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  1. Payment arrears are £7000. We can only afford to stay in the house if eldest daughter gets her own place as we get over a third of our benefits stopped plus no claim for MIR as she earns too high a wage, l feel leaving will be better for my other children even if we have an uncertain immediate future. Many thanks.
  2. Sorry DX l meant if we are no longer in the house, not sure how long we have as everyone we have approached for advice has told us it varies and depends on the Judge/Lender.
  3. Thank you, only problem is we do not know what charges have been added recently as we get twice yearly statements. Can l still reclaim everything even if we are not here anymore? Also, the property number they are going for no longer exists (and Acenden are aware of this) what if the bailiffs can not deliver paperwork because they are looking for the wrong address, would we be frowned upon for not letting them know or is it Acendens fault for being careless? I refuse to believe that during the past 6 weeks Acenden have been doing nothing.
  4. l have no paperwork to show what the actual amount of arrears is, l mean from the courts, but l have letters showing 2 separate accounts, payment arrears and other fees. l do have all statements. Many thanks.
  5. They got permission 6 weeks ago, l just wondered why so long to send the letter out. Yes, we cleared the original arrears or so we thought, but there were still charges and fees. We have more arrears now higher, totally our fault but there was nothing we could do about it financially. We have had a few arrangements in place which they kept adding charges too and they said they had not accepted the arrangement which is why fees could still be added. Unless we made a token payment of £7000 no arrangement would be accepted. The 'agent' was horrified as he had made a huge note of us being on low benefits and having disabled children as well as me being ill also. Couldn't get MIR as eldest daughter earns too much and couldn't/wouldn't pay the difference even when asked by the mortgage benefits team. I am at a loss as if we stay here daughter wants to stay so l continue to lose most of our benefits plus any MIR l could be entitled to but if we leave she will find her own place. l am trying to find out if anyone has any idea of how many days minimum we would likely have before we have to leave if we have not had any letters from Acenden yet giving the first date. Many thanks.
  6. We have had lots to contend with and been unable to get online, sorry. We now have a N24 General Form of Order, it was granted 6 weeks ago but we only had a copy delivered yesterday. It says it came from our local courts but the delivery address is a completely different city many many miles away? It just says leave was granted to enforce the possession order on 23rd June 2010. No mortgage account number, just our names and Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited. Since it is over 6 weeks since this was granted should we expect to receive paperwork with a date to leave by on it in the next few days? We can not pay off the arrears, we contacted Acenden last week via letter and this seems to be their reply. Were merely ask for advice going forward now whilst we await social services and such for help with approaching the council to hopefully get some form of roof over our head. We have read that we can not go to the housing department until we have a bailiffs letter with a date on but apparently we shall recieve letters from Acenden or SPML prior to this with a date to leave by before they can ask the courts to make sure we leave by a date set by the courts? Any idea of timescale please? Everything seems to point toward 7 - 21 or so days from possession order being granted but they seem reluctant to tell us anything. Tomorrow we shall be seeking advice from CAB to see if it is right that 6 weeks is usual for such a letter to arrive. Many thanks.
  7. As far as l know all payments were/are made to Acenden (Capstone/SPML) as the account number and sort code l make payment to has never changed, only the name of whoever payment is made to has changed over the years. How would l find out exactly who the payments go to? We do not have a solicitor, although we are told we can get legal advice once we get an actual confirmation of being evicted. What confuses me is why they would openly state they are awaiting permission from the courts yet l have had no warning of this before the 14th when we got the letter also why they state they would decide on an eviction date when l thought it would be up to a judge/court to decide that. l expected a letter from their solicitor at least as they state we would hear from them first once applying to the court got underway (this was in a letter l got in December after they decided to decline the payment arrangement made in August). Are they just using scare tactics to try get me to pay up? also sorry to sound a bit thick but whats to stop them evicting us if they are getting our payments? Many thanks.
  8. Hello, Yes the mortgage was originally set up and agreed with SPML, we still get statements from SPML but all other paperwork is Acenden. Other than them writing back to thank me for my insurance policy they have completely ignored my other questions we are still no closer to finding out exactly whats going to happen or what to do.
  9. I have now written to the lender as l have noticed yet another insurance policy added to my account. Would l have good grounds to make a complaint to the FOS regarding the lender refusing my payment arrangement on the grounds that they expect a lump sum payment first before they would re consider? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you, They charged us £92. Or so they say, not seen a statement to confirm that yet.
  11. Im back again. After a few years of going backwards and forwards payment wise (they state we have arrears of around 12k but some of this is charges and such and other insurance charges) we had a field agent visit and worked through our I&E, gave all info on disabled son and 2 other children with life changing illnesses plus proofs of benefits and such and made an arrangement to pay something off the arrears as well as paying CMI going forward, of course 3 months later they refused the arrangement but l continued to pay anyway wrote and complained that they had not given me an actual reason as to why. Fast forward to yesterday and we had a letter saying that they wanted an initial payment due to the amount of arrears and conduct of our account. The field agent never mentioned this, Acenden never before mentioned this, and being in receipt of Income support for the last few years, we couldn't have made an initial or lump sum payment if we wanted to. Now they are seeking permission to enforce the SPO and should they be given it they will confirm an eviction date at that stage. they have asked their specialist team to review my account in light of my children being poorly, they will contact me if there are any other options available! I have read l think somewhere that they are supposed to give me notice of what action they are taking, when they take it and what happens next, obviously that have not. now lm wondering how long it will take for this order to be granted if it is, will it mean another court hearing? or will Acenden just give me an eviction date? Can l write to them and ask them when the application for permission was made? l need to write to them anyway to confirm my actual arrears so l can check them against statements. l do not get help from dwp for mortgage as my step daughter earns too much money, my worry is l will not have time to attempt to find somewhere else to live or to apply for more time until l do. l am willing to fight as l always have but this really is my fault and have no idea what to expect next as l only had the letter delivered yesterday. Any advice would be great as so many conflicting guides on the WWW. Thanks in advance.
  12. Several complaints later and were back where we started. Am l allowed to make a complaint of fraud to the FOS? Am l able to do this in writing rather than over the internet? Thanks in advance.
  13. Well, still no clearer as to where Acenden stand in regard to my mortgage, had a letter today saying they more or less still do not know who they are but promise to give me a full response no later than 04/01/2012
  14. l have just checked the online account and although my 'balance' has reduced by almost £1000 my payment arrears and other outstanding amounts figures are exactly the same , how can this be? l specifically asked that the insurance repayments and any interest be paid to the payment arrears! l read somewhere that any payments to the account would be used to reduce payment arrears first - at least lm sure thats what l read. l can see what they are trying to do, they want to keep my payment arrears in the red to try for eviction. Comeback jimmy, l feel like asking again just to compare what we are sent to what we got before. Were already claiming back charges/mis sold mortgage and this has been going on almost a year, Acenden state l have no account with them as l remortgaged, l would love to take these guys to court and plan to 'get in there first' should they try push for eviction. Pat.
  15. Just a quick update We had letters from Acenden today, one saying our insurance has been accepted so they are refunding what they charged from last year, lm not happy as they are trying to hold back on 7 months of payments AND they charged a £50 cancellation fee to our account - again! Secondly, another letter (3 in total which will no doubt add another hefty charge) giving our new payment, which is considerably less than what we were supposed to pay each month, but lm not sure whats included so need to sort that out. And lastly, a reply from my complaint saying they are investigating the insurance and they need 4 weeks so they can investigate and tell me exactly who Acenden are in relation to my mortgage (considering l apparently have not an account with them!) l have proofs of delivery for the MIR claim form now, so will wait and see how long it takes them to send that back to DWP. Can l write to them in regard to the insurance even though it is being investigated? Should l wait the 4 weeks? The payment l am supposed to make now has me completely confused as lm not sure if court charges are still being paid or if l have finished paying them or not. l never had confirmation of exact court costs from them or a breakdown of the the extra charge after going to court. There is so much unfinished business l want sorting before we end up paying more than we have too when the MIR kicks in, and that will be backdated from last month. l know its probably wrong but lm refusing to pay them a penny until l know exactly whats to be paid. After checking my account online l found that although we have written confirmation of payment being made by 15th month they still state there that payment is due the 1st so were most likely being charged the late payment fee anyway. Unfortunately l can not wait until my statement in August to see whats gone on so lm thinking of sending another SAR again, as we got incomplete records last time. Or l could write and ask for a statement then try claim back the fee - suggestions appreciated as lm not going to give up fighting. Pat.
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