and lifetime of eternity they will hound our mailbox with once he has gone. I suppose he is at least doing some good while he is here, if not himself, but for others that these lowlifes lay on the vulnerable.
  7. He has pulled the CEO's email from CEOemail and sent a damning complaint email to the CEO of JDW, threatening to take his complaint to the FOS and passing on detailed evidence of his health condition which is a death sentence hanging over his head. He said death can't come soon enough so Lowell get nothing, but said he will fight the good fight as long as he is here. The bizarre thing was he didn't break his payment arrangement, there is a payment due in 10 days time on the Jacamo account which the Direct Debit is still active on his online account, and worse still his Fash
  8. Trying to cut a long story short as much as possible. Hubby has 2 accounts with Jacamo and Fashion World (both trading as JD Williams) In September 2017, he entered into a payment arrangement due to illness which will ultimately end up killing him. Payment arrangement kept to next payment not due until February, or so we thought. This morning he gets a letter from Lowell informing him both accounts have been sold to them. He has spoken to Jacamo and raised a complaint with them and they have confirmed they have not issued him with a default notice as they are understan
  9. The Ombudsman is the best way forward especially in cases of administrative errors. I am in agreement for the time being your current address is unknown to both the council and B&S and that is the way you should keep it, you are under no obligation to divulge your address to make a complaint to the council. Simply email your complaint to them and request any response is sent back to you by return email address. Normally the complaints process with a council is a 2 tier complaints process, first you complain they respond, and if you don't agree you request them to look
  10. Not a chance, I stay well clear of Continuous Payment Authority transactions. Although out of interest Barclays do now allow you to cancel CPA arrangements quite easily, my sister had an issue with Sky and they had set up a CPA on her Sky account, and Sky would not cancel the CPA without my sister agreeing to Direct Debit. However one quick call to Barclays and they sent out a form for her to sign and sent back and bang CPA stopped instantly leaving Sky very frustrated..... I believe if you go into a Barclays branch and sign the paperwork there and then they stop them right away.
  11. I've cancelled the arrangement and told PDCS if HMRC have beef with myself then the liaise with myself. In the mean time I'll send HMRC a SAR as we were only sent the alleged balance from HMRC in November 2016, its not an old debt by any means. I'll also send PDCS a letter and a copy of the SAR instructing them the account should be returned to HMRC and confirmation our arrangement is cancelled. In hind sight I should have known better to contact the PDCS, but my hubby is very wary of anything to do with the Inland Revenue, even DCA's associated with them.
  12. Hi all, I had a rather disturbing experience today and was wondering if the issue is widespread amongst DCAs. I contacted a company called PastDue, regarding a debt with the Inland Revenue. I'm not going to beat around the bush whether I owe it or not, because the fact is simple I owe it and it needs to be paid. I called to setup a payment plan and after going through income and expenditure my offer was accepted. However at the start of the call after confirming my details. I said to the agent I was recording the call which she said was fine, however she asked if she could add m
  13. I will get those requests sent off first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  14. Its early morning, small over sight, will get those requests sent off.
  15. The noodle .PDF files my son created state this account was opened on 29th June 2012, exactly as claim form.
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