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  1. Hi, For good reasons i fell behind with my payments on my Water account back in 2008, in 2010 the company obtained a CCJ against me, i accept this - we hadnt paid and nothing they could do. Nothing happened until December last year, when our financial position changed so i made a re-payment arrangement with the water company. Ever since we have made a good dent in the debt. However, I have checked my Equifax account today and the water company registered a default against me in 2015, frustrating as the CCJ has JUST dropped off - they have also not shown the payments i have made to them since. My question is, as the company already had a CCJ - and nothing had changed since 2010, can they then also register a default for the same debt 5 years later - surely the default occured before the CCJ? Its frustrating as i have worked really hard to clear our credit records and things are just looking up! Now i have a Default in place for another 5/6 years!!! Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. https://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/requirement-notices/southern-pacific-mortgage-limited-vreq
  3. Hello! I am surprised that no customers of Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited have mentioned the recent refund of charges from SPML? I have been battling with them for years over what I believe to be overcharges and MANY others have made comments on the forums stating the same. We received a letter dated the 2nd of July from SPML, saying that they have agreed with the FCA that certain charges made between 1st of January 2009 and 31st of August 2012 were "found to be higher than the market norm" and have refunded the difference back to my mortgage account. The letter doesn't say what the "norm" is and does not give a breakdown of the amount refunded but it does say it is for Arrears Management Fees and Litigation Management Fees . At the time the charges were made, they were still being added to the arrears balance of the mortgage and therefore several eviction attempts made by SPML were obviously based on unfair overcharges - luckily the court stopped their attempts and I still have the house today (with no mortgage arrears) - yet I am still fighting charges which at todays date total well over £20k (the majority in legal fees!). Anybody else had the same? Any thoughts from anyone on the best way to challenge this? Unsure how they have determined unfair charges between these date yet charges outside of these dates still remain at the same level?
  4. No, I know the fees are genuine, I questioned why they were required when I had already offered payment and the warrant could not of been fake as I had already spoke to the court and had not seen a copy of it. Either way the court are denying receiving that letter, so if the action today was because of it - that would be fairly corrupt of the court?
  5. It was OTT, I haven't been aggressive towards them in the past, haven't called threatening them - literally didn't speak to them at all! The only things I can think that may have caused such a response is if the court handed my letter across to them, or I really p****d them off with the last complaint?
  6. That is what happened, unfortunately I have had dealings with Marstons in the past (about 4 months ago), and complained to them when they clamped a Hire Car and refused to remove it for 2 hours, it was a different bailiff - but strangely they both had the same name! So unless they have just decided to bring in the heavies because of that?? It was just a complaint, never progressed to a Form 4... The complaint to the court was based around charges and the involvement of the bailiffs in the first place (as I had made payments and offered payment to clear the balance). Just to note - I called the police in, not them - but when I did I found out they had already called them to log a visit.
  7. That is exactly what happened, the Police Officer said he wasn't interested in anything I had to say, he knew the law, the bailiffs were a professional outfit and not a bunch of cowboys and he would arrest me if I didn't pay them or let them in to remove goods as I would be breaching the peace - I spoke to them again after the bailiffs left and he repeated the above (2 officers attended, 1 hardly spoke).
  8. Thank you.... notes below:- Yes, the original debt was near £2000, the rest was paid directly to the court BEFORE Marstons became involved. No I didn't write to Marstons, I was advised by the court that if I didn't answer the door they would return it to the court. I contacted the court the day after the first visit to offer payment, they refused and said I needed to speak to Marstons IF I wanted to pay. The court confirmed today they had that call on their records. I did also write to the court at the same time, but they have denied receiving (Should have sent recorded I know!) They didn't confirm they told me NOT to pay today, only that I had called to make payment. I paid the full O/S balance today £635
  9. Can anyone advise on this one? I was visited a number of weeks ago by Marston Group foran unpaid court fine amounting to £175. Marston added on to this another £300in fees and charges, they posted a letter through my door in my absence. Ispoke to the court at the time and offered them payment but they refused toaccept because it was with the bailiffs but I was told by the court that theBailiffs would hand it back to them if they did not receive payment (DistressWarrant), so paid nothing and waited for it to be handed back as at this pointthe bailiffs fees would be removed. This morning, I had three bailiffs arrive with alocksmith - the locksmith continued to try and pick locks both at the front andback of the house, so I called the police who arrived quite quickly - thebailiff had called the police himself before his visit to warn them he would bebreaking in to the property (they had not entered the property previously). The policeman spoke firstly with the bailiffs and then came over to me and said"Pay them or I will arrest you", when asked why I would be arrestedhe answered "Breach of the Peace" - now I hadn't threatened anyone orraised my voice at all throughout the whole time. I have read on-line conflicting views as towhether a bailiff can force entry to a property for a unpaid court fine(Driving offence), but both the bailiff and the police said they could and thepolice said that once I had been arrested the bailiffs would enter in myabsence and I would be spending the day in the cells. It really did feel as thoughthe police had only attended to encourage me to pay, so I did, with the view Iwould fight this later - at which point Marston Group increased the debt by afurther £140 to cover the locksmith. I have spoke to both the court and the police again todaywho have both stated that the bailiff did have power to force entry on theoriginal warrant, so I have the following questions:- · Can the Bailiffs force entry on a distresswarrant without returning it to court and applying for a separate warrantallowing them to force entry? · Could/Should the policeman have threatened mewith arrest and was he correct in acting the way he did? · Should the court of accepted payment when Icalled them to offer it to them? Okay, i'm not blameless, I should have paid at the time Iwas fined, but life is not always that simple and I did have good reason forlate payment, I had to borrow the money to pay this morning! I believed fromnumerous forums/etc. on-line that bailiffs could not enter my premises but thismorning, if the bailiffs and police are correct, this obviously is not thecase!
  10. Ahhh, may just have to wait a while then, thank you for your help
  11. Okay, I have paid the amounts ordered by the court for six months, so have kept to a payment arrangement (albeit clearing arrears) would that count? Or would I need 6-12 months of CMI payment without paying arrears as well?
  12. I have checked with the land registry and it shows the mortgage charge only, and I still have the mortgage - just no arrears on it.
  13. Can anyone help? I have had problems with everyone's favourite mortgage company and had a suspended possession order served on me in 2007 - I have just cleared all arrears and am now working on recovering charges - now I owe nothing - can I apply to have the possession order cancelled as the mortgage company have refused to move it? I just want to get it cancelled so if I do hit problems again at a later date I have some protection from immediate eviction.
  14. Because from this side, i phoned them in January about the level of charges applied, and they actually LIED to me about the amount they had added on!
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