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  1. The conduct by Welcome Finance whilst being the owners of this account leaves a lot to be desired. Any balance incurred within the last loan is result being an ongoing Unfair Relationship and the unjust enrichment on their behalf dating back to the first loan. The link between the last 2 loans clearly show that there was no benefit gained by myself as the last loan rewrote the full balance of the loan before it including fees and charges for an extended term with more Ppi and fees added creating a higher outstanding balance taking it to well over the 25k threshold around 31 emotion be precise. It was rewritten solely for the benefit of welcome finance and for their own financial gain.
  2. Another thing about this 12 year rule that concerns me is that legal charge was dated 2006? Dx im going to send you the finished draft. Want to get this off today if possible. Is there any legal bumf I can put in there?
  3. I’ve found it but not sure if relevant to me and this situation. We all know they wont be in a hurry to reply to this letter.. shall I invite them to take me back to court?? I am requesting you remove the charge, write the bogus debt off, give this debt back to the original owners or take me back to court and let a judge sort this sorry state of affairs out once and for all. My evidence regarding the resultant balance has been clearly submitted many times. And still you are unwilling to address my concerns
  4. This has been interesting I’m stuck with a Lloyds equitable charge on property from 2006. no records held anywhere. Debt has been sold no CCA. But the charge is still there. No closer to getting it removed
  5. Shall I add this in You should be investigating my claims inside or outside of 6 years. Not continuously using delaying tactics by not responding to any letters I have sent to you in the past 2 years in a timely manner or answering questions relating the issues surrounding this bogus debt
  6. I have started drafting a letter can you advise on this please Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your letter dated 28th March. It is noted you have totally disregarded my letters dated 8th November and 26th January and have failed to answer the questions put to you. My letter on 8th November asked for following information in regards to the outstanding balance • How you’ve reached this figure • Payment schedule • Monthly repayment • Months remaining • End date of loan Until you can provide some clarity on the above then my dispute remains ongoing, and had been added to by my letters of complaint in respect of unlawful fees and charges making up a chunk of the account balance. I once again outline my own position in respect of the current balance, the unlawful penalty fees being applied and the correct monthly repayment obligations going forward. The current balance, before deducting unlawful fees and interest: • Balance when you purchased the debt was: £ 26,152.32 • Minus PPI Refund + interest adjustment: £ 8,163.29 • Minus mis-sold PPI remaining within the current loan balance: £2,002.24 • New balance: £15,986.79 In your recent letter, dated 28th March you refer to the monthly repayments being £231.49. However, this figure is wrong as it includes interest and a payment for PPI for both of which need deducting. Therefore the repayments, calculated as £26,152.32 split over 212 remaining months from January 2016, equals £123.36 - minus £17.51 PPI, equals £105.85 per month. PPI was refunded up to December 2016, with the award made in January 2017. This is paid back to the account balance as follows: 12 x £17.51 / 212 = £1.00 per month to add on. £106.85 is the rightful monthly payment from January 2016 onwards. 39 months have passed since January 2016, which equates to £ 4,167.15 With the PPI refund of £8,163.29 (inc. interest), the account is currently in credit by the amount of £ 3996.14 This is the equivalent of just over 37 monthly payments, based on the above. After these 37 months is up which will be Feb 2022 the 1st payment of £ 106.85 becomes due. Or Balance when you purchased the debt was: £ 26,152.32 Minus PPI Refund + interest adjustment: £ 8,163.29 Minus mis-sold PPI remaining within the current loan balance: £2,002.24 New balance: £15,986.79 divided by 176 months (Jan 19 to Aug 33) = £ 90.83 a month You have been made very aware that my account balance is the result of a series of rewrites, originating with loan no 624851 which commenced in October 2001 Also Loan 2320257 which commenced in Oct 2006 was secured by a legal charge on my property, which was registered at the same time and remains in place. To complete the picture, the other loan numbers are: Loan 51 - commenced 11/10/2001 Loan 69 - commenced 10/03/2003 Loan 78 - commenced 31/03/2005 Loan 16 - commenced 14/07/2005 Loan 57 - commenced 31/10/2006 Loan 03 - commenced 03/04/2007 Loan 61 - commenced 05/10/2007 Loan 84 - commenced 30/08/2008 The conduct of Welcome Finance is what has incurred any balance in the last loan. The result being an ongoing Unfair Relationship and the unjust enrichment on their behalf. You have access to the historical transaction activity that has created the current account balance, which means that you can verify that there has been many fees and charges applied (and their respective amounts), which currently make up part of the balance. All of which need to be deducted from the loan balance. In view of the above, when you respond to this letter and when all historical fees and charges are corrected and the above factors agreed on. I will pay the amount due if any for 29th December to you immediately, followed by regular payments of the same on 29th of each month thereafter. Despite the fact that my serious dispute with Welcome Finance, and subsequently with yourselves as the assignee, remains ongoing. Any charges you take it upon yourselves to apply will be recognised by me, as they have no basis in law. Note that, historically, it has been possible to overpay each month, with the excess allocated as a positive arrears balance that could be used to satisfy future minimum repayments when due. I reserve the right to utilise this option in the future too, and may do so from time to time. As for the time limits regarding the complaint I am am not out of time as this complaint started with Welcome Finance after receiving a Subject Access Request In 2016 and as they sold the debt to you in September 2016 mid complaint and this remains ongoing with yourselves. You should be investigating my claims inside or outside of 6 years. I am requesting you remove the charge, write the bogus debt off or give this debt back to the original owners. My evidence regarding the resultant balance has been clearly submitted many times. I trust this provides you with a clear outline of my position. If you require further clarity on anything, do not hesitate to write to me and request it. I look forward to hearing from you in 14 days.
  7. The Fos couldn’t help me with prime so nothings open. They couldn’t investigate the ir for the same reasons they couldn’t with welcome. prime we’re out of jurisdiction they could only investigate your complaint about Prime Credit should be about the charges added to your account as a result of their debt collecting activities.
  8. Do I reply to this letter. All my questions to them in last letter remain unanswered. Thats things like how long they say is left on loan. The fact that the payments are wrong ect. Fos was welcome then prime. What next. It’s just dragging on and on now. And things aren’t getting any further resolved. still not paid them a penny
  9. This is message I’m getting when trying to upload now. I’m using the apps you suggested srv/consumeractiongroup.co.uk/public/htdocs/uploads/monthly_2019_04 could not be created.
  10. Here we go... laughing at this what next now?? Still unable to upload will email you it now. It’s saying I’m allowed to upload 3.42mb file is only 1.4mb and it still won’t upload 2019-03-28 prime complaint response.pdf
  11. It’s now over 6 weeks after receiving letter that stated I would have a final response or be updated in 4 weeks Surprise surprise not heard a pip
  12. From Brighton after me sending this Thanks for the reply, The claimant holds no documents either. I have been everywhere to try and track this information down. As I stands I have a charge on my property which could cause problems if I wanted to remortgage or sell. But no one holds and proof. Is there any further advice you could give about removal of this charge please Dear Sir, Thank you for your email, we believe that the land registry may hold documents relating to this case as it may be registered with them when the final charging order is made. We suggest you contact them for more information. Kind Regards, The land registry don’t unfortunately. After I had applied for official copies they then updated the register to state this this back in 2016. Dear Sir, Unfortunately we are unable to provide any further documents to what the land registry have provided due to the file being destroyed. Kind Regards, Still no closer
  13. Not planning to upload anything at present. More recently I have been converting photos to pdf before I’ve uploaded though i think you maybe better deleting more as I only have 7% available
  14. Thank you you may be better doing 2017 too. thank you Andy thought I was going crazy Cos I’ve looked and looked
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