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  1. Thanks for the reply Martin, good advice. When the SAR comes I will lay everything out and come back to you guys for advice.
  2. Hi everyone, came onto site for advice on reclaiming charges and came across this. I cannot believe I did not add a final response it must have been down to the stress. Anyway, after 5 years since standing in front of the circuit judge I have never missed a payment, my mortgage is up to date payment wise, still some charges added that I need to catch up on but basically I have a clear credit file and my mortgage is reported green every month on Experian. I now only speak to Acenden once a year and that's when they try on their buildings insurance [problem]. Long story short, I
  3. Looked through forum many times, also people have helped me through several eviction attempts over the years with these low life's. In a good place right now, Experian showing my mortgage payments to Acenden up to date for last 3 years. The payment is taken by DD and the only problem I have every year is they add buildings insurance on but I get them to remove. However my mortgage is 10k higher now than when it commenced in 2004. I have literally paid tens of thousands in charges, solicitors cost etc. like many they turned up to court and presented false figures, at
  4. Hi, I have just received a claim form from Northampton CCBC dated 28 August 2013 stating that a debt was purchased by Lowell portfolio on 28/12/2012 and that Bryan Carter is the solicitor. The debt previously was with CL finance. I have no idea who this debt was with however around four or five years ago I did take out a couple of payday loans and this must be one of those. They are claiming just under 450 pounds including fees and charges. I have no problem paying this but only if they can provide me with something that proves I really owe this money. I have spoken to the solic
  5. Hi, my court date is set for monday, i have made payments as per the instruction from the circuit judge. I have today recieved a large pack of evidence that tlt have submited to the court. I am worried again about the outcome. Like i say i made my payments but its the thought of court again.
  6. Thanks for all your comments. I think that giving them the control of dd payments is not a good idea.
  7. Yes I understand. I will continue with dd payment method. I'm starting a complete overall of outgoings saving where I can. I can't give them another chance to do this again. It's time to move on. I'm 30 and have time to turn this around, I need to drop these arears fast. I've just spoken to midland heart and I have asked them like Leah said if they can help me with my finances. They are going to arrange a meeting with me so it's got to be worth a couple of hours of my time surely.
  8. At 10:15 capstone called and said they would still be evicting me. I was waiting for the circuit judge to be free. Lowest point of my life!!! It's now time to strengthen my defences. I'm going to pay them a month in front. I'm going to ignore that they say I can't because the system does not understand. I'll pay it into their account by online banking. So I'm always a month in front. It's time also for me to accept my part in this , yes they have in my opinion always tried to keep me in arrears, asking for building insurance certificate and then adding £200 charges for insurance saying mine is
  9. Ell thanks again. I would prefer to keep my share but if you feel i should sell I will go down that route. Sorry I don't mean to make it sound like I am asking you what to do just your opinion. The fee was £135. Should I be ok next hearing provided I maintain or could acenden still sway the judge with their representative. The judge commented on how my mortgage with preferred has changed to capstone then to acenden. Being passed from pilar to post was is exact words. Do you think acenden read these posts
  10. Thanks slgsue. I feel so relieved. Without the people on this site I would not have got this far. I can honestly say that I am determined to never be in this position again provided all goes well next hearing. The circuit judge asked me my kids names and said phone your wife now and tell her the news. I apologised for being in my work clothes and he said you owe me no apology. He let me speak whenever I wanted and I called him sir a few times by mistake and he just smiled and said don't worry. .
  11. It's only a one off payment due to it being backdated about 8 months.
  12. It's made me sick this weekend. I was thirty on Friday and what a day it was. Anyway maybe it is what I needed. I came within 30 minutes of loosing my home. When the kids are in the bath tonight they can make as many wet patches on the floor they want and I'll not say a word. Would making a little extra payment this month look better for me or should I just stick to the order. Just found out my wages that come in this month have extra in due to a small payrise that the union have been disputing has been back dated. It's about £400
  13. He also said to bring all my evidence again and he would not like to see me and kids evicted when my circumstances are better than previous. Thanks to everyone on here. Leah and Ell-enn have been amazing and ultimately kept me in my home. I will now start the procces of securing my home and getting my finances sorted.
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