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  1. Thank you for suggesting a SAR. I've been thinking about that and what I should put in it, I didn't know whether to cover the entire seven years of the mortgage or just what happened since the eviction. You've made up my mind to request copies of the statements for the entire mortgage period, as I can't rely on all my paperwork being complete now, that went into storage as well. I can't see how anyone could claim they intended to return my camera kit! After the eviction a removal company, different from the one that put my stuff into storage, was instructed to bring to me in my temporary
  2. Ericsbrother Many thanks for your reply, it's very helpful. A lot of the stuff that's been stolen is the kind of thing you buy when you need it and bin the receipts, not big purchases like the wrecked tumble drier, that you keep the receipts for in case problems arise, so I'm having to trawl through my bank statements and all the receipts for online purchases to help prove that I actually bought these things. Being disabled I shop online for nearly everything, and being able to prove my account history in various places (Amazon especially) is going to be useful. I do banking online and ha
  3. Hello This is my first post here so I've tried not to witter on, but it's complicated. The situation is that I was evicted from my home last year when I couldn’t remortgage it after the interest-only mortgage expired. The circumstances don’t matter, I have no quarrel with that. My query relates to what came after. I had managed to dispose of a lot of stuff I didn’t want, but there was still a lot of stuff I did want, left in the property. I’m past retirement age, live alone, and am severely disabled: I cannot legally walk, I have severe spinal problems and a max awa
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