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  1. From Brighton after me sending this Thanks for the reply, The claimant holds no documents either. I have been everywhere to try and track this information down. As I stands I have a charge on my property which could cause problems if I wanted to remortgage or sell. But no one holds and proof. Is there any further advice you could give about removal of this charge please Dear Sir, Thank you for your email, we believe that the land registry may hold documents relating to this case as it may be registered with them when the final charging order is made. We suggest you contact them for more information. Kind Regards, The land registry don’t unfortunately. After I had applied for official copies they then updated the register to state this this back in 2016. Dear Sir, Unfortunately we are unable to provide any further documents to what the land registry have provided due to the file being destroyed. Kind Regards, Still no closer
  2. Not planning to upload anything at present. More recently I have been converting photos to pdf before I’ve uploaded though i think you maybe better deleting more as I only have 7% available
  3. Thank you you may be better doing 2017 too. thank you Andy thought I was going crazy Cos I’ve looked and looked
  4. Yes I’ve tried but there is no tick box on mine 122 ATTACHMENTS SORT BY FILTER BY 1 2 3 4 5 NEXT Page 1 of 5 D010A773-C7BB-4D36-9D57-3CA9CA6F6739.jpeg 321.23 kB · Uploaded February 15 Welcome secured loans/charge - sold to Alpha/Prime -repo received - ***Claim Di
  5. That’s fine the lot can be deleted. But it’s not giving me the option to delete anything.
  6. It’s only giving me the option to upload an existing attachment now You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space
  7. I’m not trying to upload anything right now but last week I tried to upload 2 pdf files one was 2.3 and the other 2.7kb
  8. ATTACHMENT QUOTA 238% You have used 116.36 MB of your 48.83 MB attachment limit. this is the message when I go to my attachments.
  9. I can’t upload or delete any attachments since this upgrade. It’s saying I’m over my limit
  10. Reply from Brighton Dear Sir, Thank you for your email, unfortunately as previously stated due to the nature of the case being very old we no longer have the file and it was before our electronic records began. We suggest you contact the claimant who may have retained some documents regarding the case. Kind Regards, Im banging my head against a brick wall
  11. Good morning, Thank you for your email. Please note your case has been transferred to the County Court at BRIGHTON. As we no longer hold this case at the County Court Business Centre, I am unable to take any action or provide any updates in relation to this claim and you will need to forward your email to the relevant Court to be processed. is it me or am I just going around in circles?? 2016 I got in touch with Brighton and they said I need to get in touch with my local court. Which I did..
  12. I’ve rang the court a few times no luck getting through. I am waiting for an email response any day now. this is just crazy! You think link would have applied to the court for proof not tell me too.. seeing as they think they are owed the money
  13. What’s interesting is they say account was defaulted 1999. But charge wasn’t placed till 2006. i wonder what happened to the 6 year rule?? Link_4th_March_.pdf
  14. Received this from link Lloyds must have forwarded my letter direct to them. Whats your thoughts?? Doesn’t seem to me like they have any proof?? I still cannot upload ant attachments so will email you
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