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  1. So what do I do now???? They aren’t taking any notice of anything. Do i I get another letter off? They aren’t doing anything Frustrating beyond belief this is lol
  2. I have got a copy of the letter they say I haven’t received dated 28th March. Where they've got that idea from I don’t know. nothing in the letter they’ve sent sheds any light on my letter to them in July I keep repeating questions to them that they still fail to answer its doing my head in
  3. They’ve already had that money from the FSCS in jan 2017 and kept it though?.. so so they are defo up compared to what they probably paid for portfolio
  4. Chuck this in?? I for one would gladly see you in court to yet again get this whole thing closely examined by yet another judge and finally force the removal of the charge against the property as the whole debt is subject to mass irresponsible lending, numerous penalty charges for all manner of indiscretions and other insurances making any balance bogus. I bring back your attention my letter off 25/03/2017 whereby this was fully outlined from the onset. However you chose to disregard my claims and dispute and proceed with a possession claim which was without merit. Wh
  5. It’s all the ifs and the buts that’s dragging this out.. how many years now. Surely there’s got to be some light at the end of tunnel and closure at last? this dragging on without responses is killing me
  6. How’s this looking? Really want to bash my head against the wall Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your Quarterly Mortgage Arrears dated 16th July 2019 It is noted that once again you have totally disregarded my letters dated 8th November, 26th January and 11th April and have failed to answer the questions put to you. Since my first contact with you Prime Credit/Alpha Credit Solutions 4 S.a.r.l. back in 2017 my sheer frustration in dealing with your ineptitude grows on a monthly basis. In regard to the outstanding balance you claim is ow
  7. Heard something 2 letter one just a quarterly statement but the other more threats with another statement from aug 18 to date. Time to send them something do you think? Prime_16th_July_.pdf
  8. Still not heard a pip after their joking threatening letter in June. whats my next course of action??
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