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  1. I sent a complaint email last night. I asked for a full statement from day 1 until redemption. I said I want a breakdown of how much the ppi was plus the cost of the interest over the 10 years. Without the charges in the equation, how much of the 120 x 381 is still owing. I just don't know if it will stand up, and what happens on 9/9/14 if I haven't paid the final balance?
  2. It was pointless cancelling the ppi as I didn't find out that it was only for 3 years until 5 years in. So frustrating.
  3. Hi The loan was 10 years. 120 payments. I looked into the ppi thing before but I was told that they weren't regulated until the following year so did nothing about it.
  4. I took out a secured loan through loans.co.uk in August 2004 with an ex. She is on the loan but not the deeds and has paid her half every month. The loan was 25k. 3090 PPI. 10%. 120 payments of 381.12. Interest has stayed at 10% the whole time. I lost my job in 2009. Tried to use my insurance only to be told it only lasted for 3 years. I tried my hardest to pay every month. Some months were late and others reduced payments. I got a new job after a year and continued to pay. I have had a few financial difficulties this year. I asked for some help and they sent a man round. He was gr
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